English: Reading Comprehension Set 31


Directions: Read the following passage and answer the questions that follows.

During the last two decades, physicians and mental health professionals have begun to discover the limitations of western allopathic medicine.

The focus on pathology and disease rather than on prevention, the destructiveness of so many pharmaceutical and surgical remedies, the separation of physical and emotional problems, the assumption of an asymmetrical relationship between an all-powerful physician and a submissive patient have led clinics and researchers to look for answers in other traditions and cultures.

It is indeed disappointing in this context, that in India, with its long tradition of the body-mind continuum, health efforts are so largely dependent on the allopathic system which is now being increasingly rejected by western medical scientists. However, any wide open, fuzzy field like ‘holistic health’ offers abundant opportunities for fraud and overpromise. The new paradigm of health is not a licence for quackery. Holistic health is a perspective, not a specialisation or a discipline.

The body-mind is a process, so is disease a process, so is healing or making whole. It was discovered that it is not the simple physical change but rather the state of mind that is the key to health. This state has been called ‘restful alertness,’ ‘passive volition’, ‘deliberate betting’ etc. Cumulative stresses seem to melt under this seemingly paradoxical state, restoring natural flow to the body-mind whirlpool.

Clearly, health services, as we know them, are essential but, equally clearly, they are not enough. There is an urgent need to blend the ancient traditional ways with some of the discoveries of modern medicine to make way for a truly healthy society. The first and most important area deserving urgent attention is child health care.

Conventionally, it is the doctor and the hospitals that are seen at the centre of all health care; the mother and the child are at the periphery. It is perhaps necessary to see the mother as the centre of child health care. It is she who is the highest level health worker not by training or in qualifications but in time and love, in the special knowledge of her own children, in the breadth of ‘integrated services’ she provides and in the permanent presence she brings to her child’s life. This indeed was the basis of the ancient child care practice and it is well that it is being rediscovered. The implications of this are manifold. Mother must be imparted the knowledge, skills and techniques required for her to do the job well. The old civilisations did this through word of mouth from one generation to another. Modern civilisations can improve on this but the essence will remain the same.

  1. In the context of the passage which of the following statements is definitely true about Western allopathic system?
    A) It is an extension of India’s ancient Medical System.
    B) It is been largely practiced in India today
    C) With emphasizes Holistic approach.
    D) It considers diseases less important than patients.
    E) It considers medical practitioners less important than patient
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       Option B
  2. In the context of the prestige practice of Western allopathic medicine puts an accent on all of the following except
    A) Extradition of symptoms of diseases
    B) Pharmaceutical remedies
    C) Surgical remedies
    D) Dissociation of physical symptoms from emotional factors
    E) Prevention of diseases
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       Option E 
  3. Which of the following is true of Holistic approach in medicine
    A) It is susceptible to fraudulent practices and any other approach.
    B) It is a highly specialised branch of medicine.
    C) It is in tune with western culture and tradition.
    D) It gives priority to treatment of the disease rather than the treatment of the patient.
    E) It emphasizes an asymmetrical relationship between body and mind.
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       Option A 
  4. Which of the following is the surest way of ensuring a truly healthy society?
    A) Resorting to practice of ancient Medical System only
    B) Increasing facilities of Western allopathic medicine
    C) Judicious blending of traditional system with modern system of treatment
    D) Training of mothers by imparting them more knowledge of Healthcare
    E) Taking precautionary measures against quackery in the medical field
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       Option C 
  5. The importance of which of the following is the greatest in medical treatment?
    A) physical problems
    B) state of mind
    C) symptoms of disease
    D) hospital treatment
    E) Pharmaceutical remedies
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       Option B 
  6. Which of the following place the pivotal role in child health care?
    A) nature
    B) home
    C) hospital
    D) nurse
    E) mother
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       Option E 
  7. Which of the following five terms is not synonymous with the remaining four?
    A) peaceful attentiveness
    B) restful alertness
    C) passive illusion
    D) body mind Whirlpool
    E) deliberate letting
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       Option D 
  8. Physician is unable to play a primary role in child health care because he lacks
    A) training in child health care
    B) qualifications to treat children
    C) complete knowledge of the child
    D) experience in careful handling the child
    E) none of these
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       Option C 
  9. Allopathy has been found deficient of late because of all of the following reasons except
    A) neglect of the principle of prevention is better than cure
    B) ill effects of surgical remedies
    C) ill effects of drugs
    D) neglect of patient oriented treatment
    E) none of these
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       Option E 
  10. The passage brings out the difference in all of the following cases except
    A) modern and ancient role of mother in child health care
    B) ancient Indian and modern Western system of medicine
    C) treatment of the patient and the disease
    D) importance of the patient and of the doctor
    E) treatment of body alone and of body and mind together
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       Option A 

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