English Section you can’t miss for IBPS Clerk Prelims


If you’ve been preparing for IBPS Clerk Prelims you must be aware of the competition you are going to clash with. To give you a perspective, around 13 lakh aspirants registered for IBPS Clerk in 2017. And in 2018, the number of vacancies was 7,275. The competition is intensive and to make a mark and to outdo others, you need to work really hard. Prelims will be held on Dec 8, 2018, leaving around two weeks for your preparation. In this article, we have come up with five important topics of the English section which can’t be missed:


Reading Comprehension

This is one of the must-asked topics where different types of questions are asked on a given passage. Questions can be vocab based, theme based, fact-based or inference based. Generally, inference or theme based questions are difficult when compared to the other two. Aspirants’ comprehension and reading speed are checked here. You need to solve one set of RC on a daily basis keeping these tips in mind and continue reading the editorial section of prominent newspapers like The Indian Express. Doing so will definitely help you solve this section fast.

Spot the Error

As the name states, you are supposed to spot the error in this category. You only need to check which part of the sentence didn’t comply with any of the grammatical rules. Ensure that you are thorough with the below rules:

  • Simple, Compound and Complex Sentence
  • Subject(s) and its Agreement with Verb(s)
  • Verb-consistency
  • Adjective and Adverb usage
  • Articles, Preposition and Conjunction usage
  • Parallelism and Redundancy

These rules will definitely help you identify the error in most of the sentences.


Parajumble questions assess your ability to form a meaningful sentence from a set of randomly scattered statements. Beforehand practice comes handy to solve this question. You also need to have a good grasp on vocabulary to solve those questions fast. Read the statements 2-3 times to get an idea of what the sentence is all about and scan quickly which can be the opening sentence. Also, look out for connector-words like although, though, if, until, since etc with which a sentence would least likely be the opening statement. Articles like ‘the’ and pronouns are generally used in subsequent statements.

Fill in the Blanks

Once again, understanding what the given sentence is all about and being good on vocabulary part will come handy in answering this type of question. Learn all the grammar rules as well so that you don’t get confused while filling prepositions, conjunctions etc. Read the sentence a couple of times

Phrase Replacement

Identifying the context of the sentence and knowing the grammatical rules will be a lifesaver in this topic. Practice a lot of questions beforehand and you don’t have to put much effort while answering these questions.


In most of the topics, a consistent reading habit and solving a mock test on a daily basis will definitely help you in getting good marks in this section. Wishing you all the best for your preparation!



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