English Sectional Test 1 for IBPS Clerk and RBI 2017 Prelim Exam

Hello Aspirants

We are providing you with English Section Mock for the upcoming IBPS Clerk and RBI Assistant 2017 Prelim Exam. It contains 30 questions and time limit is 15 minutes.

To start the mock, click on start quiz button in table below. To end the quiz, click on Quiz-Summary after the last question and then click on finish quiz.

  • Share your marks in the comment section below.
  • You can take this quiz as many times you want.
  • If you find any mistake, please tell us in the comment section.
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22 Thoughts to “English Sectional Test 1 for IBPS Clerk and RBI 2017 Prelim Exam”

  1. Divya Aggarwal

    tough :((


      yes mains level

  2. deteminedd

    7 of 30 questions answered correctly

    Your time: 00:14:31

    You have reached 7 of 30 points, (23.33%)


      ibps po pre?

  3. Jecrc Jaipur

    12 of 30 questions answered correctly

  4. ↗⬆↖???????↗⬇↖

    plz update st
    keep posting every day

  5. Jeevan

    thanks plz daily dijiye

  6. " Born To Win "

    mam qus 19 m 1st optn kyu 4th ans kyu nhi hoga

    1. We use – ‘to do that thing’ — while speaking
      but it is not apt to use
      ‘to do so’ is apt

      1. " Born To Win "

        nhi mam, ye nhi

        1st me likhah has not been profitable
        4th me has been unprofitable

        esme kya difference h

        1. nhi isme koi difference nhi hai

          last words jo lines me likhe hai, because of that (A) is apt.

          1. OK. I did not see this
            has not been profitable and has been unprofitable – mean the same
            but while usage in sentence, the apt one is to be taken
            So when we read this sentence, A is apt.
            kuki vo profitable nhi rha hai
            kuki vo unprofitable hai

          2. " Born To Win "

            ok mam thanx 🙂

  7. Lee64

    You have reached 17 of 30 points
    Thnks AZ


      great u practice from quiz or reading newspaper

      1. Lee64

        Mostly from quizzes bro


    thanx nyc initiative plz post daily


      and give quiz link to practice similar questions

  9. Abhijeet Jha

    6 point.very hard questions

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