English: Sentence Completion Set – 69

Directions(1-10): In each question, a sentence is given followed by a blank. Each blank is followed by three options and you have to determine which option can be used in place of blank to make it a meaningful sentence and mark it as your answer.

  1. One of the most noteworthy characteristics of the modern workplace is ‘remote working’. Many organisations today allow employees to connect remotely or from their home, enabling flexibility, freedom and even a better quality of living and working. _________________________________________. Video calls, collaboration and communication apps are all common and make it possible for teams in different locations and time zones to come together.
    Reduced commuting and less stress, and the ability to balance their lives and work better.
    Along with the advantages remote working brings with it, there are a few hiccups, which both employers and employees grapple with.
    Technology has made remote working much easier.
    For many professionals, this translates into not having to move from their city for the sake of a job.
    Connecting remotely also raises important questions on productivity.
    Option C


  2. ________________________________________________. The sun’s energy can be used to generate electricity, which can heat as well as cool buildings without creating pollution. Wind energy has been used for centuries to pump groundwater in Europe. Biogas plants can can utilize human and animal waste to produce fuel for cooking and other use, reducing the dependence on other sources. What’s more, these sources of energy are almost unlimited.
    Reliable energy is essential for economic growth.
    Unlike coal, oil and natural gases, whose reserves are limited, sources like the sun, wind and vegetative waste can be used to generate energy in a suitable way.
    With the development of better technology, per unit cost of extracting energy from renewable sources has dropped appreciably.
    The costs are incurred only in the initial phase of installation.
    With a few exceptions, renewable energy technologies are eco-friendly.
    Option B


  3. Cities are truly the engines of growth today that needs a holistic approach. To meet the overarching aspirations of growing urban population and sustain a virtuous cycle of growth and development, development of Smart Cities has become crucial._____________________________________________. The Smart Cities Mission is meant to set examples that can be replicated both within and outside the Smart City, catalyzing the creation of similar Smart Cities in various regions and parts of the country.
    The idea is to look at compact areas, create a replicable model that will act like a light house to other aspiring cities.
    It will be a blueprint for the city in terms of social infrastructure too.
    This calls for local spatial planning.
    However, the Smart Cities Mission calls for appropriate local spatial development plans.
    Comprehensive development in this way will improve quality of life.
    Option A


  4. ______________________________________________. And all that, without compromising long-term prospects for development. It is determined by the degree to which individuals, communities and public and private organisations are capable of organising themselves to learn from past disasters and reduce their risks to future ones, at international, regional, national and local levels.
    Actions carried out in a disaster situation with the objective to save life, alleviate suffering is of utmost importance.
    Disaster resilience is the ability of individuals, communities,to adapt to and recover from hazards, shocks or stresses.
    It comes by years of expertise in areas concerned with disaster management.
    Most experts call for strict building standards, advanced detection technology, flood prevention infrastructure
    Any natural disaster hampers people’s livelihood and economy as well.


  5. Can we ensure free and fair elections? __________________________________________. Public not only wants fair elections but also demands transparency where the process should be open to inspection by all stakeholders including political parties, voters, observers and every person who has a connection with the elections. Also, the results should be verifiable on a separate basis.
    Administrative machinery for the conduct of elections
    It will build and increase trust in Indian Politics.
    Say it the finances, the selection of the candidates or the election process, there is the need for transparency in all.
    The stakeholder should be given the Right to Information (RTI)
    Proper and uniform criteria should be followed by all the political parties for selecting candidates.
    Option C


  6. Waste management can be done in two ways: one is through waste reduction, and two through recycling. ______________________________________________. As such, the emission of greenhouse gas and other forms of pollutant will be reduced by a large percentage. Reusing and recycling of used items will also result in less production of new products.
    Only 68% of the garbage generated in the country is collected.
    In this process the solid is converted in to liquid state and liquid is converted into gas.
    These products of treatment can then be used for the production of energy.
    With rapid urbanization, industrialization and an explosion in population in India, solid waste management will be a key.
    Consistent waste reduction and recycling activities mean there will be less waste materials to be sent to landfills and incinerators.
    Option E


  7. Climate change is going to have interesting implications on infrastructure sector. Concrete have a lower albedo; in other words, they absorb a very high percentage of the incoming radiation. _________________________________. The architectural fallacy of using glass along the exterior of high rise buildings in tropical countries like India, are creating a kind of greenhouse effect, which are not very efficient in terms of energy consumption.
    With the summer getting warmer, the energy requirement for artificial cooling will see a rapid increase.
    The big cities are therefore termed as ‘heat island’.
    With proper architectural interventions, our infrastructures can be made more sustainable.
    Utilising materials, which can reflect back the heat, rather than trapping it, would be the way forward.
    The demon was named “climate change”.
    Option B


  8. Interviewers do not measure knowledge in marks. __________________________________. Scoring 75% or 100% in an exam is irrelevant in an interview if you cannot answer questions on the subject. Besides subject knowledge, there is another kind of knowledge which matters in interviews. Every interviewer assesses our personality as we answer questions. Our attitude is what finally gets the job.
    Attitude is the third and perhaps the most important quality needed in winning a job.
    That is the knowledge about the organisation you have applied to.
    Marks count only in exams.
    The second quality that organisations look for is the skills needed to do the job well.
    Knowledge is essential while skills are desirable.
    Option C


  9. Assessment is extremely important, but it should happen continuously using a wide range of tools to gauge the varied strengths and skills of individual students. Class participation, presentations, essays, spot quizzes, interviews, peer assessment and assignments should all contribute to the final report. There are many vital intangibles that cannot be tested or measured._________________________________. Only creative, innovative and urgent intervention to develop meaningful and humane ways of assessing school students will stop damaging their natural talents and nurture them instead.
    Let not one single mass examination determine the future of a child.
    The grading system in examinations has reduced the scoring pressure of students.
    All said and done, our examination system is an unmitigated disaster and our approach to educational reform has been somewhat erratic.
    Education does not get the attention and the funding that it deserves.
    Most of our problems stem from the lack of education or from a faulty one.
    Option A


  10. ___________________________________________. In the urban centres, crowd jostles for space, and the development of housing cannot keep pace with the rate of the influx, resulting in proliferation of slums. Lack of access to sanitation, water, drainage and other basic necessities leads to diseases and occasional spread of epidemics.
    Everyone knows what disastrous consequences have emerged from the present expansion of population.
    Resources are needed for launching and implementing effectives programmes.
    Expansion of population is leading to scarcity of food and potable water, and it causes enormous migration from rural areas to towns and cities.
    No agency, either at the centre or state comes forward with a positive declaration.
    Continuing and unchecked growth of population is the most urgent problem.
    Option C


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