English: Sentence Completion Set – 72

Directions (1-10): In each of the following questions a sentence is given with a blank. Select the best out of the five answer choices given, to make the sentence complete and coherent (coherent means logically complete and sound).

  1. Talented employees, strong leaders, innovation and growth are what companies________________________.
    seek to destroy.
    asked from the beggars.
    demanded from the employees.
    need to survive and win long-term.
    None of these.
    Option D


  2. The U.S. government is getting its vaccine supplies ready in ________________.
    response to the nuclear threat.
    anticipation of a working cure.
    the same format which was used for the remaining files.
    with the beginning of the new era.
    None of these


  3. To help protect the animals, government officials are now leading operations to evacuate the small_________________.
    problems that often arise due to poaching.
    issues that are caused by hunting.
    number of survivors from the area.
    quantity of resources available to the animals.
    None of these
    Option C


  4. On an ordinary day, the queue at the cash counter would have tested their patience, but very strangely Neeraj’s mother seemed very calm and composed compared to her spouse who was__________________________.
    cursed by the witch.
    cursing the poor system of the hypermarket.
    cursed the poor system of the hypermarket.
    sure of losing the challenge.
    None of these
    Option B


  5. Amid the chaos of the coronavirus pandemic and the oil price collapse, Indian billionaire Mukesh Ambani, the richest person in Asia with a fortune of $52.9 billion, is on a deal-making spree to reduce________________________.
    the debt of his Reliance Industries
    spread of the pandemic
    the problems that happened in the factory
    the sudden outbreak of the disease
    none of these
    Option A


  6. Talented youth can ill-afford to resign to their fate just because they can’t properly communicate in English. They should confront the challenges which should, in fact, bring out their best. A little confidence and hard work are all that is needed for them to climb up the career ladder. For that, they need to develop communication skills in English, shape up their personalities and acquire the much needed knowledge ______.
    Knowledge and communication skills are the key ingredients that make up the recipe for success.
    Students have to act as leaders in the college itself.
    Success will automatically follow.
    Speaking and writing in English are important, thinking in English is twice as important.
    English has become a mandate for this generation.
    Option C


  7. Philosophy of music has been dominated by the view that the best music is autonomous and formally complex. As recently as A990, philosophy of popular music consisted of variations on a single theme. Philosophers defended the twin assumptions that popular music is essentially different from “serious” or art music and that the former is aesthetically inferior to the latter. ____________.
    As a result, music could not be regarded as art if it lacked genius and autonomy.
    As a result, popular music competes with and replaces local and regional folk traditions.
    As a result, most philosophers concentrated on identifying the aesthetic deficiencies inherent in popular music.
    As a result, philosophers have investigated popular music by identifying and critiquing key concepts that shape our response to this music.
    As a result, music is rightly called the soul food.
    Option C


  8. The life of a drug addict is tough. And an addict in India is usually from a poor and broken home. It is, therefore, pointless to victimize him or her by jailing, as is done in India. Had incarceration reduced addiction, this penal system could have been tolerated. But, year after year, drug addiction has only increased, and so has drug trafficking _________.
    Drug addiction has to be treated as a crime and should not be excused on the grounds of mental illness.
    It is time for India to revise its policy of heaping indignity on an already defeated person.
    Addiction of any kind, when treated as an illness and not as a crime, can be controlled effectively.
    Rehabilitation centers ought to create an atmosphere of friendliness without condescension.
    Drugs can ruin not only lives but also destroy all relationships.
    Option B


  9. As the night advanced and the silence in the house deepened, his heart beat faster. He remembered all the stories of devils and ghosts he had heard in his life. How often had Mani seen the devil in the banyan tree at his street-end. ________ .
    He felt cut off from humanity.
    He looked like an apparition in the dark passage that was partially lit by the light from a cone in the hall.
    Various thoughts streamed and he was faint with fear.
    He hurriedly got up and prepared his bed.
    He thought of reading another story from the book.
    Option C


  10. A survey conducted in 2015 found that three-quarters of Chinese said they did not want a second child mainly because of the expense and lack of support. It was not a suitable decision for the demography of the country then. The commission suggests that the government introduce child-friendly measures like tax breaks and prolonged maternity leave for families with two children ______.
    Although the latest figures are flattered by comparison with the recent past, they look far less impressive in a broader historical context.
    The number of people of working age soon swelled as they entered the labour market.
    The change in policy seems to have had an impact: some 45% of newborns last year were second children, compared with 30% before 2013.
    Whether such initiatives persuade Chinese who have been brought up to have one child to consider another is yet to be seen.
    The population of a country plays an important role in various sectors of the economy.
    Option D


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