English: Sentence Completion Set – 73

  1. Directions(1-5): In each of the following questions, a short passage is given with one of the lines in the passage missing and represented by a blank. Select the best out of the five answer choices given, to make the passage complete and coherent.

    In the course of development, few processes are as intertwined with economic growth as human capital accumulation. Schooling makes workers more productive, speeds the development of new technologies, and better equips parents to raise skilled children, all of which promote economic growth._______________________________________. The entangled role of human capital is not limited to aggregate income growth, however.

    Growth, in turn, incentivizes investment in human capital. Causal links point in every direction, going through the phases of the lifecycle as well as generations.
    Just as with income, these relationships are likely to be especially important in developing countries, where level of health is low but has risen rapidly over the past half-century.
    Education affects health in adulthood; life expectancy affects educational investment in childhood; and the health and education of parents-particularly mothers-affect both outcomes in their children.
    Education exhibits complex dynamic relationships with several components of well being, including health.
    A number of decisions were made during the last four decades for further implementation of mid- day meal programme.
    Option A


  2. In the 1990s, the Gujarat government directed industries to employ 80 percent local people. The state, however, stopped short of enacting legislation on the issue,anticipating legal problems. ________ Some other states have used criteria such as language tests to accord preference to local people. But the dearth of jobs in several sectors in the past two years seems to have made the nativist sentiment much more strident and conspicuous.
    A 2008 Maharashtra government policy — still in operation — requires industries that seek subsidies to employ 80 per cent local people.
    But state-level protectionism is problematic.
    Exigencies created by the economic downturn and the pandemic are, no doubt, compelling.
    State governments need to talk amongst themselves and with each other to address current insecurities.
    A significant body of work has also underlined the role of labour fluidity in introducing skills, spurring innovation and enriching the cultural fabric of different regions.
    Option A


  3. Net Neutrality is a concept that all data on the internet should be treated equally by corporations, such as internet service providers, and governments, regardless of content, user, platform, application, or device. (……………). ISPs are also not to create special arrangements with services or websites, in which companies providing them are given improved network access or speed.
    Without net neutrality, ISPs may prioritize certain types of traffic, meter others, or potentially block traffic from specific services, while charging consumers for various tiers of service.
    Some advocates assert that net neutrality requirements would reduce their incentive to build out the Internet and also reduce the competition in the marketplace.
    Critics of net neutrality suggest that by forcing ISPs to treat all traffic equally the government will ultimately discourage the investment in new infrastructure.
    Network neutrality requires all ISPs to provide the same level of data access and speed to all traffic, and that traffic to one service or website cannot be blocked ordegraded.
    ISPs have the possibility to choose a balance between a base subscription tariff (monthly bundle) and a pay-per-use (pay by MB metering).
    Option D


  4. Technology can reduce effort and time, it can reduce the manpower requirement in every field but a complete replacement of manpower is not possible. (………………). It requires the intervention of human beings for the same. The scientist and researchers are constantly engaged in the field of research and development to bring forth and uncover the unexplored areas The last decade has witnessed a boom of technological development in the IT sector.
    All the credit of the advancements made in the field of science,space,health,defense and computers etc goes to the human mind.
    Technology can derive the machines and electronic gadgets but their proper execution is in the hands of human beings.
    Emerging technologies are already being able to replace huge number of workers.
    Technology has increasingly permeated our lives and there have been rapid advances in manufacturing and artificial intelligence.
    The biggest limitation of the technology is that it cannot evolve and upgrade itself.
    Option E


  5. The debate on using public money to fund higher education is linked to the question of how beneficial it is in the creation of a developed and egalitarian society.(…………………..) . These gains include direct economic gains, such as research leading to the invention of vaccines and new technology, as well as indirect gains, such as an increase in tax collection, a more flexible workforce that can adapt to the changing demands of the market and greater appreciation of social diversity, leading to greater harmony. Public provisioning of higher education can also serve as an important tool in reducing inequality. In a society where higher education is free, students born in both poor and rich families have an equal chance of augmenting their future earnings.
    Several policymakers shared those views and the 1990s witnessed a sharp cutback in education, especially higher education spending, with some estimates suggesting a decline in spending in real terms.
    While most of the gains from higher education accrue to the person receiving it (in terms of increased incomes), it is also argued that an educated citizenry extends benefits to the society at large
    While such suggestions might smack of political vendetta in the current context, the debate on the desirability of public funding in higher education is not new by any means in economics.
    Although education might have increased private benefits, it could have led to socially unproductive activities as well.
    Governments typically spent more on higher education, the gains of which went more to the rich.
    Option B


  6. Directions(6-10): Below a paragraph is given followed by three sentences A, B and C. Identify which sentence/s can be the first sentence of the paragraph to make it complete and coherent.

    _______ against people who are ethnically or religiously Jewish. This hostility can take a number of different forms; among them are cultural, economic, and racial anti-semitism. Anti-semitism may be explicit and violent in nature, or more subtle, such as the numerous, insidious conspiracy theories that have blamed Jews for everything from poisoning wells and killing Jesus, to exerting control of the news media and banking industries.

    A. As long as the Israeli-Palestinian conflict continues, it is clear that hatred of the Jews, far beyond the Middle East, will continue
    B. Since Constantine’s Edict of Milan recognizing Christianity as an official religion in 313
    C. Anti-semitism is defined as the prejudice and discrimination

    B and C
    Only B
    A and C
    Only C
    A, B and C
    Option D
    Looking at the paragraph, it is clear that it talks about what anti-semitism means.
    So, the first sentence should give some introduction to the concept.
    Here, the only sentence that can make the paragraph meaningful is C.
    None of the other sentences can fit the context.


  7. _______, including the right to vote. Although we’ve had that right for less than a century, we exercise it in much greater numbers and greater percentages than men.According to the Center for American Women and Politics at Rutgers University, there are clear gender differences in voter turnout.
    A. Women voters continued to outnumber men in Kerala, which has a balanced sex ratio
    B. Women don’t take anything for granted
    C. India’s pioneering psephologists don’t slice through the clutter with some revelations
    B and C
    Only B
    A and C
    Only A
    A, B and C
    Option B
    Looking at the paragraph, it is clear that it talks about women and their attitudes towards voting.
    So, the first sentence should be providing an introduction to this effect.
    Here, the only sentence that can make the paragraph meaningful is B.
    None of the other sentences can fit the context.


  8. __________________. If you dig deeper into those companies, you’ll probably find that honesty isn’t prized as an important characteristic. However, it’s nearly impossible for a business to build trust if honesty isn’t a guiding principle in how that company handles every aspect of its work process. In business, honesty isn’t only about doing things the right away, it’s also about expressing the values in which a company is founded. Whether you run a top-down or a bottom-up organization, honesty is one of the most effective ways to establish the work culture that will propel your company to long-term success.

    A. Running a business that takes pride in being ethical and socially responsible is a challenge, and many companies end up cutting more than a few corners in the name of profit.
    B. Work culture is all about the values and beliefs that drive everything your company does, from how it makes its products to the way it markets those products and treats customers.
    C. As a leader, the importance you place on honesty can create the kind of work culture in which your employees feel empowered and validated.

    Only B
    Both A and B
    Only A
    Only C
    All of these
    Option C
    Sentence A should be the first line of the paragraph.
    It is a very generalising sentence and takes into consideration many companies. In the second sentence ‘those companies’ are mentioned which refers to the ones mentioned in A.
    Sentence B only talks about one company and sentence C doesn’t talk about any company at all.


  9. Does the airline’s downward spiral speak to the overall story of Indian capitalism? Over in France, the burning of Notre Dame cathedral is _______. A metaphor is only a metaphor. But in some cases, it acquires a kind of hyper-reality, and Jet Airways is no exception. India’s airline sector has suffered from systemic woes, yet reforms, like bringing ATF into GST and rationalizing airport charges, haven’t been undertaken.
    a fake news
    being seen as emblematic of the social and economic crises engulfing the country
    being viewed as a good sign for the economy
    being seen as the heroic and much-needed thing to be done
    a political move to win the upcoming elections
    Option B


  10. _______, and that included a bus service between Srinagar and Muzaffarabad (in PoK). The hope of the mid-2000s that people-to-people contact between those living inJ&K and PoK would over time become obstruction-free has, for now, faded.
    A. The opening of cross-LoC trade was among the confidence-building mechanisms that followed the 2003 India-Pakistan ceasefire along the line
    B. The closing of LoC trade routes was among the first moves that were undertaken for the building of friendship between India-Pakistan post-Kargil
    C. With the gates of the trade open for India-Pakistan LoC line, the situation in Kashmir stabilised, this acted as a confidence-builder between the States. This was soon followed by a ceasefire along the line
    Both A and C
    Only B
    Both A and B
    Only C
    None of the above
    Option A
    Both the options are verbatim sentence replicas with different formations. While C is divided into two parts, A reflects the same meaning in one line. Thus, both options are appropriate.
    Options B on the other hand talks of a reverse scenario not fit for the spirit and purpose of the sentence.


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