English Test for IBPS Clerk 2018 Main Exam Set – 20

Directions (1-5): Choose the odd sentence out of the given five sentences in each question.

  1. Eyeing an “aspirational India”, Snapdeal has invested Rs 200 crore in rebranding activities and also unveiled a new logo as the e-commerce major focuses on wooing the next 100 million potential online shoppers.
    These companies are also ramping up logistics to ensure timely delivery of packages even at peak demand.
    “There are 50-60 million online buyers in India currently and for e-commerce to become larger, the next 300-400 million people coming online would be very important… Things like discounts, fast shipping, functional benefits are already there, but going ahead, e-commerce brands will have to stand for something of a higher order,” Snapdeal Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer Kunal Bahl told PTI.
    With this new positioning, Snapdeal is focussing on the next phase of growth, engaging with the next 100 million online shoppers, he added.
    The re-positioning by the company comes ahead of the festive season. Snapdeal, like competitors Flipkart and Amazon, is lining up offers to woo customers to shop on its platform.
    Option B


  2. “The two sides explored the site of the exercise and the related infrastructures,” the report quoted the Chinese Defence Ministry spokesperson as saying.
    China and Russia will hold joint naval exercises in the South China Sea (SCS), sending a calibrated message to the United States and its allies that Beijing has a powerful partner in waters riven by rival territorial claims.
    The show of strength will be showcased during the eight-day Navy drill in the South China Sea off southern China’s Guangdong Province.
    Analysts, however, say that the exercises are being held in a non-disputed area, and are therefore unlikely to stir up fresh tensions significantly.
    An earlier news report run by Russia’s Tass news agency said that last month, Russia and China held consultations in the Guangdong Province over holding the exercise.
    Option A


  3. Chinese space agency is all set to launch its second spacelab Tiangong-2 next week.
    “The completion of the transfer signals that the space lab Tiangong-2 mission has entered its launching stage,” it said.
    Tiangong-2 will be launched into space between September 15 and 20, the office of China’s manned space program said.
    The space lab was transferred with its carrier rocket to the launch pad at Jiuquan Satellite Launch Centre on Friday, Xinhua news agency said, quoting a statement from the office.
    It took 90 minutes to complete the transfer from the assembling centre to the launch pad.
    Option B


  4. Government will soon make it mandatory to put an overspeeding warning system with beeps or continuous alarms and airbags in all cars, while cameras would be also installed on roads to check errant drivers.
    “We are going to make audio alerts in vehicles mandatory to check overspeeding and curb accidents,” an official told PTI.
    Once it is through, we will notify it within a fortnight,” the official said.
    Once the vehicle crosses the speed of 80 km, there would be sounds of beeps alerting the driver, and in case the speed crosses 90 km, there would be continuous special beeps so that the driver and co-passengers both are alarmed, the official said.
    “The Road Transport and Highways Ministry has approved it and the file has gone for vetting to the Legal Department.
    Option C


  5. The 12th edition of the Indo-US Economic Summit will get underway here from September 14, to be inaugurated by Union Urban Development Minister Venkaiah Naidu, the organisers Indo-American Chamber of Commerce (IACC) said in a statement.
    “As the Indian economy further globalises and expands, the summit will provide a valuable opportunity to assess developments across India-US trade relationship, economy and society,” IACC Regional President Lalit Bhasin said.
    The two-day conference will have a special address by US Ambassador to India Richard Verma, a keynote address on agriculture by Food Processing Minister Harsimrat Kaur Badal, and the valedictory address by Minister of State for Law and IT P.P. Chaudhary, the statement said.
    “Being organised for the 12th consecutive year, the Indo-US Economic Summit is the one-stop platform for all Indo-US policy, business and trade deliberations,” the IACC said.
    Leaders from business, government and academia “will deliberate on augmenting the existing two-way trade to $500 billion and will focus on sectors that foster growth,” it added.
    Option B


  6. Directions(6-10): In each of the questions below four sentences are given which are denoted by A, B, C and D By using all the four sentences you have to frame a meaningful para. The correct order of the sentences is your answer. Choose from the five alternatives the one having the correct order of the sentences.

  7. (A) A close integration in the working of nations to achieve political and economic goals is only to be welcomed.
    (B) It is as if a movement towards securing a world vision is gradually gaining force.
    (C) The interaction between nations is greater than it ever was.
    (D)Today, the world is taking on the form of a global community.

    Option C


  8. (A) The imagination paints many of these as unknown terrors.
    (B) Outside this circle is a vast darkness that holds many mysteries.
    (C)The earliest maps were rough sketches of an unknown world made by the wisest of our ancestors.
    (D)The geographer of those days was like a traveller who stands at night in an unknown place holding a flickering lantern that casts a little circle of light near his feet.

    Option D


  9. (A) One of the great delusions of modern times is the prevailing belief that we are more civilised than our ancestors.
    (B) At no other period in the history of mankind has the word ‘civilisation’ been so often misused and misunderstood.
    (C) It is not in the abundance of material goods alone that civilisation lies.
    (D)Neither does it consist in the advance of scientific knowledge, however amazing it may be.

    Option E


  10. (A) It has been prone to systemic failures.
    (B) If it has retained substantial strength in the tactical field, it is in spite of the slow moving system.
    (C)This could be tolerated in the past but can be catastrophic in a nuclear weapons environment.
    (D)The Indian security system with its colonial structures is quite unsuited to manage the demands of defence in strategic and operational terms.

    Option B


  11. (A) Women had played a very active role in Iran’s Islamic revolution from the beginning.
    (B) It was more an imitation of western culture than true freedom for women.
    (C)However, these reforms were quite superficial as women had no freedom to participate in political activities.
    (D)The Shah had imposed modern secular reforms and had abolished the veil and western dress was encouraged.

    Option D


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