English Test for IBPS Clerk 2018 Main Exam Set – 29

Direction (1-10): In each question below a sentence is given with three blanks in each. Each question is followed by four options with two words in each. You have to select that option as your answer which can fill the blanks of the sentence.

  1. Though the IS and the Taliban are opposed to each other in the complex ___________ landscape, both share a goal: to destabilise the state that has been built since 2001, and throw the country into further ___________. In recent years, despite the government’s claims of cracking down on militants, threats from the IS and Taliban have only grown. The IS, which lost territory in Iraq and Syria, is trying to build networks elsewhere, particularly in war-torn Afghanistan. From an ___________ in Nangarhar in eastern Afghanistan, the group has planned and orchestrated several attacks, mainly targeting Shia minorities.
    strife, system, territory
    conflict, chaos, enclave
    clash, quiet, dominion
    hostility, accord, verge
    None of these
    Option B


  2. With investors in equities enjoying terrific returns over the last few years, it is not a surprise that they have become targets for the government to ___________ additional revenue. The decision to announce the imposition of 10% tax on gains of over ₹1 lakh made on any form of investment in listed ___________ and mutual funds with a holding period of over one year will hit the average middle class investor. Not surprisingly, the sharp fall in both the Nifty and the Sensex after Budget day has been linked to the new tax, along with the government’s ___________ of fiscal goals.
    fasten, partialities, withdrawal
    acquire, discriminations, abdication
    secure, equities, abandonment
    procure, biases, surrender
    None of these
    Option C


  3. From affording a five-fold increase in the ___________ limit on interest income from savings, fixed and recurring deposits held with banks and post offices to ₹50,000, and doing away with the requirement for tax to be deducted at source on such income, the Budget offers much-needed ___________. This it does by leaving a little more money in the hands of elderly savers who are heavily dependent on interest income to meet their living expenses. Another useful tax change is the proposal to raise the annual income tax deduction limit for health insurance premium and/or medical ___________ to ₹50,000 for all seniors.
    franchise, abyss, remuneration
    concession, anguish, compensation
    dispensation, distress, indemnification
    exemption, relief, reimbursement
    None of these
    Option D


  4. Mr. Nasheed is now in ___________. In an order on February 1, the Supreme Court cancelled his imprisonment term and that of eight other political leaders, ___________ 12 parliamentarians who had been disqualified last year, and ordered Mr. Yameen to allow the Maldivian parliament, or Majlis, to convene. Mr. Yameen has thus far failed to comply with any of these orders, despite an official statement on February 2 about his government’s “commitment to ___________ and abide by the ruling of the Supreme Court”. The most egregious failure is the government’s refusal to cancel the imprisonment of the nine leaders, amongst whom is Mr. Yameen’s former vice president and his former defence minister, members of parliament and leaders of major opposition parties, apart from Mr. Nasheed himself.
    absorption, redeemed, assail
    repatriate, recovered, weaken
    import, reestablished, abolish
    exile, reinstated, uphold
    None of these
    Option D


  5. Ms. Raje seems to have paid the price for an imperious attitude that alienated large sections within her own party. True, Rajasthan voters have not given either the BJP or the Congress two consecutive terms since the BJP returned to power in 1993. But the Modi wave of 2014 was supposed to have changed the political narrative, with the BJP emerging as a pan-Indian party and the natural party of government. The BJP has lost some Assembly elections since 2014. However, Bihar 2015 was arguably a mere ___________ , more on account of a coming together of a motley mix of opposition parties than on account of any erosion in its base. Punjab 2017 was ___________ as the Akali Dal’s loss rather than the BJP’s own. But in Rajasthan, as in Gujarat where the BJP ___________ through in late-2017, the two national parties will be in a straight contest.
    blip, written off, scraped
    glitch, disregard, inserted
    pip, depreciate, adopted
    smack, cancellation, lotted
    None of these
    Option A


  6. Fresh hopes have been raised with the announcement of Ayushman Bharat in Budget 2018. The plan has the components of opening health centres for ___________, care and distribution of essential drugs as envisaged in the National Health Policy, and a National Health Protection Scheme (NHPS) to provide a cover of up to ₹5 lakh each for 10 crore poor and ___________ families for hospitalisation. These are challenging goals, given the fragmented nature of India’s health system. Some States already ___________ health cover for the poor, but do not regulate private secondary and tertiary care services or treatment costs. The task before the Centre, which has provided ₹3,200 crore for the programme areas, is to now draw up an implementation roadmap.
    syndrome, susceptible, achieve
    diagnostics, vulnerable, purchase
    symptoms, assailable, confiscation
    biopsy, conquerable, vend
    None of these
    Option B


  7. If they fail to ___________, it can lead to a gap between promise and delivery. Consider agriculture. After asserting that minimum support prices (MSPs) should cover all crops and assure farmers 1.5 times their production cost, food subsidy allocations for FY19 have been upped by a relatively modest ₹29,041 crore. A ‘fool-proof’ mechanism has been ___________ to avoid market prices falling below MSPs, but it is left to the Niti Aayog to work out the modalities. Setting up farmers’ markets is similarly a great idea to free small farmers from the ___________ of Agricultural Produce Market Committees (APMCs), but the project gets a mere ₹2,000-crore allocation.
    concretise, captured, oppression
    manifested, enacts, autocracy
    materialise, mooted, tyranny
    emerge, smudged, fascism
    None of these
    Option C


  8. Yet the biggest surprise to many may have been the fact that they saw before them a Commander-in-Chief who unwaveringly stuck to the script and eschewed his usual provocative style on social media. While “Twitter Trump” has ___________ at Democrats on immigration reform and the federal government shutdown earlier in January, “Teleprompter Trump” issued a generous call for bipartisanship in policymaking. Where Mr. Trump has actively ___________, on social media, Russian involvement in resolving problems with North Korea, Syria, Ukraine and terrorism, he said in his Congressional address that Russia and China were rivals that ___________ U.S. economic interests.
    growl, obstructed, acquiesced
    lambasted, prevented, wholesome
    upbraided, demoted, opted
    lashed out, promoted, challenged
    None of these
    Option D


  9. The Supreme Court observed that the Bench headed by Justice Shukla had violated judicial propriety. The CJI formed a three-member committee, comprising Chief Justices Indira Banerjee of the Madras High Court and S.K. Agnihotri of the Sikkim High Court and Justice P.K. Jaiswal of the Madhya Pradesh High Court, to examine his conduct. The committee has now found ___________ in the allegations and that the judge had deviated from the “values of judicial life”. It is unfortunate that Justice Shukla has not ___________ his resignation or sought retirement, the options available to him to avoid the ignominy of ___________ in Parliament.
    frivolity, submitted, advocacy
    substance, tendered, impeachment
    abstract, granted, applause
    demeanor, imparted, certitude
    None of these
    Option B


  10. ___________ of statistical adjustments to avoid a bias in findings, the Survey assesses that roughly 1.8 million, or 3% of the existing compliers, started ___________ . Many of them are reporting incomes close to the ₹2.5-lakh threshold for personal income tax, so this may not swell the exchequer much. But it holds potential for growth as the new taxpayers progress in their vocations. Personal income tax collections are ___________ to rise to a historic high of 2.3% of GDP in 2017-18, compared to 2% between 2013-14 and 2015-16. This may seem glacial progress but could be considered a tipping point in a country where just 4% of adults pay personal income tax, though the government reckons that number should be 23%.
    stark, anting up, unheralded
    divested, compensating, astonishing
    denuded, shelling out, offbeat
    Stripped, paying up, expected
    None of these
    Option D


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