English Test for IBPS PO 2018 Prelim Exam Set – 8

Directions (1-10): Each sentence below contains 2 blanks followed by 4 options which contains 2 words. Determine which pair of words can fill the blanks respectively in an appropriate manner. That option is your answer. If all the pair of words satisfy the blanks, mark ‘All are correct’.

  1. Your skin has seen some stuff because you’ve seen some stuff. And for a long time, wearing those signs of life was an ________ of your masculinity. Guys are too manly, too busy, and too cool to care. And if that’s your vibe, by all means, ________ all the way in. Embrace the face God gave ya and we’ll say no more about it.
    gauge, plump
    token, portly
    symptom, greasy
    indicator, lean
    All are Correct
    Option D


  2. Retinol makes all this good stuff happen by encouraging “cell ________ ” in your skin. Meaning? Dead skin ________ off gradually and new skin comes to the surface. (It’s a form of exfoliation, but better for your skin than all those scratchy rubs and scrubs.) It stimulates the production of collagen, which plumps up skin to fill in those little lines and wrinkles, and when those new skin cells come up, they’re fresh and beautiful and tight—cue smaller pores, less acne and smooth skin that’s easier to shave.
    turnover, sloughs
    blockade, went
    acquisition, put
    sloth, slumber
    All are Correct
    Option A


  3. It was entirely to be expected that the collapse of Lehman, and the associated ________ of the US subprime mortgage housing market, would shake faith in the global financial system, and the insouciant assumption made by the world’s central bankers and leading macro-economists before the crisis that financial markets largely ________ well and could be expected to sort out any crises on their own, without the heavy hand of government intervention and heavy regulation.
    fusion, malfunctioned
    fusion, stopped
    burnout, broken
    meltdown, functioned
    All are Correct
    Option D


  4. Populist leaders such as Trump and others cannily ________ into the public’s discontent with the established liberal order, with its twin commitments to free trade and open capital markets, which, as noted, were conflated and jointly painted as the villain of the global financial crisis. Fuelling the discontent was an ________ sense among many that the global economy had bypassed them, and in a sense they were not wrong: proletarian wages in the US and other advanced economies have stagnated, while the incomes of the educated, wealthy, and well connected have continued to grow apace, resulting in widening inequalities.
    fallow, acatalectic
    maiden, complete
    tapped, inchoate
    chaste, entire
    All are Correct
    Option C


  5. In order to ________ the importance of a right and healthy start to the lives of children, the Union government runs an extensive public health system network under the Integrated Child Development Scheme (ICDS). This scheme addresses the needs related to health, nutrition and proper development of children in this age group, pregnant women and mothers who are ________ their young.
    dampen, debilitate
    emphasize, nursing
    recant, extirpate
    depreciate, neglecting
    All are Correct
    Option B


  6. The large-scale failure in communications services during the recent floods in Kerala is a stark ___1___ of the lack of preparedness in dealing with the aftermath of disasters on the part of telecom operators, policy-makers and disaster management agencies. India is not new to floods and earthquakes but no lessons seem to have been learnt from similar incidents in the past. Be it the floods in Mumbai in 2005 or the ___2___ created by heavy rains in Chennai in 2015, communication networks have time and again ___3___ during the crisis. The importance of communication for effective response in natural disasters has long been recognised by emergency managers. A well-designed communications and information infrastructure which functions during a crisis can significantly enhance the ___4___ of communities exposed to risk. This has been acknowledged by India’s policy-makers as well, as the Department of Telecom has laid out a Standard Operating Procedure with clear instructions on what needs to be done by all stakeholders. Yet the ___5___ FRAGILITY of country’s communications infrastructure in reality exposes the huge gap between plan and practice.

  7. dilutor
    All are Correct
    Option B


  8. concordance
    All are Correct
    Option C


  9. rocketed
    All are Correct
    Option D


  10. resilience
    All are Correct
    Option A


  11. ampleness
    All are Correct
    Option B


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