English Test for SBI Clerk Prelims 2021 Exam set – 10

Directions(1-5):In the following question a sentence is given with two blanks. From the options given below, choose the option which contains most suitable words for both the blanks.

  1. The differences between co-founders and co-promoters — Rakesh Gangwal and Rahul Bhatia — came to the _______ in July after Gangwal sought market regulator SEBI’s _______ to address alleged corporate governance lapses at IndiGo.

    Noisome, Cooperation
    Munificent, Franchise
    Fore, Intervention
    Hegemony, Partisan
    Gourmand, Neophyte
    Option C
    Noisome: offensively malodorous
    Cooperation: assistance, especially by complying readily with requests
    Munificent: very generous
    Franchise: authorisation or permission
    Fore: front
    Intervention: the action or process of intervening
    Hegemony: the dominance or leadership of one social group over others
    Partisan: a fervent and even militant proponent of something
    Gourmand: a person who is devoted to eating and drinking to excess
    Neophyte: any new participant in some activity


  2. It wouldn’t be entirely wrong to say that we’re going through a period of economic uncertainty, and the Indian economy is no longer ________ to external uncertainties as
    the world gets more ________ than ever before.
    Clairvoyant, mutuality
    Susceptible, alliance
    Robust, antagonism
    Immune, inter-dependent
    Reliable, global
    Option D
    Clairvoyant:- having heightened senses or being extremely perceptive
    Susceptible:- likely or liable to be influenced or harmed by a particular thing
    Robust:- strong and healthy; vigorous
    Antagonism:- active hostility or opposition
    Immune:- protected or exempt, especially from an obligation or the effects of something


  3. The Board for Financial Supervision (BFS) of the RBI, in its meeting held on Tuesday, ________ the performance of banks under PCA and noted that the government has
    ________ fresh capital on February 21 into various banks including some of the banks currently under the PCA framework.
    Metamorphosed, stripped
    Reviewed, infused
    Previewed, instilled
    Stabilized, divested
    Supervised, inflated
    Option B
    Metamorphosed:- to change into a completely different form or type
    Stripped:- deprived someone of (rank, power, or property)
    Reviewed:- assessed (something) formally with the intention of instituting change if necessary
    Previewed:- see or inspect (something) before it is used or becomes generally available
    Divested:- sold something, especially a business or a part of a business
    Inflated:- to make something larger or more important


  4. Mr Palanisamy, who was the first to oppose the _________ of the now jailed AIADMK leader V.K. Sasikala as party General Secretary, had taken a _________ slightly
    different from that of the party leadership over the no-trust vote introduced in the Lok Sabha by the TDP.
    Selection, stance
    Election, stand
    Choice, rhetoric
    Option, excerpt
    Draft, culling
    Option B


  5. The use of nuclear power, for any reason, peaceful or otherwise, has always been looked upon with deep ________ because of its inherent association with weapons of
    mass _________ and its ability to cause large-scale destruction on a horrific and unimaginable scale.
    Suspicion, Destruction
    Thought, Construction
    Knowledge, Making
    Outlook, Consumption
    None of the above
    Option A


  6. Directions(6-10): In the question given below, three sentences are given and are named as- I, II, and III. You have to determine in which sentence/s the meaning of the
    underlined phrasal verb is correct. If all the three sentences are correct then, choose Option E i.e. ‘All correct.’

  7. I. He noticed a man behind him in a blue Ford gesticulating to (pull over).
    II. He put on an old blue suit, intending to (pass himself off) as a businessman.
    III. I prefer to think of it as helping people to (get along with) each other better and helping them get on in life.

    Both I and II
    Both II and III
    Both III and I
    Only I
    All correct
    Option E
    Pullover: means ‘When a vehicle or driver pulls over, the vehicle moves closer to the side of the road and stops there.’
    Pass off: means ‘to make people believe that a person or thing is something else’
    Get along with: means ‘to be compatible or on friendly terms’


  8. I. I bet she could (take apart) an engine and put it back together in no time now.
    II. We must not stop campaigning until we cross the line and (take back) control of our country.
    III. It helps if older people have a nearby relative who will (look back on) them.
    Only I
    Both I and III
    Only II
    Both I and II
    Only III
    Option D
    Take Apart: means ‘If you take something apart, you separate it into the different parts that it is made of.’
    Take Back: means ‘to regain possession of’
    Look back on: means ‘think of past events’ Instead of this phrasal verb in the sentence III use ‘Look in on’ which means ‘to pay a short visit’


  9. I. He reached into his coat to (take out) his wallet, intending to give the Father a hundred dollars for his troubles.
    II. He’s been so stressed out about his exams that I think it’s starting to affect his mental health. I think we should take him to Disney World for the weekend to (take him out of) himself for a while.
    III. I think I’ll (take him back to) his offer of a free ticket.
    Both I and II
    Only III
    Both II and III
    Only II
    Only I
    Option A
    Take out: means ‘If you take something out, you remove it permanently from its place. or If you take someone out, they go somewhere such as a restaurant or theatre with
    you after you have invited them, and usually, you pay for them.’
    Take out of: means ‘To do something that distracts one from something causing worry, anxiety, or distress.’
    Take back to means ‘to make someone remember something’


  10. I. This extraordinary speech was made by a man (clutching at straws) to gain much-desired publicity.
    II. His instructions were as (clear as mud).
    III. We definitely don’t need to bring any toys when we go over their house they have so many that bringing more would be like (carrying coals to Newcastle).
    Both I and II
    Both II and III
    Only III
    Only II
    All of the above
    Option E
    Clutching Straws: means ‘to rely on ideas, hopes, or methods which are unlikely to be successful, because you are desperate and cannot think of anything else to try’
    Clear as mud: means ‘very difficult to understand.’
    Coals to Newcastle: means ‘To do something redundant, frivolous, or unnecessary’


  11. I. Farmers have faced the (double whammy) of a rising dollar and falling agricultural prices.
    II. They keep telling me, “(Don’t sweat the small stuff),” but I just know that the perfect font will set our literary magazine apart from all the entries in the contest.
    III. The quickest way to get her off the drug was to let her go (cold sweat).
    Both I and II
    Both II and III
    Only III
    Only I
    All of the above
    Option A
    Double Whammy: means ‘a situation when two unpleasant things happen at almost the same time.’
    Don’t sweat the small stuff: means ‘Don’t worry about minor issues or problems.’
    Cold Sweat: means ‘frightens you a lot.’


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