English Test for SBI Clerk Prelims 2021 Exam set – 14

Directions(1-5): In the following passage, some of the words have been left out. Read the passage carefully and select the correct answer for the given blanks out of
the given alternatives.

  1. My photo captures the majesty of a rocket – the Starlink Falcon9 – launching from Cape Canaveral, shown in a long-exposure against the backdrop of the Milky Way. It was
    ______(1) in the early hours of March 14, 2021 from Titusville, Florida and the Mosquito Lagoon. Note that it is a composite of a Milky Way frame captured from the same
    position and camera angle just before the _____(2) exposure for the rocket. The launch was just before astronomical twilight; a few minutes later and the rising Sun (frame
    left) would have made this shot impossible. Everything just worked for this shot.
    I’m extremely fortunate _____(3) near enough to dark skies. The sense of wonder and perspective I get from simply looking up is sometimes indescribable. It’s all a fleeting
    vacation from our real terrestrial concerns. This sighting _______(4) me a moment of pause, as I know that astronomers are feeling a lot of concern over the increasing
    numbers of satellites in orbit. My hope is that reasonable regulations are implemented for mega-constellations, and that the ________(5) around this can proceed based on

    Option E


  2. timely
    Option D


  3. on living
    to live
    to be lived
    to camp
    Option C


  4. provide
    Option B


  5. conversation
    Option A


  6. Directions(6-10): Which of the phrases given below the sentence should replace the word/phrase given below in bold in the sentence to make it grammatically correct? If the sentence is correct as it is given and no correction is required, mark ‘no correction required’ as the answer.

  7. So many stray animals (have had) no access to clean drinking water and food.

    will having
    have has
    had had
    No correction required
    Option E


  8. Will those chapters (has not taught) to us by him by the next week?
    have not been
    have been
    not has been
    not have been
    No correction required
    Option D


  9. A ‘Super Moon’ occurs when the Moon is at or near its (closer point to Earth) at the same time it is full.
    close point to Earth
    closest point to Earth
    most closest point to Earth
    more closer point to Earth
    No correction required
    Option B
    Super moon is a celestial event that happens when the moon is very close to Earth.
    To show this much nearness we use the word close with its superlative degree.
    The superlative degree is used to show the ultimate or highest condition of the adjective.
    Closest is the superlative degree of the word close.


  10. It is (I who is to) blame for this unprecedented mess.
    me who is to
    me who am to
    I who am to
    I whom is to
    No correction required
    Option C
    ‘I who am to’ will replace ‘I who is to’.
    When the subject of a verb is a Relative pronoun (in this case, who), the verb (in this case, is) agrees in number and person with the antecedent of the relative
    pronoun (in this case, I)


  11. I am (richer now) than I was fifteen years back.
    rich now
    more richer now
    more rich now
    No correction required
    Option D
    ‘more rich now’ will replace ‘richer now’
    When the same person is compared at two different places or two different points of time, use more + positive degree instead of comparative degree.
    For example: I am more happy now than I was in USA. (different place)
    I am more strong now than I was two years back. (different time)


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