English Test for SBI Clerk Prelims 2021 Exam set – 4

Directions(1-8): Read the passage given below and answer the questions.

Many of the delegates, I found, were willing freely to admit that the term ‘Commonwealth literature’ was a bad one. South Africa and Pakistan, for instance, are not members of the Commonwealth, but their authors apparently belong to it’s literature. On the other hand, England, which as far as I’m aware, has not been expelled from the Commonwealth quite yet, has been excluded from its literary manifestation. For obvious reasons. It would never do to include English literature, the great sacred thing itself, with this bunch of upstarts, huddling together under this new and badly made umbrella.At the Commonwealth literature conference I talked with and listened to the Australian poet Randolph Stow; the West Indian, Wilson Harris; Ngugi wa Thiong’o from Kenya;Anita Desai from India and the Canadian novelist Artha van Herk. I became quite sure that our differences were so much more significant than our similarities, that it was impossible to say what ‘Commonwealth literature’- the idea which had, after all, made possible our assembly- might conceivably mean. Van Herk spoke eloquently about the problem of drawing imaginative maps of the great emptiness of Canada; Wilson Harris soared into great flights of metaphysical lyricism and high abstraction; Anita Desai spoke in whispers, her novel the novel of sensibility, and I wondered what on Earth she could be held to have in common with the committed Marxist Ngugi, an overtly political writer, who expressed his rejection of the English language by reading his own work in Swahili, with a Swedish version read by his translator, leaving the rest of us completely bemused. Now obviously this great diversity would be entirely natural in a general literature conference- but this was a particular school of literature and I was trying to work out what that school was supposed to be.
The nearest I could get to a definition sounded distinctly patronizing: ‘Commonwealth literature’, it appears, is that body of writing created, I think, in the English language, by persons who are not themselves white, Britons or Irish or citizens of the United States of America. I don’t know whether black Americans are part of this bizarre Commonwealth or not. Probably not. It is also uncertain whether citizens of the Commonwealth countries writing in languages other than English- Hindi, for example- or who to switch out of English like Ngugi, are permitted into the club or asked to keep out.

  1. Which of the following statements is true based on the passage?

    Commonwealth countries are achieving great heights through their literature.
    The group of Commonwealth literature has a lot of diversity.
    All literature should be one.
    Pakistan and South Africa should be included in the Commonwealth literature.
    None of the above
    Option B
    This is because, throughout the passage, the narrator speaks of the varying points of opinion and the differences that exist between authors of Commonwealth literature.


  2. Why does the author feel the term ‘Commonwealth literature’ is a bad one?
    It doesn’t sound nice.
    It is a false term.
    There are more differences than similarities within the group.
    The author doesn’t want to belong to the group anymore.
    None of the above
    Option C
    Throughout the passage, the narrator speaks at length about the various differences among the authors belonging to the group of ‘Commonwealth literature’. These
    differences overpower their similarities.


  3. How does the author define Commonwealth literature?
    Literature in the English language by all non Americans and non Europeans
    Literature in the English language by Indians and Africans
    Literature by Canadians
    Literature in the English language by non white, non American, non British and non Irish individuals
    None of the above
    Option D
    In the last paragraph of the passage, the narrator clearly specifies his understanding of ‘Commonwealth literature’ and it is in tandem with the description in option D.


  4. Choose the most appropriate title for the passage.
    Commonwealth countries
    Authors and their groupings
    Commonwealth literature and its shortcomings
    Commonwealth literature and its criticism
    Commonwealth authors
    Option C
    When choosing a title, we must look at not only the content but also its aesthetic appeal. For this reason, option C is the most appropriate because it is an accurate gist of
    the passage and also aesthetically appealing.


  5. According to the passage, identify the most accurate statement.
    Authors should be able to choose which group they wish to belong to.
    All authors must be in one group.
    A school of literature should not have diversity.
    Commonwealth literature only has writings in English.
    One should carefully read the rules of a school of literature.
    Option D
    The final line of the passage is a summation of option D. Making it the correct alternative, as the others are false.


  6. Identify a word from the passage which is the opposite of ‘included’.
    None of the above
    Option D


  7. Identify a word from the passage that means the same as ‘Demonstration’.
    None of the above
    Option B
    Conference means a formal meeting of people with shared interests.
    Soar means to rise above the ground(especially during flight)
    Conceivably is an adverb which means something is conceivable or imaginable.
    The correct answer is Option B. Manifestation. We reach this conclusion by analysing the meaning of the word ‘Manifestation’ and also by carefully noting its usage in the
    given passage.


  8. Identify a word from the passage which is the opposite of ‘inarticulately’.
    None of the above
    Option A
    Eloquently means fluent or persuasive in speaking or writing.
    Inarticulate means unable to express one’s feelings clearly.


  9. Directions(9-10): In the sentence, certain words are in bold and numbered from A to E, which are the possible pairs to be interchanged. Choose the pair(s) of words which need to be interchanged to make the sentence grammatically correct and meaningful.

  10. During adolescence, the prefrontal cortex becomes (A)efficiently efficient in communicating with other parts of the brain and this helps build a communication (B)system within the brain that is more (C)permitting and sophisticated, (D)distributed the different areas of the brain to process information more (E) increasingly.

    A-E and C-D
    B-C and D-E
    Option B


  11. In today’s schools, (A)exceptional children–including children with (B)regular deficits–are to be (C)restrictive in the least (D)educated environment, typically the (E) intellectual classroom.
    B-E and C-D
    A-E and B-D
    Option A


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