English Test for SBI PO 2018 Prelim Exam Set – 49

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State Bank of India (SBI) is going to conduct examination for its recruitment for the post of Probationary Officers (SBI PO 2018) for a total of 2000 vacancies.

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The examination will be held in three phases i.e. Preliminary Examination, Main Examination and Group Exercise & Interview. The Preliminary Exam is scheduled on 1st, 7th & 8th of July 2018. Details of the exam are as under:

Practice the questions so as to familiarize yourself with the pattern of questions to be asked in the exam. 


Direction (1-5): In each of the following questions four statements with a blank in each are given. You have to choose a word from the given option that can fill all the blanks(form of the sentences might get changed according to the context). Mark that option as your answer.

  1. a. The heavy clouds above the moorland ____________ snow.
    b. Lands he could measure, terms and tides ____________ .
    c. The fever was a sombre ____________ of his final illness.

    All are correct
    Option C
    a. be a sign or warning of (an imminent event, typically an unwelcome one).
    b. (of a person) predict.
    c. an omen or portent.


  2. a. A ploughed field ____________ up to the skyline.
    b. The early sun ____________ across the mountains.
    c. It doesn’t automatically follow that their findings will be ____________ in favour of their own beliefs.

    All are correct
    Option C
    a. slope or lean in a particular direction; diverge or cause to diverge from the vertical or horizontal.
    b. (especially of light or shadow) fall in an oblique direction.
    c. present or view (information) from a particular angle, especially in a biased or unfair way.


  3. a. His blue eyes had grey ____________ in them.
    b. Brushing a few ____________ of dandruff from his suit.
    c. The minarets are ____________ with gold leaf.

    All are correct
    Option B
    a. a very small patch of colour or light.
    b. a small particle or speck of something.
    c. mark or dot with small patches of colour or particles of something.


  4. a. Passing vehicles ____________ his shoes and trousers with mud.
    b. She stood clear of the ____________ of water that came off the steps.
    c. There was a ____________ of freckles over her nose.

    All are correct
    Option D
    a. cover with drops or spots of something.
    b. a spray or splash of something.
    c. a sprinkling.


  5. a. She left her 14-year-old daughter to ____________ for herself.
    b. Meredith tried frantically to ____________ him off.
    c. How could any mother leave a child to ____________ for itself?

    All are correct
    Option A
    a. look after and provide for oneself, without any help from others.
    b. defend oneself from a blow, attack, or attacker.


  6. Direction (6-10): In each question below two sentences are given with two blanks in each. Each question is followed by four options with two words in each. You have to select that option as your answer which can fill both the blanks of both the sentence a and b(form of the sentences might get changed according to the context).

  7. a. To ______________ himself from the rabid dog, the skateboarder picked up a big stick and began to ______________ the mongrel away.
    b. He tries to ______________ Kelly from the attack and ______________ her safe.

    uphold, jeff
    protect, keep
    watch, discard
    maintain, keep
    All are correct
    Option B


  8. a. The ______________ has aged and ______________ him.
    b. The bank’s plans have been extensively ______________ and ______________ the fear of bankruptcy.

    trail, bolstered
    trail, hypertrophied
    trail, diminished
    trail, intact
    All are correct
    Option C


  9. a. Jason let his mind ______________ and by the time the workday was over, he had made very little ______________ on his accounts.
    b. A leisurely ______________ round the twisting coastline road never let you ______________ .

    wander, relapse
    ramble, commute
    roam, retreat
    meander, progress
    All are correct
    Option D


  10. a. When we checked into the hotel, the desk clerk tried to ______________ a standard room on us even though we had paid for a ______________ .
    b. The Queen ______________ a demand for a Royal Saloon which was then built for the use of the Queen and her ______________ .

    inflict, solitary
    insinuate, suite
    foist, suite
    enclose, suite
    All are correct
    Option C


  11. a. Although the lion appears ______________ during the circus acts, he is really a ______________ animal when uncontrolled by a trainer.
    b. My dog is a ______________ creature but sometimes he becomes a ______________ pet.

    docile, meek
    docile, tame
    docile, fierce
    docile, nerd
    All are correct
    Option C


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