English Test for SBI PO Prelims 2020 Exam set – 1

Direction: The following question carries a sentence with two blanks. Choose the pair of words that can fill the blanks.

  1. The New Yorker in ______ humor publishes cartoon comics of Superman, He-man and Mandrake the Magician for audiences who believe in the spirit of Americanism and ______ for the quixotic.

    Somber, Crave
    Dark, Fancy
    Gloomy, Distinguish
    Murky, Coveting
    Grave, Lust
    Option A
    Somber means having or conveying a feeling of deep seriousness and sadness.
    Crave means feel a powerful desire for (something).
    Fancy means elaborate in structure or decoration.
    Gloomy means dark or poorly lit, especially so as to appear depressing or frightening.
    Murky means dark and gloomy, especially due to thick mist.
    Covet means yearn to possess (something, especially something belonging to another).
    Grave means giving cause for alarm; serious.
    Lust means strong sexual desire.


  2. Directions(2-5): Two statements with blanks have been given. These statements are followed by five alternatives. Choose the one which fits into the set of statements.

  3. A. The organization decided on an hourly minimum _______________of Rs 35.
    B. Will he ___________a war on these fronts to improve things?
    Option D


  4. I. As a last ____________ we had to accept these terms and conditions.
    II. This place has become a good tourist _________now.
    Option A


  5. I. The next _____________of this case is after two months.
    II. After the accident, she is ___________ after two months.
    Option E


  6. A. It is required that you fill out these two _________ to register for the job.
    B. This subject has many practical _________ in day to day life.
    Option B


  7. Directions(6-10): Choose the correct option to fill the blank space given in question.

  8. Minister ______________ read a wrong speech at United Nations, and this is not limited to India but Pakistani foreign minister Rabbani also addressed ‘extinguished guests’ instead of ‘distinguished guests’.
    (A) indifferently
    (B) carefully
    (C) intentionally
    (D) nonchalantly
    (E) nervously
    (F) repeatedly
    B & C
    A & D
    Only A
    C & F
    Only B
    Option B
    Option B and C are rejected because the event is highlighted as a mistake, something that is not done intentionally or carefully. F is eliminated because there is no issue of the mistake being repeated. E is slightly hard to eliminate but the 2nd part of the sentence gives us the hint that this is about making a careless mistake and not the behavior of the person in question. Hence option A and D.


  9. Instead of being ________________ by Sarah’s oppressive boss and unfortunate working conditions, the young professional found an opportunity in the workplace by exhibiting her talents to higher executives and moving up the corporate ladder.
    (A) discouraged
    (B) defeated
    (C) elevated
    (D) aided
    (E) demotivated
    (F) deprived
    A & F
    Only B
    A & E
    Only E
    D & F
    Option C
    As we read the statement, it is clear that the behaviour of the boss is negative. Thus the options to fill the blank should be something negative. As the behaviour of the boss is oppressive, the result of that is Sarah getting discouraged or demotivated. The correct answer is option C.


  10. A lawmaker first raised the allegations in a letter to the prime minister in early September but the complaint was ______________ passed from one government department to another without any action being taken.
    (A) secondly
    (B) consequently
    (C) subsequently
    (D) routinely
    (E) sequence
    (F) automatically
    Only D
    Only C
    C & E
    D & E
    B & D
    Option B
    The word ‘subsequently’ means ‘after a particular thing has happened’.
    The part of the sentence – “A lawmaker first raised” makes it clear that the order of events is important. Only the option ‘subsequently’ lays emphasis on the order.


  11. Stressing the need to build world-class educational institutions in the country, Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitely _______________ that many universities in the country were just teaching shops.
    (A) regretted
    (B) repented
    (C) urged
    (D) criticized
    (E) soared
    (F) apologized
    A & D
    C & E
    E & F
    Only C
    Only D
    Option A


  12. The judge reduced the sentence of those involved in the corporate scandal who chose to be honest and enter the court proceedings with a ________________ not found in most of the indicted, who were more irritable and refused to talk about the offense.
    (A) serenity
    (B) forthrightness
    (C) fairness
    (D) meticulousness
    (E) peevishness
    (F) reason
    C & E
    B & C
    A & D
    C & F
    Only A
    Option D


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