English Test for SBI PO Prelims 2020 Exam set – 22

Directions(1-2): In the given question, one statement with a blank is given along with four words. Two of the given words can fit into the given blank. Five options with various combinations of these words is given. Pick up the combination of the words that fit into the blank.

  1. As the Governor _______ the officials to abolish the redundant act, the established system got disrupted.
    a) Asked
    b) Requested
    c) Ordered
    d) Inquired
    Option B


  2. The waiter came to our table and asked if we wanted _______ coffee, as it was closing time for the cafe.
    a) Much
    b) More
    c) Small
    d) Some
    Option C


  3. Directions(3-7): In the given question, a part of the sentence is given in brackets. Below the sentence alternatives to the bracketed part are given at (A), (B), (C) and (D) which may help improve the sentence. Choose the correct alternative. In case the given sentence is correct, your answer is (E) i.e. ‘No correction required’.

  4. My sister always likes to (ask over) before she buys something expensive.
    Ask after
    Ask round
    Ask out
    Ask around
    No correction required
    Option D
    The sentence mentions that she always takes opinion of various people before buying something expensive. Thus, the correct phrasal verb is “Ask around” which means Enquire of different people about something.
    The meanings of the other phrasal verbs are:
    Ask after: Enquire about someone’s health, how life is going
    Ask round: Invite someone to your house
    Ask out: Invite somebody, especially on a date


  5. I steered the car up the on-ramp (back into) the freeway.
    Back down
    Back out
    Back onto
    Back off
    No correction required
    Option C
    The context of the sentence makes it clear that someone brought the car back to track. The most appropriate phrasal verb to depict this idea is “Back onto” which means Reverse a vehicle onto something.
    The meanings of the other phrasal verbs are:
    Back down: Take a less aggressive position in a conflict than one previously has or has planned to
    Back out: Reverse a vehicle from a confined space
    Back off: Move backwards away from something


  6. Kate’s not coming tonight because she’s (on about) with research for her thesis.
    snowed under
    No correction required
    Option B
    The context of the sentence makes it clear that she has too much of work. The most appropriate phrasal verb to depict this idea is “(be) snowed under” which means to have too much work.
    The meanings of the other phrasal verbs are:
    Be down with: Be ill
    Be taken with: Like something or someone very much
    Be around: Be alive, existent, or present


  7. I’ve just (blown past) my calorie limit for the day.
    Blow off
    Blow over
    Blow up
    Blow over
    No correction required
    Option E


  8. After the morning session, waiters (brought along) glasses of Saratoga water with spikes of Adirondack ice.
    brought around
    brought forward
    brought off
    brought forth
    No correction required
    Option A
    The context of the sentence makes it clear that the waiters gave the visitors the drink. Hence, the most appropriate phrasal verb to depict this idea is the past form of “bring around” which means bring something with you when you visit.
    The meanings of the other phrasal verbs are:
    Bring along: Bring someone or something to certain place.
    Bring forward: Make something happen earlier than originally planned
    Bring off: Succeed in doing something considered to be very difficult
    Bring forth: Display, produce, bring out for display


  9. Directions(8-10): In the given question, four words are given of which two are most nearly the same or opposite in meaning. Find the two words and indicate your answer by marking the option which represents the correct combination.

  10. A) germane
    B) generate
    C) precipice
    D) irrelevant
    A – Germane means ‘relevant to a subject under consideration’.
    D – Irrelevant means ‘not connected with or relevant to something’. These are antonyms.
    Hence, option E is the correct answer.
    precipice- a very steep rock face or cliff, especially a tall one.


  11. A. Stable
    B. Inconstant
    C. Imperative
    D. Impeach
    Option A
    Stable- resistant to change of position or condition.
    Inconstant- likely to change frequently often without apparent or cogent reason.
    Imperative- of vital importance; crucial.
    Impeach- call into question the integrity or validity of (a practice).


  12. A) Oblique
    B) Oblong
    C) Furbish
    D) Forthright
    A – B
    A – C
    B – C
    A – D
    B – D
    Option D
    Oblique means indirect in departing from the accepted or proper way; misleading.
    Oblong means having a somewhat elongated form with approximately parallel sides.
    Furbish means polish and make shiny.
    Forthright means characterized by directness in manner or speech; without subtlety or evasion.


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