English Test for SBI PO Prelims Exam Set – 07

Directions(1-5): In the passage given below there are 5 blanks. Every blank has four alternative words given in options (A),(B),(C), and (D). You have to tell which word is APPROPRIATE according to the context. If all are appropriate then mark your answer as “E”.

Meanwhile, the Northern Ireland Assembly, responsible for the exercise of devolved authority in the region, has remained in ___1___ animation since 2017. Northern Ireland’s two main parties, the pro-British Democratic Unionist Party and the Sinn Féin, the Irish republican party, are divided on several issues of governance. This has lent ___2___ to the view that the 1998 accord has merely managed sectarian divisions rather than cement relations between communities. The DUP, which props up the Conservative government in London, has consistently opposed the ___3___, despite the promise it holds to protect the open border between Northern Ireland and the Republic. But the party could yet play a constructive part in breaking the Brexit ___4___ by backing Prime Minister Theresa May’s withdrawal agreement. This prospect has gained strength following the Conservative hardliners’ suggestion that they could support Ms. May’s deal if the DUP were also to come on board. A meeting of minds on this question would save the U.K. from the grave danger of crashing out of the EU without an agreement. It ___5___ equally guarantee peace in Northern Ireland.

  1. advancement
    All are Correct
    Option B


  2. certitude
    All are Correct
    Option C


  3. orifice
    All are Correct
    Option D


  4. stalemate
    All are Correct
    Option A


  5. could
    All are Correct
    Option B


  6. Direction (6-10): In each question below a sentence is given with two blanks in each. Each question is followed by four options with two words in each. You have to select that option as your answer which can fill both the blanks of the sentence.

  7. He pointed his finger in friendly ___________________ and went over to the parapet, laughing to himself. Stephen Dedalus stepped up, followed him wearily halfway and sat down on the edge of the gunrest, watching him still as he propped his mirror on the ___________________, dipped the brush in the bowl and lathered cheeks and neck.
    advise, rampart
    jest, parapet
    career, barrier
    wail, balustrade
    All are Correct
    Option B


  8. Across the threadbare ___________________ he saw the sea hailed as a great sweet mother by the wellfed voice beside him. The ring of bay and skyline held a dull green mass of liquid. A bowl of white china had ___________________ beside her deathbed holding the green sluggish bile which she had torn up from her rotting liver by fits of loud groaning vomiting.
    cuffedge, arched
    cuffedge, hunched
    cuffedge, stood
    cuffedge, crooked
    All are Correct
    Option C


  9. With ___________________ ribbons of his shirt whipping the air he hops and hobbles round the table, with trousers down at heels, chased by Ades of Magdalen with the tailor’s shears. A scared calf’s face gilded with ___________________. I don’t want to be debagged! Don’t you play the giddy ox with me!
    willy, marmalade
    clip, marmalade
    mend, marmalade
    slit, marmalade
    All are Correct
    Option D


  10. Woodshadows ___________________ silently by through the morning peace from the stairhead seaward where he gazed. Inshore and farther out the mirror of water whitened, ___________________ by lightshod hurrying feet. White breast of the dim sea. The twining stresses, two by two. A hand plucking the harpstrings, merging their twining chords. Wavewhite wedded words shimmering on the dim tide.
    floated, spurned
    swamped, craved
    overwhelmed, desired
    submerged, espoused
    All are Correct
    Option A


  11. Folded away in the memory of nature with her toys. Memories beset his brooding brain. Her glass of water from the kitchen tap when she had approached the ___________________. A cored apple, filled with brown sugar, roasting for her at the hob on a dark autumn evening. Her shapely fingernails reddened by the blood of ___________________ lice from the children’s shirts.
    observance, loosened
    sacrament, squashed
    ordinance, flaccid
    confirmation, broad
    All are Correct
    Option B


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