Editorials English Vocabulary Words Set 23

The following vocabulary words are taken from The Editorials of Newspapers like The Hindu, The Economist, Indian Express, etc. which are important for the upcoming exams. Add some more words to your English vocabulary list. Hindu Newspaper Vocabulary for SBI PO 2017 and NIACL Assistant Exams.

  1. Virulent – extremely severe or harmful in its effects.

    • Synonyms: deadly, destructive, fatal, malignant, pernicious, baneful
    • Antonyms: harmless, healthful, helpful, wholesome, gentle
    • Usage: The firemen had to wear masks that would protect them from the virulent fumes.
  2. Axiomatic – self-evident or unquestionable.

    • Synonyms: aphoristic, absolute, accepted, apothegmatic, fundamental
    • Antonyms: misunderstood, questionable, uncertain
    • Usage: Science teacher gets angry when students try to argue basic and axiomatic principles of science.
  3. Clout – influence or power, especially in politics or business.

    • Synonyms: influence, prestige, sway, weight, authority
    • Antonyms: powerlessness
    • Usage: Ministers often use their clout to get what they want.
  4. Dither – a state of flustered excitement or fear.

    • Synonyms: agitation, babble, confusion, flap, fluster
    • Antonyms: calm, peace, sense
    • Usage: The dithering of the politicians provided no leadership
  5. Renegade – showing a desire to resist authority, control, or convention.

    • Synonyms: reactionary, apostate, backsliding, dissident, outlaw, rebellious
    • Antonyms: obedient, passive, submissive
    • Usage: The renegade soldiers decided to leave the base and go back home to their families.
  6. Wrangle – a dispute or argument, typically one that is long and complicated.

    • Synonyms: altercation, bickering, brawl, brouhaha, disagreement
    • Antonyms: apparent, bright, brilliant, cheerful
    • Usage: An insurance wrangle is holding up compensation payments.
  7. Foxed – deceived; tricked.

    • Synonyms: delude, dupe, hoodwink, pretend, bamboozle, bluff, chicane
    • Antonyms: be honest
    • Usage: Customers foxed as gold prices surge again.
  8. Macabre – disturbing because concerned with or causing a fear of death.

    • Synonyms: : frightening, ghastly, ghoulish, grim, grisly, gruesome
    • Antonyms: cheerful, happy, pleasant, pleasing
    • Usage: In preparation for the sacrifice, thirteen members of the coven performed a macabre dance around the altar.
  9. Boisterous – noisy, energetic, and cheerful.

    • Synonyms: clamorous, loud, rambunctious, raucous, riotous
    • Antonyms: calm, low, moderate, quiet
    • Usage: Your boisterous actions at church cannot be tolerated.
  10. Gregarious – fond of company; sociable

    • Synonyms: affable, clubby, companionable, convivial, cordial
    • Antonyms: unfriendly, cold, cool, introverted
    • Usage: He was a popular and gregarious man

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