Editorials English Vocabulary Words Set 31

English Vocabulary SBI PO Exam, NIACL, NICL, Bank of Baroda. The following vocabulary words are taken from The Editorials of Newspapers like The Hindu, The Economist, Indian Express, etc. which are important for the upcoming exams. Add some more words to your English vocabulary list. 

  1. Schism – a split or division between strongly opposed sections or parties

    • Synonyms: alienation, discord, disunion, faction, disagreement
    • Antonyms: closure, harmony, conformity, juncture
    • Usage: The widening schism between Church leaders and politicians
  2. Penury – the state of being very poor; extreme poverty.

    • Synonyms: : impoverishment, indigence, destitution, privation, deprivation
    • Antonyms: penty, wealth, sufficiency
    • Usage: He couldn’t face another year of penury
  3. Arcane – understood by few; mysterious or secret.

    • Synonyms: mysterious, concealed, covert, clandestine, enigmatic, recondite
    • Antonyms: common, known, normal
    • Usage: People always inquired why the identity of my grandfather was kept arcane.
  4. Catapult – to move or spring up suddenly, quickly, or forcibly

    • Synonyms: impel, propel, launch
    • Antonyms: stationary
    • Usage: When he heard the alarm he catapulted out of bed.
  5. Moribund – at the point of death.

    • Synonyms: doomed, fading, mortal
    • Antonyms: thriving, recovering
    • Usage: As the moribund man held his Bible and took his last breath, a bright light appeared in the corner of the room.
  6. Accomplice – a person who helps another commit a crime.

    • Synonyms: aide, associate, co-conspirator, collaborator, conspirator, abettor
    • Antonyms: antagonist, adversary, opponent
    • Usage: He was arrested as an accomplice to murder
  7. Bemoan – express discontent or sorrow over (something).

    • Synonyms: lament, bewail, deplore, mourn, regret
    • Antonyms: praise, gloat, applaud
    • Usage: Because his injury did not seem to be healing, she began to bemoan her treatment.
  8. Beguile – charm or enchant (someone), often in a deceptive way.

    • Synonyms: entice, betray, delude, dupe, exploit, hoodwink, jockey, juggle
    • Antonyms:  disenchant, repulse, refuse
    • Usage: He beguiled the voters with his good looks
  9. Chivalrous – having the qualities of chivalry, as courage, courtesy, and loyalty.

    • Synonyms: benevolent, gracious, considerate, courageous, courtly, 
    • Antonyms: afraid, cowardly, fearful
    • Usage: Teachers may be more chivalrous towards girls.
  10. Dwindle – diminish gradually in size, amount, or strength.

    • Synonyms: abate, decay, decline, ebb, shrink, shrivel, plummet
    • Antonyms: ascend, enhance, improve, prolong
    • Usage: Her career dwindled over the years

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  2. Srishti

    1. Even though I wanted to make up with mu clans, the Schism has widened so much that the idea seems futile.
    2. Penury doesn’t bring Adversity, your Actions do!
    3. Latin, being Arcane, has lost its prestige.
    4. Her hard work catapulted her into a banker.
    5. Forgive, not the Accomplice but the Perpetrator.
    6. Despite Bemoaning over Failures, start analysing your loopholes and try fixing them.
    7. His diabetic words might Beguile you.
    8. Chaucer’s poetic compositions encompass a saga of Chivalry. His poems reveal not only Kind Masters but also their Chivalrous Heirs.
    9. The Warmth of their praise has Dwindled away all my agony, at once.

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