English: Word Usage Questions Set 31

Directions: A word is given followed by its usage in options. Find the option in which there is inappropriate usage of word.

    Oliver was worried that the small blemish on the tip of his nose would stand out in the wedding photographs.
    Although Donna was weak and sick, she had the blemish of mind to communicate her last will and testament before she died.
    George is a picky eater who throws away any fruit or vegetable that has the slightest blemish.
    Debra’s wedding ring is free of the slightest blemish, which is why it cost James so much money.
    All are correct
    Option B
    BLEMISH (NOUN): flaw Synonyms: bruise, blot Antonyms: blank, clarity


    Mark’s boss would frequently sanctify his employees which would reduce them to tears due to his ugly words.
    The priests have to sanctify the holy water.
    He wanted to sanctify the places where Jesus walked.
    Before communion, the pastor asked God to sanctify the meal.
    All are correct
    Option A
    SANCTIFY (VERB): hold in highest esteem Synonyms: glorify, purify Antonyms: condemn, degrade


    The shallow woman cared only for the tinsel aspects of a prospective boyfriend, and not about his personality or character.
    A tinsel car may look nice on the outside but have a terrible engine, making it valuable only as something to look at.
    The casino was a tinsel to the community members who hated looking at the neon lights.
    Someone with a tinsel appearance could look attractive on the outside but still be extremely cruel and mean on the inside.
    All are correct
    Option C
    TINSEL (NOUN): particular type of embellishment Synonyms: color, design Antonyms: plainness, eyesore


  4. REMIT
    If you do not remit the payment for your light bill within two days, your service will be disconnected.
    I have hired a carrier to remit the documents to my attorney.
    Before you remit money to an online seller, make sure you are dealing with a reputable salesperson and not a crook.
    Brian would remit his mom’s signature on the teacher’s note so she wouldn’t know he had gotten in trouble.
    All are correct
    Option D


    The woman’s apposite attempt to at a joke didn’t seem appropriate for the setting.
    My daughter and I usually disagree about which clothing items are apposite for school.
    During the debate, the candidate implied his opponent’s employment plan was not apposite for the country.
    Jake drinks red wine with each meal and does not worry about what wine connoisseurs say is apposite for each dish.
    All are correct
    Option A
    APPOSITE (ADJECTIVE): Apt Synonyms: appropriate, relevant Antonyms: inapt, inapplicable


    The pernicious cycle of abuse within their family must be stopped.
    Everyone was shocked that the pernicious old man was actually a jujitsu master.
    Because she hates me, my neighbor is always spreading pernicious lies about me.
    If you are going to behave in such a pernicious manner, I would prefer to not be around you.
    All are correct
    Option B
    PERNICIOUS (ADJECTIVE): destructive Synonyms: injurious, unsafe Antonyms: safe, harmless


  7. FEUD
    A feud broke out between the guys on the assembly line and management that ended in a strike.
    There is a long standing feud between mine and my cousin’s families, which is why neither of us will attend the other family’s weddings.
    Because all the members were already in feud, the council decided to cancel the meeting.
    My grandfather once had a feud with the mayor of his city and they settled it with a duel.
    All are correct
    Option C
    FEUD (NOUN): major argument Synonyms: conflict, dispute Antonyms: friendship, accord


  8. COY
    The nerd wore a coy grin on his face when he approached the cheerleader.
    Because Mia wanted Greg to think she was an innocent young woman, she acted coy around him.
    Ginger batted her eyes in a coy manner as she tried to get the attention of the man sitting across the bar.
    The coy vendor tried to force the tourists into buying his wares.
    All are correct
    Option D
    COY (ADJECTIVE): bashful Synonyms: skittish, timid Antonyms: aggressive, forward


    Since we don’t know when we’ll perpetuate to live, we should live each day as though there is no tomorrow.
    If you yell at Jane after she yells at you, your actions will only perpetuate the argument.
    Nathan’s bad behavior only served to perpetuate his teacher’s negative opinion of him.
    When no one does anything to fight crime in our neighborhood, the problem only seems to perpetuate.
    All are correct
    Option A
    PERPETUATE (VERB): maintain Synonyms: preserve, conserve Antonyms: discontinue, cease


    Many suspect the building of the chemical plant is going to be a detriment to the town’s freshwater supply.
    Since I get sick a lot, my health insurance is one work-related detriment I really appreciate.
    In its drug manual, the company does not mention the product could be a detriment to a person’s health until the ad’s end.
    The mobile telephone business has been a detriment to those companies that offer only landline services.
    All are correct
    Option B
    DETRIMENT (NOUN): damage Synonyms: harm, loss Antonyms: profit, benefit



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