English: Word Usage Questions Set 37

Directions: A word is given followed by its usage in options. Find the option in which there is an inappropriate usage of word.

  1. Whim
    The police officer acted on a whim, not thinking before he violently slammed the suspect to the ground.
    When asked why he decided to run, the criminal replied by saying he had done it on a whim.
    After realizing he had exhausted his money, it occurred to him that he should not have gambled so much on a whim.
    The whim of the family’s poverty meant they didn’t have much food or water.
    All are Correct
    Option D
    Whim:- a sudden desire to do something unplanned


  2. Prognosis
    After being hit by a car, the small dog’s health prognosis was not good.
    The infant was given an excellent prognosis after having heart surgery.
    The doctor will prognosis the patient’s height to see if he is any taller this visit.
    Due to the company’s financial prognosis, we will probably be out of business in less than three months.
    All are Correct
    Option C
    Prognosis:- the predicted outcome of a situation


  3. Engender
    The restaurant hoped the act of giving out free ice cream would engender customer loyalty.
    A lack of funding stopped the nonprofit to immediately engender all services that is had been providing.
    By revealing the president’s secrets, the reporter hoped to engender feelings of distrust among the public.
    Although I do not like my ex-husband, I would never want my opinion to engender my children to dislike their father.
    All are Correct
    Option B
    Engender:- to cause a feeling or attitude to exist


  4. Staid
    My mother often spends her monthly pension on staid purchases she never uses.
    In his business suit, my staid boyfriend looked out of place in the wild nightclub.
    Since my aunt is a nun, she always wears such a staid look on her face.
    Unlike my sister, I do not find science to be a staid subject that puts people to sleep.
    All are Correct
    Option A
    Staid:- serious, boring, or old-fashioned


  5. Ribald
    The comic’s sexual jokes were too ribald for my religious mother.
    Because twelve-year-old Jenny wants to see a film with ribald humor, she must have a parent or guardian accompany her.
    The teacher sent Jim to the principal’s office after he told a ribald joke in class.
    Most traditional stories have a ribald element and attempt to teach children how to behave while entertaining them.
    All are Correct
    Option D
    Ribald:- offensive or vulgar humor


  6. Invidious
    In Jeremy’s opinion, the death penalty is an invidious part of the legal system that should be considered a crime against humanity.
    Nathan’s invidious behavior disturbed others and got him kicked out of the movie theater.
    Darby liked to have parties in her home and wished her husband shared her invidious for hosting.
    When Sally drinks alcohol, she starts to display invidious behavior that makes everyone feel uncomfortable.
    All are Correct
    Option C
    Invidious:- unpleasant and likely to cause bad feelings in other people


  7. Glib
    Because he is an expert at dancing around an issue with vague comments and glib one-liners, you never know when to take him seriously.
    Moving into a glib neighborhood, the couple was glad to be able to sleep peacefully at night.
    Considering the way he fills all his speeches with glib promises that he never follows through on, I’m amazed that he has any supporters at all.
    By trying to show off and asking those glib questions, you’re just making yourself look more ignorant.
    All are Correct
    Option B
    Glib:- speaking easily but without thinking carefully; speaking in a smooth, easy way that is insincere


  8. Grave
    While watching the grave cartoon on television with the roadrunner chasing Bugs Bunny, the kindergartners laughed.
    Because of her grave illness, the woman spent many weeks in the hospital.
    Grave danger surrounded the mountain climbers as they made it through the perilous woods.
    After committing the grave sin, the sinner was sentenced to death by hanging.
    All are Correct
    Option A
    Grave:- serious; critical


  9. Obtuse
    Are you so obtuse that you will give away all your money to a fake charity?
    The obtuse young man had a hard time understanding the simple instructions.
    If you do not pay attention in math class, you may feel obtuse during the final exam.
    Jason is the most obtuse student in class and always seems to know the right answer.
    All are Correct
    Option D
    Obtuse:- not able to think clearly or to understand what is obvious or simple


  10. Perilous
    Since the journey is perilous, be sure to bring a first-aid kit.
    We will need an experienced guide to help us avoid the dangers of the perilous trip.
    Because William is an adventurer, he enjoys perilous activities like skydiving and bungee jumping.
    Forgetting to perilous his bike with the chain, the boy was extremely disappointed to find that it was stolen overnight.
    All are Correct
    Option D
    Perilous:- full of danger


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