English: Word Usage Questions Set 39

Directions: A word is given followed by its usage in options. Find the option in which there is an inappropriate usage of word.

    Buying that flashy sports car was just his meretricious way of showing his ex-wife that he was doing fine without her.
    This writer usually writes with such a meretricious style that his books are only published in paperback.
    Adding those flamboyant earrings to such a colorful skirt gives your entire outfit a meretricious effect.
    When the bride took her engagement ring to be reset she was shocked to discover that her diamond was not meretricious but cubic zirconia.
    All are correct
    Option D
    MERETRICIOUS (ADJECTIVE): based on pretense; deceptively pleasing Synonyms: gaudy, flashy Antonyms: genuine, real


    My teenager needs to realize losing her lipstick is not a catastrophe.
    During the catastrophe over a thousand families lost their homes.
    When Jake reached his goal of catastrophe, he realized he had neglected his family for his professional achievements.
    Several years later, the small country is still reeling from the catastrophe caused by the 2010 hurricane.
    All are Correct
    Option C
    CATASTROPHE (NOUN): calamity Synonyms: adversity, fiasco Antonyms: fortune, prosperity


    Although she considers herself a straight-shooter, my aunt’s blunt tone often comes across as rude and discourteous.
    The discourteous young man held the door open for the elderly woman.
    Constantly yelling and screaming, my discourteous neighbor is obnoxiously rude.
    The representative was discourteous and lost the sale by asking rude questions.
    All are Correct
    Option B
    DISCOURTEOUS (ADJECTIVE): impolite Synonyms: impertinent, ill-mannered Antonyms: mannered, nice


    Since we have famine of fresh vegetables planted in the garden, we should have an abundant harvest.
    Many people have starved to death because of the famine.
    The selfish king threw lavish parties while the people of his kingdom wasted away during the famine.
    The proud leader refused to accept offers of food aid that would end his country’s famine.
    All are Correct
    Option A
    FAMINE (NOUN): hunger Synonyms: starvation, dearth Antonyms: abundance, plenty


    As Derek waited for Missy to come to the phone, he tried to think of a suitable blandishment to provide before he asked her to go out with him.
    Being the oldest sibling, my parents always blandishment me for the younger ones’ wrongdoing.
    Despite his nervousness at meeting his in-laws, Dylan was able to offer just the right blandishment to get their approval.
    Because Janice was tired of every stale blandishment bestowed on her by the immature boys in her class, she was thrown off-guard by the apparent sincerity of Alec’s compliment.
    All are Correct
    Option B
    BLANDISHMENT (NOUN): flattery Synonyms: adulation, cajolery Antonyms: criticism, denunciation


    Mrs. Poundstone was surprised and delighted on the last day of school when the students in her most difficult class presented her with an encomium they had written, praising her work as a teacher.
    Paula finds painting so therapeutic that she has written an encomium celebrating the art form.
    How dare you encomium me for making the same mistake you made!
    After all that Mother Teresa accomplished during her life, she certainly deserves every encomium that was ever written praising her tireless work for God and humanity.
    All are Correct
    Option C
    ENCOMIUM (NOUN): praise Synonyms: accolade, compliment Antonyms: blame, condemnation


    The athlete hoped the increased training would allow him to transcend Olympic records.
    According to some religions, you will transcend the limits of this world and enter another world when you die.
    The German Army had to transcend to the Russians when they conquered Berlin in World War Two.
    The engineers were able to transcend the restrictions of technology and create a robot that was indistinguishable from a human.
    All are Correct
    Option C
    TRANSCEND (VERB): surpass Synonyms: outdo, outshine Antonyms: surrender, be inferior


    If you bully someone in Mrs. Marshall’s class, she will chastise you and keep you after school.
    Because he had served his country so well, the General decided to chastise the Corporal to the rank of Sergeant.
    Chastise in a Sentence 🔊 PREV WORD NEXT WORD Definition of Chastise to criticize someone harshly for doing something wrong Examples of Chastise in a sentence If you bully someone in Mrs. Marshall’s class, she will chastise you and keep you after school. I like my coach because he encourages me frequently and rarely looks for a reason to chastise me.
    Because my doctor is a kind man, he tries not to chastise me too harshly about my unhealthy habits.
    All are Correct
    Option B
    CHASTISE (VERB): scold Synonyms: berate, castigate Antonyms: encourage, promote


    I need to write a powerful resume to gain approbation from an employor.
    The crowd was filled with approbation when #56 scored a touchdown.
    Neighbor’s watched at the tenant’s approbation to vacate the premises led to a forced eviction.
    With my mother’s approbation, I can sleep over at your house.
    All are Correct
    Option C
    APPROBATION (NOUN): approval or agreement Synonyms: permission, consent Antonyms: disapproval, refusal


    During the laconic phone call, the divorcing spouses only said what was absolutely necessary.
    The valedictorian delivered a laconic speech, contrast to the salutatorian’s lengthy speech.
    The laconic language of the football players kept the other team from knowing the meaning of their talk.
    Because the huge storm is expected to produce a laconic amount of snow, government offices and schools are being closed.
    All are Correct
    Option D
    LACONIC (ADJECTIVE): brief Synonyms: concise, compact Antonyms: wordy, prolific


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