English: Word Usage Questions Set 46

Directions: A word is given followed by its usage in options. Find the option in which there is an inappropriate usage of word.

    My carping mother-in-law is constantly criticizing my housekeeping skills.
    The troubled teenager ran away from home because he was tired of listening to carping comments from his mother.
    During the summer months, the carping old women sit on their porches and complain about the awful kids of today.
    It was difficult, but after many years I was able to carp the man that had hit me with his car and taken my ability to walk.
    All are Correct
    Option D
    CARPING (ADJECTIVE): (अवगुण ढूंढ़नेवाला): find fault Synonyms: complaining, bellyaching Antonyms: complimentary, forgiving


    My mother was a cruel woman who never missed an opportunity to castigate my father.
    When the police chief discovers his officers let the criminal escape, he is sure to castigate them.
    Unfortunately, the video footage does not castigate Hank of the robbery charges.
    If you want better results, you should praise your children and not castigate them.
    All are Correct
    Option C
    CASTIGATE (VERB): (सज़ा देना): to punish Synonyms: berate, chasten Antonyms: exonerate, forgive


  3. CAVIL
    Because my sister is so hard to please, she will cavil about the smallest of things.
    Jill wanted to cavil Jack’s dinner offer, but she was too tired to climb the hill leading to his house.
    It is nice to read a movie review in which the critic raves about the entire film and does not cavil about a trivial flaw in the plot.
    Since my boss does not like me, he is always looking for a reason to cavil about my work.
    All are Correct
    Option B
    CAVIL (VERB): (दोष ढूंढना): quibble Synonyms: object, complain Antonyms: accept, agree


    Many rich countries will coerce third world countries by supplying food since their citizens are starving and need food to nourish their bodies.
    The bully tried to coerce the small kids into giving him their lunch money.
    As the students argued, the teacher tried to coerce them into silence with the threat of a detention.
    When the mob guys wanted the property, they tried to coerce the owners into signing over the deed.
    All are Correct
    Option A
    COERCE (VERB): (विवश करना): to force a person into doing something Synonyms: compel, press Antonyms: help, aid


  5. CHARY
    Because Vera was chary about going in the old house, I agreed to go in with her.
    School districts are incredibly chary about hiring people with criminal backgrounds.
    While Tim has plans to leave college, he is chary about telling his parents of his decision.
    After making several chary purchases in one day, the shopper felt guilty.
    All are Correct
    Option D
    CHARY (ADJECTIVE): (सावधान): careful Synonyms: cautious, watchful Antonyms: careless, hasty


    It was hard for me to watch my mother deteriorate when the cancer cells invaded her body.
    Because Pam drank in excess for many years, her liver started to deteriorate when she reached the age of fifty.
    The value of your car begins to deteriorate as soon as you drive the vehicle off the lot.
    Salt and pepper was added to the potatoes to deteriorate their taste.
    All are Correct
    Option D
    DETERIORATE (VERB): (बिगड़ जाना): get worse Synonyms: decline, worsen Antonyms: improve, get better


    My sister is too outgoing for anyone to ever accuse her of being demure.
    While Helen is quite demure in her job as a librarian, at night she becomes a wild karaoke queen.
    The demure reporter offended the celebrity with his insistent manner and lost out on an amazing interview.
    Because he was nervous at the audition, Biff sang in a demure voice which the judges were unable to hear.
    All are Correct
    Option C
    DEMURE (ADJECTIVE): (संकोची): shy Synonyms: reserved, modest Antonyms: forward, brash


    The deranged gunman started shooting wildly into the mall while shouting violent and hateful curses.
    Because he studied for the test, the student was deranged and worry free on the day of his exam.
    I opened the door to find a deranged looking beggar staring back at me with a menacing look in his eyes that scared me to death.
    Because Shirley is mentally deranged, she cannot be left alone in the house without an aide at her side at all times.
    All are Correct
    Option B
    DERANGED (ADJECTIVE): (विक्षिप्त): mad Synonyms: crazy, insane Antonyms: calm, normal


    On Tuesday, we will have a party to celebrate Michelle’s career debacle of being promoted to general manager.
    When the movie was released, it was called a debacle by the critics.
    If you want to look at the country’s problems, start with the debacle of the healthcare system.
    The president’s response to the budget debacle was simply to ignore it.
    All are Correct
    Option A
    DEBACLE (NOUN): (पतन): downfall Synonyms: beating, disaster Antonyms: triumph, victory


  10. DEVOUT
    Since the bride was a devout Catholic, Sarah knew the wedding would be held in a Catholic church.
    The devout teacher held sessions before and after school to ensure the success of her students on the math test.
    The devout wrote a novel disproving the existence of a higher power.
    Due to Karen being a devout news reporter for many years, she never married or had any children.
    All are Correct
    Option C
    DEVOUT (ADJECTIVE): (धर्मनिष्ठ): religious Synonyms: pious, devoted Antonyms: unbelieving, insincere


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