English: Word Usage Questions Set 49

Directions(1-10): A word is given followed by its usage in options. Find the option in which there is an inappropriate usage of word.

    The United State’s embargo against trade with North Korea has created tension between the two countries.
    Sadly, the embargo on travel will prevent many charitable organizations from giving aid and food to sick children.
    Decades ago Western nations faced a fuel shortage when the Arab countries placed an embargo on petroleum trades.
    With the wall gradually falling down between the U.S. and Cuba, the travel embargo should soon be lifted.
    Moving across the ice with magnificent embargo and beauty, it was hard to believe that the elegant skater had only started last year.
    Option E


    Last semester was a piece of cake, but taking seven classes along with an internship this semester is going to be arduous!
    Playing the piano may seem arduous at first, but it gets easier with practice.
    Driving a school bus is much more arduous than driving my own car.
    Because Laura is such an arduous person to be around she is always making new friends.
    Reading and understanding John Milton’s writing is not easy – it’s arduous!
    Option D
    ARDUOUS (ADJECTIVE): difficult: (कठिन) Synonyms: onerous, uphill Antonyms: effortless, pleasant


    My husband is an exercise fanatic who runs six miles every day.
    Because my father is a football fanatic, he hasn’t missed any of his team’s home games in ten years.
    The political candidate’s fanatic plans have enraged his conservative foes.
    The religious fanatic was willing to kill herself for her god.
    An animal rights’ fanatic, Ellen volunteers at the animal shelter over forty hours a week.
    Option C
    FANATIC (NOUN): an overenthusiastic person: (उन्मादी) Synonyms: bigot, radical Antonym: liberal, moderate


    At the pinnacle of her career, Gail was on the cover of every entertainment magazine.
    Even though we thought we had reached our pinnacle and would fail to meet the project deadline, we were still able to complete the work on time.
    George was making twenty million dollars a year when he reached the pinnacle of his golf career.
    After reaching her pinnacle with five Grammy wins, the singer retired from the industry.
    The chef considered himself at the pinnacle of his field when he received three Michelin stars.
    Option B
    PINNACLE (NOUN): top: (परमोत्कर्ष) Synonyms: apex, zenith Antonyms: nadir, base


    When controversy broke out about the author’s upbringing, it was a welcome detriment for his book sales.
    Many suspect the building of the chemical plant is going to be a detriment to the town’s freshwater supply.
    In its drug manual, the company does not mention the product could be a detriment to a person’s health until the ad’s end.
    The mobile telephone business has been a detriment to those companies that offer only landline services.
    Your choice to not pay your car note will soon be a detriment to your ability to get to work each day.
    Option A
    DETRIMENT (NOUN): disadvantage: (अहित) Synonyms: liability, drawback Antonyms: boon, gain


  6. ZEST
    Because I have a fear of heights, I do not have a zest for flying.
    My teacher’s zest for math makes class fun and exciting for everyone.
    At the age of eighty, my grandmother has a zest for life that allows her to live like a carefree teenager.
    My mother’s zest for Christmas is obvious to anyone who sees the three thousand lights surrounding our home.
    During the hottest days of summer I feel so zest that all I want to do is drink iced tea and paint.
    Option E
    ZEST (NOUN): spicing: (स्वाद) Synonyms: seasoning, flavoring Antonym: indifference, lethargy


    Contrary to what my wife has told the judge, I have never been unfaithful to her.
    The politician revealed a contrary stance to his anti-abortion platform when he backed his daughter’s right to have an abortion.
    Contrary to the actor’s outgoing image, he is really a very shy man.
    Only contrary children were permitted to participate in the field trip since the teachers could trust their behavior to be appropriate at the museum.
    On the contrary, the fundraiser chairperson believes we still have enough time to raise money for the new daycare center.
    Option D
    WAYWARD (ADJECTIVE): contrary: (स्वेच्छाचारी) Synonyms: delinquent, capricious Antonyms: compliant, obedient


  8. GAPE
    The men are sure to gape when they see Teresa in her tiny shorts.
    Do you think our daughter will gape in awe when she sees her birthday present?
    The manufacturer had to admit fault when the number of complaints from angry customers became too many to gape.
    It was hard to not gape at the contrast of the gigantic dog and its stunted owner.
    Because we knew Jim had never been to the metropolitan area, we expected him to gape at the giant skyscrapers.
    Option C
    GAPE (VERB): stare: (मुँह बाये देखना) Synonyms: glare, ogle Antonyms: ignore, overlook


    After years of an unhappy marriage, the man begin to hanker to have an affair.
    If you hanker your situation in life, you should work to alter the things you dislike.
    The homesick woman began to hanker for a trip to see her parents.
    After a year away from the shore, the beach bum began to hanker for a day he could spend surfing.
    Should you hanker for room service in the middle of the night, be prepared to pay steep prices for the food you long for.
    Option B
    PINE (VERB): long for: (लालायित होना) Synonyms: crave, hanker Antonyms: dislike, despise


    Because he had served his country so well, the General decided to muffle the Corporal to the rank of Sergeant.
    Example sentences for Fiduciary. Read this page and learn how to use Fiduciary in a sentence.
    A silencer was placed on the gun to muffle the sound of it being shot.
    Although living beside a highway can be a challenge, keeping your windows closed can muffle some of the street noise.
    By placing his hand over the girl’s mouth, the kidnapper tried to muffle her screams for help.
    Option A
    MUFFLED (ADJECTIVE): quietened: (अवरुद्ध) Synonyms: silenced, subdued Antonyms: encouraged, promoted


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