English: Word Usage Questions Set 10

Directions (1-10): In each of the following questions one sentence is given with a word in bold, choose the most similar meaning of that word and mark it as your answer.

  1. Reverberate: In high school rumors tend to reverberate throughout the student body, regardless of their truthfulness.
    A) yield
    B) allocate
    C) resonate
    D) glance
    E) creak
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      Option C
    Reverberate= to cause effects afterwards
  2. Fuss: As the toddler began to fuss and protest, his mother looked for juice to calm his fears.
    A) elucidation
    B) commotion
    C) serenity
    D) concord
    E) faint
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      Option B
    Fuss= to show excessive concern about something
  3. Apolitical: The RSS claims it is apolitical, that it only acts as an ideological guide to the BJP.
    A) egalitarian
    B) underdog
    C) consular
    D) neutral
    E) impolitic
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      Option D
    Apolitical= not interested in politics
  4. Rapacity: Like the rest of Greece, Athens suffered greatly from the rapacity of its Byzantine administrators.
    A) bounty
    B) largesse
    C) avarice
    D) niggard
    E) miser
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      Option C
    Rapacity = Greed relating to material comfort
  5. Odium: A man of deep learning and originality, proud and a victim to the odium theologicum, lie could brook no rivalry.
    A) detestation
    B) approval
    C) fame
    D) repute
    E) appreciation
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      Option A
    Odium = widespread hatred
  6. Aspersion: The two principal ones necessary to salvation are baptism and the Eucharist; then come the water of aspersion and the wearing of cinders, and so forth; these advance a man in sanctity.
    A) acclaim
    B) flak
    C) happiness
    D) applause
    E) calmness
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      Option B
    Aspersion= defamation
  7. Rattle: The baby began to rattle her toy, laughing hysterically has the beads inside knocked about.
    A) placate
    B) silence
    C) appease
    D) clink
    E) hush
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      Option D
    Rattle== disturb
  8. Hawkish: He is one of the most hawkish members of the new cabinet.
    A) belligerent
    B) pacifist
    C) dovish
    D) peaceable
    E) friendly
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      Option A
    Explanation: Hawkish = aggressive
  9. Muster: The two football teams muster in their respective huddles before each play.
    A) dismiss
    B) prorogue
    C) analyze
    D) gather
    E) run
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      Option D
    Muster= assemble
  10. Bulwark: Once the castle drawbridge is raised, it will act as a bulwark against invader entry.
    A) flaw
    B) imperil
    C) debility
    D) blight
    E) rampant
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      Option E
    Bulwark = protector

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