English: Fill in the Blanks — Set 23

Fill in the blanks given in each question with appropriate and most suitable option:

  1. Cairn is seeking full __________for (UK-India Bilateral Investment Treaty) Treaty breaches resulting from the________ of its investments in India in 2014, the attempts to enforce retrospective tax measures and the failure to treat the company and its ____ fairly and equitably,” .
    A) penalty, optimization , stake,
    B) Reimbursement , dispossess , investments
    C) restitution, expropriation , investments
    D) compensation , appropriation, finance.
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    Option C

    Restitution – compensation / reimbursement
    expropriation – appropriation
    optimization – maximization
  2. The RBI’s big bang announcement directing banks to proceed against 12 borrowers under the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (IBC) has raised______ of an early resolution. But experts say the new law is unlikely to be a magic wand to_____ cleanse balance sheets of banks, adding that legal tangles and lack of infrastructure for executing bankruptcies may emerge as_______ to early resolution of bad debts.
    A) assumptions , thoroughly , hindrances.
    B) expectations , immediately , impediments
    C) demands , eventually , obstacles
    D) prediction , lately , restrictions
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    Option B

    Impediments – obstacles / hindrances
  3. The town of Amer was originally built by Meenas, and it was later ruled by Raja Man Singh. Amer Fort is known for its artistic Hindu style elements. With its large ramparts and series of gates and cobbled paths, the fort overlooks Maota Lake. The __________ambiance of the palace is seen within its walls. Constructed with red sandstone and marble, the attractive, ________ palace is laid out on four levels, each with a courtyard. The palace was the ________ of the royals.
    A) Homely , proliferate, office
    B) Aesthetic, opulent, residence
    C) Mammoth, motley, pride
    D) Bulwark, banal , accolade
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    Option B

    proliferate – increase quickly
    aesthetic means beautiful ,artistic ………. opulent means rich, luxurious,….. .accolade means praise,honour
    motley means mixed, varied…. Bulwark means fortification and banal means common place
  4. China Harbour Engineering is looking for_______ in the EPC space across sectors. CDC has also become____ in acquiring stressed power projects,” said the first person aware of the company’s India strategy, requesting______.
    A) buying , interested , abashment
    B) sale , keen , popularity
    C) purchase , involved , acclamation
    D) acquisition , interested , anonymity
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    Option D

    abashment – embarrassment
    acclamation – praise
  5. Hyderabad residents say the credit for _________the popularity of haleem goes to Pista House, a bakery which made a _________beginning in the mid-90s. With aggressive and ________marketing, it became the biggest maker of haleem in the city. The brand has since gone global with outlets in the United States, Oman and Dubai.
    A) Reviving, modest, innovative
    B) Establishing, royal, antique
    C) Settling, pompous,classical
    D) Placing,paltry, customary
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    Option A

    reviving – restoring and pompous – haughty / proud
  6. As insurance ___________picks up, this is the most customer-friendly way of servicing customers because customers get service without any wait time when they login to chat. Even if the query is complex, there is __________transfer to a human agent and the customer is___________ to that,” said K.V. Dipu, president- head operations, Bajaj Allianz General. Further expansion will use chatbots for sales, he said.
    A) Efficiency, sluggish, attached
    B) Policy, instant,interested
    C) Penetration, seamless, agnostic
    D) Companies, facile, stick
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    Option C

    agnostic – skeptic ..facile – superficial
  7. Many large and ambitious NGOs stay focused on the size of the need and ______population-level change. Denominator thinkers believe that ____even one more part of a large, knotty problem creates a lot more value than_____ a solution that serves relatively few, says Soumitra Pandey, partner – India, The Bridgespan Group.
    A) demand , muddling , finishing
    B) emphasize, untangling , perfecting
    C) highlight , tangling , improving
    D) accentuate , meshing , elaborating
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    Option B

    muddling – mixing / making complex , accentuate – highlight
  8. Sweating it out at the gym is passé. Today it’s all about bending, twisting and lifting. After all, yoga offers a more ________workout—it tones your body, ______tissues, makes internal organs healthier, helps you breathe better and beat stress. In fact, a study published in March in the Journal Of Alternative And Complementary Medicine, found that bi-weekly yoga classes plus home practice were helpful in _________symptoms of depression significantly. We spoke to yoga teachers about how the practice has transformed their lives.
    A) Effective, enlarge, demolishing
    B) Specific, fixes, nullifying
    C) Resilient, build,enervating
    D) Holistic, rejuvenates, reducing
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    Option D

    demolish – destroy / reduce
    resilient – strong … enervating – exhaust ….holistic – comprehensive
  9. The institute has an ____ centre as well as a dedicated student committee to help ____entrepreneurs. “We allow a special summer entrepreneurship programme, where ______ entrepreneurs work on their ideas, instead of going for the routine summer placements provided.
    A) education , maturing , disinclined
    B) training , promising , feckless
    C) incubation, budding , aspiring
    D) excellence , developing , ardent
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    Option C

    budding – developing/ maturing
  10. When a culture is in a state of ______ or transition the freedom of the artist increases – but the question of subject matter becomes _______ for him: he, himself, has to ________ for society.
    A) Disintegration, problematic , choose
    B) fragmentation , doubtful , select
    C) complexity , harmful , decide
    D) insecurity , hard , chose
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    Option A

    Fragmentation – disintegration

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