Mixed English Questions for Mains Exam — Set 339

Directions(1-5): In the given question, five words are printed in bold and are numbered A, B, C, D and E. The positions of some highlighted words may be incorrect and need to be interchanged with another highlighted to make the sentence correct. Find the pair(s) of words that need to be exchanged.

  1. The Richness(A) of Hinduism the party seeks to promote, pauperises the Kind(B) and diversity of Hinduism itself and seeks to Convert(C) it almost into an Abrahamic Faith(D) with its Lord as Ram, its holy land being Ayodhya, and the Gita as its Holy(E) book.
    B – C & D – E
    A – D & B – E
    No exchange required
    A – B
    B – E
    Option D
    Pauperises means to impoverish. The sentence is trying to convey that the form of Hinduism that is being promoted will affect the diversity of Hinduism itself. Exchanging words given in option A and B would convey the same meaning that the sentence is trying to convey.


  2. Under this Section(A), the central government is authorised to Laid(B), an organisation as a terrorist organisation, Involved(C), it “believes that it is Provided(D), in terrorism” and that the notification is Notify(E), before Parliament.
    A – C, B – D
    C– D
    B – E, C – D
    No exchange required
    D – E
    Option C
    A section of any document or an Act will notify/inform something. One cannot be provided with terrorism. You are provided with things like food or shelter or information. With a word like terrorism, if someone is associated with it, it means they are involved in it. Exchanging words in B-E and C-D will help us give the sentence a coherent structure.


  3. Accept(A) the message of love, compassion and, most importantly “of the Importance(B) of inner beauty,” but not willing to Preaching(C) – what His Holiness calls “less Attractive(D) woman” as his successor – was Truly(E) shocking for many.
    A – C, B – D
    A– C
    A – B
    No exchange required
    D – E
    Option B
    The sentence is about Dalai lama propagating message of love, compassion and inner beauty. Hence, preaching must be the word to be used to convey the meaning “propagating”. The sentence is also saying that His Holiness gave a statement, and we can assume that since he wasn’t accepting it, people found it shocking. Exchanging words in A and C will make the sentence coherent.


  4. I had an Out(A) that once I would step Inkling(B) of my house, I would be Dissolved(C) in the smell of this land, which I was sure, Reared(D) the footprints of all those who conquered, loved and Hid(E) it.
    No Exchange needed
    C– D
    B – C, A – E
    D – E
    A – B, D – E
    Option E
    Towards the end of the statement, we see the word love has been used with the conjunction “and”. This means that the words next to it should be adding to it and ‘hid’ is nowhere close to what love means. Reared on the other hand means to raise or nurture and goes hand in hand with love. Thus, we can exchange D with E. The first part of the sentence says smell of the land, which logically means that you will have to go out in the open. Thus, A and B should be exchanged.


  5. The Indian information(A) system teaches students to learn an ocean of education(B) and merely regurgitate(C) that in exams without asking questions or studying(D) critically about what they are thinking(E).
    A – B, D – E
    C– D
    B – C
    No exchange required
    D – E
    Option A
    The education system means more of a process and what we derive out of it is the information. Clearly the first two words need to exchange. Logically, we critically evaluate things that we read or study. Evaluation would demand the services of the brain and, hence thinking. Thus, option A is the correct answer.


  6. Directions(6-9): A sentence with one blank is given, indicating that something has been omitted. Choose the word that best fits in the blank making the sentence grammatically correct and meaningful.

  7. If we direct our remaining forces to the ____ and barricade it, we should have no problem keeping them out for a while.
    Option B
    Bottlenecks (noun) – a narrow section of road or a junction that impedes traffic flow.


  8. The restaurant owner hesitates to change his menu because he does not want to ____ his regular customers.
    Option A
    Alienate – make (someone) feel isolated or estranged.
    Radical – (especially of change or action) relating to or affecting the fundamental nature of something; far-reaching or thorough.
    Bureaucratic – relating to a system of government in which most of the important decisions are taken by state officials rather than by elected representatives.
    Agitation – a state of anxiety or nervous excitement.


  9. He quite enjoyed the painter’s ____, which seemed to closely resemble reality.
    Option C
    Genres (noun)- a style or category of art, music, or literature.


  10. When you feel in a fighting mood, I wish you would expend your ____ upon me.
    Option B
    Belligerence: aggressive or warlike behaviour.


  11. Direction: In the given question, a connector is given for the statements I, II and III. Choose the pair of sentences which can be combined using the given connector, when used in the beginning of the new sentence.

  12. Nevertheless
    I. The three successive stages were carefully examined.
    II. It was easy to see that there was an apparent difference between them.
    III. All of them have a common foundation, source and purpose
    Only I and II
    Only II and III
    All I, II and III
    Only I and III
    None of these
    Option C
    We use “nevertheless” when we say something that contrasts with what has just been said. Both the statements II & III could follow statement I.
    Also, statements II & III convey the opposite meaning, if statement I is taken as a base condition. So, all three of them could be combined.

    New Sentence
    : Nevertheless, on careful examination of these three successive stages, it will easily be seen that, in spite of the apparent difference between them, all have a common foundation, source and purpose.
    Hence, the correct answer is C.



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