GA Questions Asked in Central Warehousing Corporation Junior Superintendent Exam 2016

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Central Warehousing Corporation (CWC) Junior Superintendent Exam 2016 held on December 10, 2016 over many centres in the country. Here we are sharing some of the GA section questions asked in the exam.


  1. Full form of P-notes ? Participatory notes
  2. Full form of BPL?
  3. Full form of PIN? Personal Identification Number
  4. Full form of CRY organization?  Child Rights and You
  5.  What does Basel norm relate to? Banking
  6.  China open Super series winner in Badminton? P.V Sindhu
  7. Which actor hosts the telegu version of the show crorepathi? Chiranjeevi
  8. How many currency printing press places are in India? 4
  9. Who issues coins in India ? Government of India
  10. Which city is known as the golden city of India?  Amritsar
  11.  Nobel Peace Prize winner 2016? Juan Manuel Santos
  12. Yoga day celebrated on? 21 June
  13. Dilma Rousseff? Former President of Brazil
  14. Direct Benefit Transfer of LPG? PAHAL scheme 
  15. Section-112 related to?  Income tax amendments
  16. World economic freedom index India rank? 112
  17. Swachh Bharat short film award  winner? Murga

  18. World’s tallest and longest glass bridge opens in? China


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