GA Questions asked in IBPS Clerk Main 2016 Exam

IBPS Clerk Main Exam 2016 held on January 01, 2017 over many centres in the country. Here we are sharing some of the GA section questions asked in the exam.

  1. Web based solution for interbank trnsactions? NACH
  2. What is not a market risk?
  3. GIrom sharmila belongs state? Manipur
  4. Who developed National Financial Switch (NFS)? IDRBT (Institute for Development and Research in Banking Technology)
  5. Maximum loan size of single obligator cannot be more than what % of the Capital Investment?  10%
  6. Micro credit is a part of microfinance given to whom? loans to poor Clients
  7. Gobind Sagar dam in which state? Himachal Pradesh
  8. Balamurali krishnan who passed away was? Indian Carnatic vocalist
  9. Which ETS operates in hourly time? NEFT ( National Electronic Fund Transfer )
  10. P in EFTPOS stands for? Electronic funds transfer at Point of Sale
  11. State in which Kumarakom bird sanctuary is? Kerala
  12. In which state Global citizen fest held? Maharashtra, Mumbai
  13. Commercial Paper are issued by? Corporate companies
  14. With which country did India sign 145 M777 howitzer deal? U.S.A
  15. FDI in Universal banks? 74%
  16. Which Microfinance is a universal bank? Bandhan Bank
  17. Theme of 2016 International Day of Persons with Disabilities? Achieving 17 Goals for the Future We Want
  18. Rabobank Headquarters is in? Utrecht, Netherland
  19. Recently as stated by RBI, OTP not required for transaction upto what amount? Rs. 2000
  20. RBI working group is chaired by whom? 
  21. 207 km bicycle highway inaugurated in which state recently? Uttar Pradesh
  22. Heart of Asia summit 2016 held in? Amritsar, india
  23. MMID stands for? Mobile Money Identification Number
  24. Lending of RBI to commercial banks is called as? Repo Rate
  25. Which kid got International children prize? Kehkashan Basu
  26. Initially shares in RBI owned by? Private shareholders
  27. Which Payments bank have 100% equity participation by govt? IPPB
  28. NBFC accept deposits for a maximum period of how much time? 60 Months
  29. Bollywood based theme park is launched in where? Dubai
  30. Hand in Hand joint Military exercise between which countries? India and China 
  31. Book – ‘Immortals of Meluha’ authored by? Amish Tripathi
  32. International Criminal Court Headquarters is in? Hague, Netherland
  33. BSBDA account can be extended to how many months after submitting OVD? 12 Months
  34. Best performing actor at Asia Pacific Screen Awards? Manoj Vajpayee
  35. Current and saving account that don’t operate for a period more than 2 yrs are called as? Inoperative/Dormant Account
  36. Local area banks have the juridiction over a maximum of? three contiguous districts
  37. Micro ATMs connect to bank server via whats? GPRS
  38. Small Finance bank should have 25% of its branches in? Unbanked rural areas

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