GA Questions Asked in IBPS RRB Clerk Main Exam 2017

General Awareness Questions Asked in IBPS RRB Clerk Main 2017. The exam held on November 12, 2017.

  1. World’s deepest lake, Bailkal lake? Russia
  2. Chhilchhila Wildlife Sanctuary? Haryana
  3. Bhitarkanika National Park? Odisha
  4. Budapest is capital of? Hungary
  5. Author of The Golden House? Salman Rushdie 
  6. Bengaluru is situated on the banks of which river? Vrishabhavathi
  7. 20 November observed as? Universal Children’s Day
  8. Bihar Governor?
  9. Kidambi Srikanth? Badminton
  10. Asia Hocket Tournament 2017 won by? India
  11. Ram Mukherjee who passed away belongs to? Director
  12. Museum for partition? Amritsar
  13. What was established in 1988? National Housing Bank
  14. One Q related to reverse mortgage.
  15. Note which is half divided?
  16. PMMY is under what? All banks
  17. Term used for pending loan from 2 weeks to 3 years?
  18. Global Trust Bank (GTB) merged with? OBC Bank
  19. In IFC, F stands for? International Finance Corporation
  20. In WMA, W stands for? Ways and Means Advances
  21. In RERA, second R stands for? Real Estate Regulatory Authority
  22. In UPI, U stands for? Unified Payments Interface
  23. In PCA, A stands for? Prompt Corrective Action
  24. INDRA between India and? Russia
  25. Govind bhog Rice got GI tag, state? West Bengal
  26. CANDI by which bank? Canara Bank
  27. Banking ombudsman limit? 20 lakh
  28. DAY-NRLM loan % till 3 lakh? 7%
  29. One question on small finance bank.
  30. Rail training centre?
  31. Jacques Dubochet got Nobel Prize in which field? Chemistry
  32. RBI’s stake percentage in NPCI?
  33. Which bank does not issue credit card? Payments Bank
  34. Govt. Made mandatory how much amount for bank and financial institutions to check original identification dealing in cash? Rs 50,000

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63 Thoughts to “GA Questions Asked in IBPS RRB Clerk Main Exam 2017”

  1. diaries

    IFC abbreviation f
    WMR abbreviation w
    bhitarkanika national park
    RIRG second r ka abbreviation

      1. diaries

        yes mam only 148 attempt

          1. Ok. In North cutoff goes high,
            Attempted English ?

          2. diaries

            Yes , mam RIRG is wrong RERA ha

          3. WantToBeIncredible

            madam what is the word limit for essay and letter in ibps po descriptive ?

          4. Not mentioned in notification
            This time in SBI, there was less limit. So it won’t be more in IBPS too.

          5. WantToBeIncredible

            less meaning 200-250 words ?

          6. may be less than this also

          7. WantToBeIncredible

            ok thanks mam

          8. ravi

            ibps po descriptive marks add hoga kya??

          9. That too not mentioned in notification.
            SBI clearly mentions
            IBPS has not even mentioned that it will be checked after clearing other sections or it will be checked for sure.

          10. Ravi Upadhyay

            kitne jaygi

          11. Ravi Upadhyay

            i m also frm uttarakhand

          12. Ravi Upadhyay

            160 n u… hindi section

          13. diaries

            English section

          14. Ravi Upadhyay

            cut off kitni jaygi

          15. diaries

            don’t know , atb for mains result

          16. diaries

            ibps p.o. mains haa

          17. Ravi Upadhyay

            nhi yrr normalisation me mere resnng me rmks cut gye…frst day tha exam 23 kiye the 11 aye bss 1.50 se fail

          18. diaries

            don’t worry ibps clerk haa abhi ….

          19. Ravi Upadhyay

            dekhte haiji.. english kmzor h yrrr

          20. diaries

            same… 🙁

          21. Ravi Upadhyay

            hindi ki wjh se….rrb clerk se ummeed thi lekin resnng me km huye yr attempt… muskil lgra ab

          22. diaries

            leave everything on the results we don’t know what happen…

          23. DHANANJAY

            Kitna kiya res

          24. Ravi Upadhyay

            24… tumhare kitne total

          25. Ravi Upadhyay

            hindi section kiya ya english

  2. Dipayan Nag

    thanks az

  3. diaries

    UPI, U stand for
    Ram mukherjee related to

  4. diaries

    Global Trust Bank (GTB) merged with

      1. WantToBeIncredible

        ye kab ki news hai ?

        1. Ravi Upadhyay

          ye static h bro banking…static h

  5. P@yal

    Notes which have 2 pieces is soiled?

    1. diaries

      2 pieces of one note what is called?

      1. swapna changran

        mutilated note

    2. Ravi Upadhyay

      yes soiled

      1. Giriver Bisht

        Mutilated bro..Not soiled

        1. Ravi Upadhyay

          kya baat krra…kameene keede pdnge tujh pe bhutnike

        2. Ravi Upadhyay

          nafrat ho gyi mujhe tujhse

        3. IT OFFC

          Soiled hoga aspirant zone k banking quiz me same question diya huaa h…..

  6. D....

    1.indra .. India Russia
    2.candi by Canara bank
    3.rice as heritage state.. WB
    4. Banking ombudsman limit.. 20 lakh
    5. DAY-NRLM LOAN % TILL 3 LAKH… 7 %

    1. KANAK

      One question on payment bank

      1. D....

        I think it was small finance bank not payment bank

  7. Naina Agrawal

    Upi form
    Rera form
    Reverse mortgage se question
    Govindbhog rice
    Rail training centre
    Shg percentage limit
    Budapest is capital of
    Obituary ‘Ram belog to which profession
    Bihar governor
    The golden home -book
    Rbi percentage in npci
    Which bank does not issue credit card
    Jacques novel prize in which field
    Benglore is situated on the bank of which river
    20 Nov.- day
    Govt. Mandatory how much amount for bank and financial inst. To check original identification dealing in cash

  8. S.S.B

    what is rbi stack in npci ??


    @Shubhra_AspirantsZone:disqus mam one request..pls make one set for international lakes & other for international deserts.

    1. Yes I can, but Static GK from outside India comes from Current Affairs only. I mean when they remains in NEWS.
      This Baikal lake was also in news in october and hence was asked.

      1. MERAKI

        ohh…okay mam.

  10. raj

    anyone can share the pdf of arun sharm (quantum cat for DI ) or mam apke pas ho


    MMID transaction can be done from?

    1. *********

      mobile,,,….., ye bi tha

  12. dr

    23,32 no question nh tha

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