NIACL AO Main Exam 2016 held on January 10, 2017 over many centres in the country. Here we are sharing some of the GA section questions asked in the exam.


  1. Utkarsh gets license for? Small finance bank
  2. Nabard will give how much to banks for deploying PoS units in villages? Rs 120 crore
  3. Gurudongmar Lake? Sikkim
  4. One questions related to RBI Liquidity
  5. IRDA related to re-insurance license
  6. HPCL Refinery?
  7. Anupam Mishra who died recently was? Environmentalist
  8. Consumer grievance OCMC recently launched. What doers M stand for? Online Consumer Mediation Centre
  9. NABARD disbursed how much to farmers? Rs 21,000 crore
  10. Health insurance under which insurance? General insurance
  11. In LAF, what does A stand for? Liquidity Adjustment Facility
  12. 100% govt equity in which payment bank? India Post payments Bank
  13. Balpakram National Park? Meghalaya
  14. How much percent comes under foreign investment for payment banks? 74%
  15. 49% FDI in insurance must be approved by? Foreign Investment Promotion Board
  16. March 8 observed as which day? International Women’s Day
  17. ICC approved a stadium in Noida recently. What is its name? SVSP Cricket Stadium

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