GA Revision for SBI PO/Clerk, RBI Grade B – Set 162

GA Revision Questions for RBI Grade B 2018, SBI PO/Clerk 2018, Bank of India, Dena Bank PO 2018, NABARD 2018 and other upcoming exams.

  1. Who has been appointed as the Chairman of Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs (CBIC)?
    A) Vanaja N Sarna
    B) Alok Verma
    C) S Ramesh
    D) Rakesh Asthana
    E) Fana Mokoena
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    Option C

    Senior bureaucrat S Ramesh has been appointed as the Chairman of the Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs (CBIC), the apex policy-making body for indirect taxes. S Ramesh has been appointed as Chairman of the CBIC with the status of special secretary to the central government.
  2. ISRO Scientists is soon to launch Chandrayaan-2 Lunar Mission for minning the Moon in search of which of the following isotopes?
    A) Lithium-5
    B) Helium-3
    C) Beryllium-6
    D) Helium-5
    E) Lithium – 2
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    Option B

    Nearly 10 years after India launched Chandrayan-1 aircraft which completed over 3,400 orbits around the moon, the country is once again all set to attempt a similar mission dubbed as Chandrayaan-2, in October 2018. The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) will send a rover to the Moon in October to research the prospects of mining helium-3 and water. The upcoming mission, on the south side of Moon which has never been accessible till now, will include an orbiter, lander and a six-wheel rectangular rover.
  3. Name the mobile App based taxi service facility to be launched by the government of Goa to enable ease of travel for tourists and boost digital economy.
    A) Goawheels
    B) Goatravel
    C) Goaride
    D) Goamiles
    E) Goabus
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    Option D

    The Goa Tourism Development Corporation (GTDC) is all set to launch its own mobile application-based taxi service named ‘Goamiles’ from July 2018 to some key tourist destinations in the state. The move will enable the state to curb taxi drivers from fleecing passengers besides promoting easy facilitation of taxi services in the state
  4. The 4th National Review and Consultation on Swachh Iconic Places was held in which city?
    A) New Delhi
    B) Hyderabad
    C) Guwahati
    D) Ahmedabad
    E) Mumbai
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    Option B

    The 4th National Review and Consultation on Swachh Iconic Places was held in Hyderabad to review the progress relating to maintenance and cleanliness of Iconic Places. The two-day consultation and review programme focused on addressing cleanliness challenges identified at the iconic places.
  5. The Union Cabinet has approved to increase the age limit of receiving pension for doctors in Bhopal Memorial Hospital and Research Centre to ________ years
    A) 67
    B) 60
    C) 62
    D) 65
    E) 70
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    Option D

    The Union Cabinet has approved the proposal of Department of Health Research, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare to increase the age of receiving pension of general duty medical officers, specialist grade doctors and teaching medical faculty working in Bhopal Memorial Hospital and Research Centre (BMHRC) to 65 years.
  6. Who is the Chairman of Export Credit Guarantee Corporation (ECGC)?
    A) Geetha Muralidhar
    B) Susanta Panda
    C) Ameeta Suri
    D) Mahender Singh
    E) Aryan Kaganof
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    Option A

    FOUNDED: 30 July 1957
    HEADQUARTERS: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
    CHAIRMAN & MD: Geetha Muralidhar

  7. In a first of its kind event in India, the Interstate Translocation of Tiger project has been launched between which of the following states?
    A) Karnataka and Odisha
    B) Assam and Odisha
    C) Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat
    D) Madhya Pradesh and Odisha
    E) Uttar Pradesh and Chattisgarh
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    Option D

    As part of the India’s first inter-state translocation of tigers project, a male tiger (MB2) about 3 years old was transferred from Kanha National Park, Madhya Pradesh to Satkosia Tiger Reserve, Odisha. Similarly, a 27 month old female cub was shifted from Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve (BTR), Madhya Pradesh to Satkosia Tiger Reserve (STR) in Odisha. In all six tigers — three pairs — will be shifted from MP to Satkosia under an ambitious project conceived by the Union Ministry of Environment and Forests, National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA) and Wildlife Institute of India (WII), Dehradun. This is for the first time in the wildlife conservation history in India when big cats are being shifted from one State to another.
  8. Which among the following European nation has been adjudged as World’s best country for traffic safety having lowest traffic accidents?
    A) Iceland
    B) Switzerland
    C) Norway
    D) Netherlands
    E) Spain
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    Option C

    According to a report from organization European Transport Safety Council (ETSC), Norway observes the lowest rate of traffic accidents in the world, leaving behind other European countries. Norway accounts for 20 deaths per one million inhabitants which is the lowest death rate in traffic since cars became common way of transportation in the post-war era. Sweden also has quite low rate of 25 fatalities, and both Britain and Switzerland have 27 fatalities per one million inhabitants. The report said that with the exception of some micro-states and small island states, no country outside of Europe has reported as low death rates as Norway.
  9. Name the Indian athlete to clinch 42 year old record breaking win in men’s 800m event at the 58th National Inter State Championships in Guwahati.
    A) Mohammad Afsal
    B) Manjit Singh
    C) Jinson Johnson
    D) Beant Singh
    E) Gaurav Rana
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    Option C

    India’s middle-distance runner Jinson Johnson created history as he broke 42 year old record set in Indian athletics to win the gold medal in the men’s 800m event at the 58th National Inter State Championships at the Indira Gandhi Stadium in Guwahati. The 27-year-old from Kerala clocked 1:45.65 seconds to break previous record of 1:45.77 seconds set by Sriram Singh at the 1976 Olympics in Montreal. With the record breaking win, he also booked a ticket for the Jakarta Asian Games. The Asiad qualification mark was 1:47.50.
  10. The 2018 Asian Games will take place in which country?
    A) Indonesia
    B) Germany
    C) India
    D) Russia
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    Option A

    The 2018 Asian Games, officially known as the 18th Asian Games and also known as Jakarta Palembang 2018, is a pan-Asian multi-sport event scheduled to be held from 18 August to 2 September 2018 in the Indonesian cities of Jakarta and Palembang
  11. The state government of Tamil Nadu has set up a Staff Rationalisation Committee under______________ to downsize the workforce in the state.
    A) S. Audseshiah
    B) M.A.Siddique
    C) M. K. Stalin
    D) P. Dhanapal
    E) Sunil Bharti Mittal
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    Option A

    The state government of Tamil Nadu has set up a Staff Rationalisation Committee in an attempt to downsize its workforce. The Committee will be headed by S. Audseshiah, a retired Principal Secretary of the state government.
  12. The 7th India Minerals and Metals forum was organised in which city?
    A) Lucknow
    B) Mumbai
    C) Hyderabad
    D) Kolkata
    E) New Delhi
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    Option E

    The 7th India Minerals and Metals forum was inaugurated in New Delhi on June 21. The forum seeks to come up with solutions to leverage in the sector with the changing global scenario.
  13. Who among the following has become India’s first transgender to be appointed as Operation Theatre (OT) technician?
    A) Rudrani Chhetri
    B) Jiya Das
    C) Kalki Subramaniam
    D) Padmini Prakash
    E) Nalini Netto
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    Option B

    Jiya Das is the first transgender Operation Theatre (OT) technician in India. Kolkata based Jiya is working in a city-based super-specialty hospital. Almost one and half years back, during an event called ‘Saathrangi’, a health entrepreneur said that he will take two members of the transgender community and train them as OT technicians.
  14. Which among the following telecom companies is soon to merge with Idea to form a joint entity?
    A) BSNL
    B) Vodafone
    C) Airtel
    D) Reliance
    E) TATA Docomo
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    Option B

    Idea and Vodafone India are in process of merging their businesses, the approval for which is in final stage by the Department of Telecom. The combined entity would be known as “Vodafone Idea Ltd” post merger.
  15. Which among the following states has been adjudged as the top ranking state in NITI Aayog’s Composite Water Management Index in northeastern and Himalayan states category?
    A) Assam
    B) Tripura
    C) Sikkim
    D) Himachal Pradesh
    E) Manipur
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    Option B

    In the northeastern and Himalayan states, Tripura has been adjudged as the top state in 2016-17 followed by Himachal Pradesh, Sikkim and Assam.
  16. Which of the following tools is used by RBI for selective credit control?
    A) It advises banks to recall loans against certain commodities
    B) It advises banks against giving loans against certain commodities
    C) It assigns higher risk weighted to certain kinds of loans
    D) None of these
    E) To rate a customer before giving a home loan
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    Option C

  17. IDFs are investment vehicles for channelizing investment into the infrastructure sector. F in IDF stands for?
    A) Finance
    B) Fund
    C) Function
    D) Forum
    E) Foundation
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    Option B

    Infrastructure Debt Fund (IDFs) are investment vehicles which can be sponsored by commercial banks and NBFCs in India in which domestic/offshore institutional investors, specially insurance and pension funds can invest through units and bonds issued by the IDFs.
  18. The Indian Coast Guard has commissioned the 5th and final ship named ___________under Fast Patrol Vessel (FPV) project.
    A) Rani Rashmoni
    B) Rani Gaidinliu
    C) Rani Abbakka
    D) Rani Durgavati
    E) Rani Soumi
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    Option A

    The last of the five Fast Patrol Vessel (FPV) project of Indian Coast Guard ‘Rani Rashmoni’ was commissioned into the Indian Coast Guard on June 18 at Visakhapatnam (Andhra Pradesh) by Additional-Director General, Indian Coast Guard VSR Murthy. So far four such ships such as ICGS Rani Abbakka, ICGS Rani Avanti Bai, ICGS Rani Durgavati and ICGS Rani Gaidinliu, have been commissioned and are in active service at various locations on the eastern seaboard. ‘Rani Rashmoni’ was the last in the first phase of five FPVs.
  19. Which bank has recently received RBI’s approval to act as custodian of securities?
    A) ICICI Bank
    B) Yes Bank
    C) Axis Bank
    D) HDFC Bank
    E) South Indian Bank
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    Option B

    Yes Bank has received approval from market regulator Securities and Exchange Board of India (Sebi) for acting as custodian of securities. Custodian of securities is a licence granted by Sebi to eligible entities allowing them to offer custodial services to financial market participants including foreign institutional investors (FIIs) and foreign portfolio investors (FPIs).
  20. Who has been roped in by Paytm as the Advisor to the company.
    A) K.S. Krishnaswamy
    B) N S Vishwanathan
    C) Wajahat Hussain
    D) Rama Subramaniam Gandhi
    E) Santosh Shukla
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    Option D

    One97 Communications, which runs Paytm, has appointed former RBI Deputy Governor Rama Subramaniam Gandhi as an advisor of Paytm. Gandhi will bring his years of knowledge and experience on payment systems, regulations, compliance and corporate governance, the company said in a statement.

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