GA Revision for Syndicate and Canara Bank Exams — Set 93

GA Revision Questions for upcoming IBPS RRB PO/Clerk Main 2017, IBPS PO Main 2017, OICL AO Main 2017, RBI Assistant Main 2017 and other upcoming exams.

  1. The MSME is defined under which act?
    A) MSMED Act, 2006
    B) MSME Act, 2004
    C) MSMED Act, 1999
    D) MSME Act, 2001
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      Option A
    MSME has been defined in the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Development (MSMED) Act, 2006
  2. The Indian Railways aims to achieve the target of installing bio-toilets in all passenger trains by ____
    A) March 2018
    B) March 2019
    C) December 2018
    D) January 2019
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      Option B
    The government said that it plans to complete the work of installing bio-toilets in all passenger trains by March 2019.
  3. Where is the headquarter of Asia Pacific Economic Forum (APEF) situated?
    A) New Delhi
    B) Shanghai
    C) Singapore
    D) Kathmandu
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      Option C
  4. How much amount of medical assistance has been provided by the Government of India to Yemen in response to a request from the Yemeni government?
    A) $5 million
    B) $2 million
    C) $3 million
    D) $1 million
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      Option D
    India has provided medical assistance worth about $1 million to Yemen in response to a request from the Yemeni government. As part of its commitment to provide humanitarian assistance to Yemen, India has been a member of the ‘Friends of Yemen’ Group
  5. What is the currency of Syria?
    A) Peso
    B) Franc
    C) Dinar
    D) Pound
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      Option D
    Capital city- Damascus
  6. According to the latest government notification, the interest rate applicable on term deposit for a period of one year has been reduced to _____ percent for January-March quarter
    A) 6.7%
    B) 6.6%
    C) 6.5%
    D) 6.4%
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      Option B
    The interest rate on the one-year time deposit has been lowered to 6.6 percent for the fourth quarter of the fiscal (January-March) as compared to 6.8 percent in the October-December quarter, whereas the 2-year time deposit will now fetch a lower interest rate of 6.7 percent from 6.9 percent in the previous quarter.
  7. Which of the following system has been designed by NPCI for Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) system?
    A) UPI
    B) BBPS
    C) IMPS
    D) ABPS
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      Option D
    NPCI developed a centralized Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) system, alternatively known as Aadhaar Payment Bridge (APB) System for channelizing the entitlements using Aadhaar number issued by UIDAI in an electronic manner by identifying the beneficiary and crediting the beneficiary bank account directly, once the Aadhaar number and the bank account number of the recipient are linked.
  8. According to the All India Survey on Higher Education (AISHE) for the year 2016-17, which state is found to have the highest gross enrolment ratio (GER) in higher education in India?
    A) Tamil Nadu
    B) Kerala
    C) Andhra Pradesh
    D) Telangana
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      Option A
    Tamil Nadu had the highest GER in the country at 46.9 per cent. Bihar is at the bottom with 14.9 per cent of its youth in the age group of 18 to 23 enrolling for higher education.
  9. Mettur dam is build on which of the following river?
    A) Kaveri river
    B) Sutlej river
    C) Narmada river
    D) Krishna river
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      Option A
    Situated in Tamil Nadu
  10. Name the winner of the 2017 World Rapid Chess Championship
    A) Vladimir Fedoseev
    B) Viswanathan Anand
    C) Magnus Carlsen
    D) Murali Karthikeyan
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      Option B
    India’s ace chess player Viswanathan Anand won the World Rapid Chess tournament title in Saudi Arabia by beating Russia’s Vladimir Fedoseev 2-0 in a two-game tie-break. Saudi Arabia hosted the world chess tournament for the first time.
  11. General Lien of a banker is defined under section ___ of Contract Act, 1872
    A) 152
    B) 160
    C) 171
    D) 176
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      Option C
  12. Which among the following banks has recently entered into partnership with Abu Dhabi based Lulu Exchange to make cross border remittances using blockchain technology
    A) Catholic Syrian Bank Limited
    B) Axis Bank
    C) HDFC Bank
    D) Federal Bank
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      Option D
    Kerala based Federal Bank announced a partnership with Abu Dhabi-based LuLu Exchange to leverage blockchain technology for cross-border remittances. The two financial companies have launched and successfully tested the service using blockchain technology, which is fast revolutionising the financial and commercial world.
  13. The Namdapha National Park is situated in which state?
    A) Manipur
    B) Mizoram
    C) Arunachal Pradesh
    D) Sikkim
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      Option C
  14. The 78th session of the Indian History Congress was held in which city?
    A) Hyderabad
    B) Kolkata
    C) Bhopal
    D) New Delhi
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      Option B
    The three-day long 78th session of the Indian History Congress has begun at the Jadavpur University campus in Kolkata.
  15. Kakrapar Atomic Power Station is situated in which of the following Indian state?
    A) Gujarat
    B) Rajasthan
    C) Maharashtra
    D) Haryana
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      Option A
  16. Recently the National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (Amendment) Bill, 2017 was passed in the Parliament with the approval of Rajya Sabha. This Bill seeks to amend
    A) National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development Act, 1972
    B) National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development Act, 1985
    C) National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development Act, 1978
    D) National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development Act, 1981
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      Option D
    Parliament has passed the National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (Amendment) Bill, 2017 with the Rajya Sabha approving it. The Bill seeks to amend the National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development Act, 1981.
  17. What does S stands for in ASCL with respect to credit limit?
    A) Supply
    B) Sanctioned
    C) Systematic
    D) System
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      Option B
    Aggregate Sanctioned Credit Limit (ASCL) means the aggregate of the fund based credit limits sanctioned or outstanding, whichever is higher, to a borrower by the banking system. ASCL would also include unlisted privately placed debt with the banking system.
  18. How much loan amount has been sanctioned by NABARD to Odisha under the Rural Infrastructure Development Fund (RIDF) for irrigation and rural bridge projects of the states?
    A) Rs 372.51 crore
    B) Rs 352.31 crore
    C) Rs 362.41 crore
    D) Rs 342.21 crore
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      Option A
    The NABARD has sanctioned Rs 372.51 crore loan assistance under the Rural Infrastructure Development Fund (RIDF) to Odisha towards irrigation and rural bridge projects for the last quarter of this fiscal.
  19. Dhalo is famous folk dance of which Indian state?
    A) Assam
    B) Odisha
    C) Goa
    D) Maharashtra
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      Option C
  20. Which among the given technology firm has acquired the Canada based App development start-up Buddybuild?
    A) Google
    B) Samsung
    C) Paytm
    D) Apple
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      Option D
    Technology giant Apple acquired a Vancouver-based mobile iteration platform, Buddybuild, with an aim to make it easier for developers to create and iterate their apps for its platforms

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  1. Giriver Bisht


    My name is Giriver Singh Bisht, I belong to Nainital District, Uttarakhand. I am a guy who likes to be enovolved in every activity like freindship, party and all. Today i want to share my success story so that other may also get motivated from me. I am an engineering gradate. I did my Btech in computer science in 2014. Bs masti hi kri btech life me.. So, I was kicked out from many companies. Tried a lot. Faced at least ten interviews. All fruitless.
    agar ek round clear krta to dusre me bahar ho jata. Sometimes I was rejected when it comes to merit. A lot of struggle was there in 2014-2015. I didn’t want to be a burden on my family, so I joined a BPO to bear my expenses. Took a training in software testing also, aur job search kr rha tha apne field me..ek company me job lgi but they were giving nothing for the first three month..then 8k per month. I left that company because i didnt feel good there even on the first month.
    last time 2015 novmber me mujhe lga mai bkar me time waste kr rha..A close friend suggested me that I should go for Banking preparation.
    Then finally I came back to home and to take admission in any coaching here.

    yr suna tha maine parents support krte hai bahut..sayad isilie ghar aaya I started coaching from 25 november 2015. But neighbours and locality friends were asking why u leave job questioning over my capabilities and other things. My father came to pressure because of those people because my father always had had high dream regarding me. He often used to get hyper on me because whatever he had, he had paid for my Btech.
    He had high expectation regarding me..but ek berojgar bete ko dekh ke wo bhi toot gye the..mujhe sunate bahut the..he was not ready to pay my coaching fee and even form fee. And he never did. I had left my house also.
    Anyways, unka aashirwad to hoga hi inner side se..wo hi kafi tha mere liye…but us insaan ko kbhi koi fikra nhi hoti jiske paas meri jaisi bhne ho or unka bharosa ho..age me to mujhse choti hai..but mera sara fee
    and expediture unhone hi support kia tuituion pdha ke. Unke bina mai kuch kr hi nhi pata shayad.
    Almost I failed in more than 15 exams but finally I made it..po bnne ka sapna pura ho list of my failures-

    1-IBPS Clerk pre 2015 (failed, didn’t know syllabus. I was just new to it )
    2-IBPS SO failed (84 marks. cutoff 112)
    3-SBI Clerk pre clear but failed in mains ( got 108 cutoff was 132)
    4-Nainital Bank po failed (marks not displayed)
    5-SBI PO Pre clear; Main failed ( got 54 cutoff was 70 )
    6-Bank of Maharashtra fail(got 110 cutoff was 120)
    7-Railways Pre failed(got 64 cutoff was 64.5)
    8-IBPS PO pre failed by just .25 margin(very disappointed as i worked very hard for this exam)
    9-IBPS clerk pre failed (got 69 cutoff was 71)
    10-RBI assistant pre failed (got 77.5 cutoff was 79)
    11-RRB clerk pre clear but again failec in main(cutoff was 130 it got 114)
    12-RRB PO pre failed by .25 marks (got 53 cutoff was 53.25)
    13-NIACL pre clear, failed in mains again (marks not displayed)
    14-Bank of Baroda fail PO (got 94 cutoff was 96)
    15-Syndicate Bank PO failed ( got 101 cutoff 103)
    16-SBI PO pre clear, again failed in main (got 48 ,cutoff 50)
    17-Nainital Bank PO failed
    18-IBPS PO pre clear but failed in main( didnt clear sectional cutoff)
    19-IBPS clerk pre clear but didnt give main
    20-India Post Payment Bank failed
    21-IBPS so main clear but couldn’t clear english cutoff by just margin of .25

    1- RRB PO selected (going for it)
    2- RRB clerk selected
    3- Nainital Bank clerk selected
    4- IDBI Bank PO interview on 09th feb
    5- CGL Tier-2 next

    There are lots of small and big experiences during this journey which I would cherish my whole life.
    Zid ek negative word hai but main ise positively leti hu kyuki agar kuch pana hai to apko ziddi hona padega.
    Itne failures ke baad bhi I never regretted my decision of continuing the preparation because there was only one thing i.e., THE SELF-BELIEF.

    So guys, always give your 100% and Keep giving your honest efforts, one day u will make it..Believe me, Hard work paid off. Luck is definitely a factor, but kismat bhi mehnat walo ka sath deti hai.
    maine sb kuch chod diya banking preparation ke lie..dosto se contact km kr dia tha, gf chod di thi, ghumna km kr dia tha, bahut mehnat kri..given 10-12 hours a day.
    Cracking bank exams are very tough these days so if u are not able to come closer to cutoff even after giving 100% for a many times .it will waste your time.u sud choose other exam like state govt. exam ( they are easier); otherwise if determined, u can carry on.

    Below are some great website for study.
    AffairCloud (best gk and other quizes)
    AspirantZone (best for gk )
    IBPS guide(all rounder)
    BankerAdda 24/7
    These are enough website ..dont run for many website..they will confuse u..these are good enough.

    My friends who supported through all my struggle time were-
    My sisters. Main unka ehsaan kbhi nhi bhul skta.
    Tapan Bahuguna who was my mentor. You taught me how to study what to study.
    Narendra Rawat- ye bde bhai samaan hai..always was positive for me..helped a lot.
    Ravi Upadhyaya- ye dost se bhi badkar hai. hmehsa tayar rhta tha help krne ko..(halanki kbhi help nhi kri..just kidding).hmne hmesha problem sath me contact me rahkar solve kri.he is amazing..
    Harshit Bhai -ye hmara bhai hai..jald hi exam nikalega koi bda
    Sapna Bora- nice girl..gifted me Quant book..always ready to help..jald hi koi bda exam nikalegi
    Yogesh Bisht- ye wo dost hai jisne apne room me mujhe pnah di..jb ghar chod kr chla gya tha main.
    And among other friends Pradeep Pawar,riya,taragi,surendra,brijesh, Prabhat Yadav, Surendra, Brijesh,thanx a lot..


    Anybody want help regarding preparation..can contact me at 7830405737 or

    With best wishes!
    Regards and thank you

  2. ravi

    mam q2
    The Indian Railways aims to achieve the target of installing bio-toilets in all passenger trains by —dec 2018 hai

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