General Awareness Questions asked in Bank of Baroda PGCBF Exam 2017

General Awareness Asked bank of baroda bob Manipal 2017

General Awareness Questions asked in Bank of Baroda PGCBF Exam 2017. Exam Bank of Baroda PGCBF Exam 2017 2017 held on May 27, 2017 across many centres in the country. We are sharing some of the questions asked in the two shifts of the exam. General Awareness Asked bank of baroda bob Manipal 2017

General Awareness Questions from Both Shift 

  1. CNP transaction full form of C – Card Not Present
  2. Authorised Capital of NABARD increases 5000 to ____? – Rs 30,000 crore 
  3. R in MUDRA?- Micro Units Development and Refinance Agency Bank
  4. Micro Industry Limit In Manufacturing ?- Rs 25 lakh 
  5. Manas Wild life sanctuary- Assam
  6. ABN-AMRO Bank Headquarters?- Amsterdam, Netherlands 
  7. Maximum limit of loan under PMMY?- Rs 10 lakh 
  8. Kuchipudi dance of which state?- Andhra Pradesh
  9. Janpith award winner Sankha Ghosh which language writer?- Bengali
  10. Antonio Guterres President of which country?- Portugal 
  11. PayZApp- HDFC
  12. Lime App- Axis Bank
  13. Rupesh shah which sport ?- Billiards
  14. VPA in UPI- Virtual Payment Address (VPA)
  15. APBS ?- Aadhaar Payment Bridge System
  16. Dishonour Of Certain Cheques For Insufficiency Of Funds In The Accounts which section? – Section 138 of the Negotiable instruments Act
  17. BBPS in NPCI- Bharat Bill Payment System
  18. Konkani language? – Goa
  19. IOB headquarter?- Chennai, Tamil Nadu
  20. Indhradhanush 2.0 scheme related to?- recapitalization of Banks
  21. 25 April?- World Malaria Day
  22. River in Cuttack?- Mahanadi
  23. Size of 2000 note? 66 × 166 mm
  24. Pullela Gopichand related to which sports?- Badminton
  25. RIDF?-Rural Infrastructure Development Fund
  26. Durand Cup?- Football
  27. Shares of which payments bank is 100% subscribed by Indian Government- IPPB
  28. UNEP?- United Nations Environment Programme
  29. SLR is determined by RBI to control?- Bank credit
  30. June 14 celebratrd as which day? – World Blood Donor
  31. Janalaxmi small finance bank HQ?- Bengaluru
  32. Centurian bank of punjab has been merged with?- HDFC Bank
  33. BHEL Full Form?- Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd.
  34. RBI was nationalized in which year?- 1949
  35. Question based on NBFC?- NBFC doesnot accepts demand deposit
  36. E in AEPS?- Aadhaar Enabled Payment System
  37. Number of customers in SBI after Merger?- 37 Crore
  38. Banker’s lien comes under which act?- Contract Act 1872
  39. Fully digital and paperless bank- Airtel Payment Bank
  40. Headquarters of Central Bank of India?- Mumbai
  41. Deodhar Trophy?- Cricket
  42. President of Turkey?- Recep Tayyip Erdogan
  43. World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) HQ?- Geneva, Switzerland
  44. Kathakali Dance?– Kerala
  45. Malayalam Language State?- Kerala
  46. Eazypay app?- ICICI Bank
  47. PCA?-Prompt corrective action
  48. Gurubakksh Singh Sandhu?- Boxing Coach
  49. Dibrugarh River in State?- Assam
  50. Krishna wild life sanctuary?- Andhra Pradesh
  51. Basel Norm III deadline? 2019
  52. What does F in AFA stands for?- Additional Factor Authentication
  53. CRR Tool used for?- maintaining liquidity
  54. Headquarters of Equatis small finance bank?- Chennai
  55. India’s longest cable bridge inaugurated in which state?- Gujarat
  56. Retail banking is also known as?- Consumer Banking
  57. Vinu chakravarti passed away was actor from which state?- Tamil Nadu
  58. R in SARFAESI- Securitisation and Reconstruction of Financial Assets and Enforcement of Security Interest Act
  59. Who is the National Security adviser of USA?- H.R. McMaster
  60. Balance Sheet of SBI after merger?- Rs 41 trillion
  61. Theme of World Immunization Week?- VaccinesWork
  62. Army Exercise of Nepal and China?- Sagarmatha Friendship 2017
  63. UPI is developed by?- NPCI
  64. Millitary spending of India as per SIPRI?- $55.9 billion
  65. Jitu Rai and Amandeep Singh related to which sports?- Shooting
  66. One Question related to Demand Draft
  67. ____ is the prospect of loss resulting from inadequate or failed procedures, systems or policies.?- Operational risk 
  68. S in STR?- Suspicious Transaction Reports (STR)
  69. Airtel Payment bank is the Joint venture of Airtel and – Kotak Mahindra bank
  70. WIPO protects – Intellectual property rights
  71. BBPS created by which of the following organisation – NPCI
  72. Equitas bank Headquarter is located in which Indian City – Chennai
  73. ESAF Microfinance Head office is located in which city – Thrissur
  74. Pockets Wallet app is launched by which of the following Private Bank – ICICI Bank
  75. BSBDA is valid for 12 months without KYC. According to RBI guidelines, if KYC is produced then account is valid for another – 12 months.
  76. Lock in period of NOFHC in a NBFC – 60 months
  77. What percent Capital adequacy ratio has been mandated by RBI for Payment Banks – 15%
  78. Payment at merchant’s POS by consumer with the help of AEPS requires Unique ID and – Finger Print
  79. NTPC had installed world’s largest floating power plant in which state – Kerala 
  80. Karakoram Range – Jammu and Kashmir
  81. CRR is decided by RBI to – control liquidity in banking system 
  82. Monetary policy rates are decided on – Bi Monthly Basis 
  83. Risk due to internal issues and management system and external factors – Operational Risk. 
  84. How much percent stake has been mandated by RBI for Industrial houses to hold in small finance banks – 10%
  85. Which of the following is not true for NBFCs – NBFC can allow demand withdrawal through cheques.
  86. Which of the following places was not taken under the Phase 2 of the Swacch Iconic Places Initiative?


Number Series Asked in Bank of Baroda Exam 2017

  1. 462, 462, 456, 432, ? 252 => 372
  2. 193, 97, 49, 25, ?, 7 => 13
  3. 17, 24, 13, 26, 9, ? => 28
  4. 174, 169, 162, 152, 138, ? => 120
  5. 1, 3, 10, 48, ?, 6432

Descriptive Questions asked in Bank of Baroda 2017 

(i) Letter to editor about increasing cyber crime
(ii) Letter to friend about your recent trip abroad

(iii) Letter to a friend giving him suggestions about his son who is addicted to video games (Second Shift)
(iv) Letter to editor complaining about shopkeepers charging more money than MRP on chilled soft drinks. (Second Shift)

(i) Personality depends on gene or environment?
(ii) Importance of Time management in Professional Life

(iii) Health care facilities in rural India (Second Shift)
(iv) School life is best life (Second Shift)


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