GA Questions Asked in RBI Grade B Phase-I Exam 2017 (Updated)

General Awareness Questions Asked in RBI Grade B Phase-I Exam 2017. The exam held on June 17, 2017. We are sharing some of the questions asked in the exam. General Awareness GA Asked RBI Grade B Phase 1 Exam 2017 (Both shifts)

  1. Madrid is the capital of? Spain
  2. G7 Summit 2017 was held in? Italy
  3. What is C in PAC limit imposed by RBI on banks? Committee
  4. State-owned Punjab National Bank has received USD 100 million as the first tranche from? Asian Development Bank (ADB)
  5. Actress who won Dadasaheb Phalke award-Internationally acclaimed actress? Priyanka Chopra
  6. Where is the headquarters of Capital Small Finance Bank? Jalandhar, Punjab
  7. Gold Cheque limit? 20,ooo Rs
  8. Dalong village is recognized as? Manipur
  9. In which state Alamatti Dam is located? Karnataka
  10. Where is the capital of UAE? Abu Dhabi
  11. The currency of Maldives is? Rufiyaa
  12. Money market-based question
  13. A7 aircraft was brought from the country?
  14. Which country is the biggest steel producing country, accounting for 50.3% of the world’s total steel production in 2015? China
  15. Recently which two cities are granted world heritage site for traffic: Mumbai and?
  16. Sir Roger George Moore was from? England
  17. Highest steel producing country? Republic of China
  18. Maximum limit of Payment Bank? Rs. 100,000
  19. “D” in NSDL” is? Depository 
  20. India 2017 year book written by? Shri Rajiv Mehrishi
  21. First Indian to summit mount Everest 6 times?
  22. July 11? World Population day
  23. G-20 Summit 2017 held in which country ? Hamburg , Germany
  24. Currency of Kenya ? Shilling
  25. Berlin is the capital of which Country? Germany
  26. BSBDA stands for? Basic Savings Bank Deposit Account
  27. Irani Cup is related to which sport ? Cricket
  28. Who won the title of Sudiraman Cup 2017? South Korea
  29. What is the amount Limit in BSBDA?
  30. Interest rate on Saving account of Paytm Bank? 4%
  31. Nomadic Elephant 2 Exercise between Armies of India and which Country? Mangolia
  32. International Ameteur Boxing Tournament 2017 venue? Hamburg, Germany
  33. Gorakhpur Atomic Power Plant is proposed in which Indian State? UP
  34. Uday Kotak belongs to which bank? Kotak Mahindra
  35. India’s GDP for fourth Quarter?
  36. Which country opted out of the Paris Climate Convention? United States
  37. Headquarter of City Union Bank Ltd.? Tamil Nadu
  38. AIIMS in Assam to come up in which district? Kamrup District
  39. Insurance companies to be registered with which organization? IRDA
  40. Second longest Indian Bridge in Bihar is buit on which river? Ganga
  41. First Indian Woman to climb Everest From China Side? Anita Kundu
  42. Which of the following is not a money market instrument? Stocks
  43. Banks cannot take deposits under PMGKY? Co-operative banks
  44. India’s first underwater rail tunnel, constructed under the Hoogly river between? Howrah and Kolkata
  45. MFI(Micro-Finance Institution) registered as NBFC are regulated by – Reserve Bank of India
  46. E-sanad launched by which ministry? Ministry of External Affairs
  47. Sponsor of Indicash, India’s first White Label ATM services? Tata Communications Payment Solutions Limited (TCPSL)
  48. Darwaja band camping launched by which department? Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation
  49. Author of the book “Mann Ki Baat – A Social Revolution on Radio”? BlueKraft Digital Foundation
  50. Sonai Rupai Wildlife Sanctuary? Assam
  51. Full form of LAF? Liquidity Adjustment Facility
  52. Dhola- Sadiya bridge (also known as Bhupen Hazarika Setu) built on which river? Brahmaputra & Lohit
  53. T-Wallet is launched by? Telangana
  54. HCL Asian Junior Tennis Championship 2017? Pune, India
  55. Balewadi stadium aka Shree Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex Stadium? Pune, Maharashtra
  56. Ease of doing business index created by? World Bank Group
  57. Disha Microfin gets which license from RBI? NBFC MFI
  58. V stands in LTV? Value
  59. Badminton player inducted into BWF? P V Sindhu
  60. Name the Indian who won gold medal in asain wrestling championship 2017 ? Bajrang Punia
  61. What is India’s own GPS name? NAVIC
  62. Which city is known as Crowded city in India? Mumbai and Kota
  63. Global game changer from India? Mukesh Ambani
  64. Kanwar Pal Singh Gill was a former? IPS officer
  65. Sex ratio in 2011 census?
  66. One related to the best policing system or tech system.
  67. One related to the instruments in capital market.



All Questions Asked in Second Shift (Shared by Barbie)

  1. Term exit load related to ?
  2. In CRAR -A stands for ?
  3. Pilot project of india ‘s first multi modal electric vehicle project with a fleet of 200 electric public vehicle in Nagpur by which company ?
  4. Payment bank interest rate on saving A/C per annum ?
  5. NHB regulates and register under? RBI
  6. Between 2016-2017 India jumped 51 in 2016 & 26 in 2017 in ease of doing business index in which parameter ?( Options were— getting electric connection ,, starting a business,, insolvency resolving .)
  7. Equity linked saving scheme lock in period ??
  8. AIIMS to open Assam in which city ?
  9. Ist Indian women climbed MT Everest from china ?
  10. MUDRA provides Funds to ?
  11. GOI recently in may 2017 enlarged a definition of what constituted a ‘ START UP ‘ to Juy 17  a venture , which is much as ?? (9 year old// 10 year old // 17 year old // 18 year old )
  12. July 17 is celebrated as ??
  13. Solar rooftop investment programme , how much amount does PNB  received by ADB ??
  14. Gujrat co-operative milk MOU with whom ?
  15. Which private sector bank was previously microfinance institution ?? (Bandhan bank // Kotak bank // IDFC bank )
  16. City union bank HQ ?
  17. India’s own Desi GPS will be operated by ??
  18. World tobacco day theme?
  19. Desari Narayan Rao was from which field ?
  20. NBFC’s registered under ?
  21. Kenya’s currency ?
  22. Amman Capital ?
  23. In OVD — V stands for ?
  24. Prithvi – 2 range ?
  25. Mahatma Gndhi setu is in which state ?
  26. Most crowded City ranked by world economic forum ?
  27. Rbi branch authorisation policy has mandated 25% branch outlet operated at ?
  28. First under water metro between which cities  ?
  29. White label ATM’s under the brand name ‘MONEY SPOT “ATM is offered by ?
  30. 2800 MW gorakhpur plant at Fatehabad in which state ?
  31. AIF funds for investment stands for ?
  32. 10,000 Deep ocean mission by ?
  33. GDP base year changed to ?
  34. Miroslav Lazanski president of ?
  35. T-20 global league by which country ?
  36. Pakal Dul Dam in which state ?
  37. NOMADIAC exercise between ??
  38. IBBI regulates ??
  39. Hedge Funds are similare to ??
  40. SEAC – in which S stands for ?
  41. Pathandu known as Puthuvarsham is a calender of which state ?
  42. In MSF – F stands for ?
  43. Sri venkateshwara national park is in which state ?
  44. Energy bridge MOU between whom ?
  45. Ancialliary service by which kind of banks ?
  46. Cash withdrawl and transfer in a month by BSBDA ?
  47. Pandava caves where ?
  48. Central Coalfield Head quarter ?
  49. GDP growth of fourth quarter ?
  50. Merger of SBI and associates reserve amount ?
  51. Bond market is also called credit market or ?
  52. Mattikettan shola park is in which state ?
  53. Sarfaesi act 2002 which allows banks and other financial institutes to auction residential and commercial properties of the borrower to recover loans and does not apply loans below an amount of ?
  54. A derivate which is commonly traded derivatives products in terms of the calculation of how or when the investment receives a certain  pay off’s is known as ??
  55. India’s first freight village is in which state ?
  56. Which country to launch 8 teams in T-20 global league ?
  57. Berlin the capital of ?
  58. Leo Varadkar appointed the president of which country ?
  59. Sudirman cup related to which game ?
  60. Men’s asian Amaetuer Boxing held at ?
  61. SCO headquarter ?
  62. HIIA rocket launched  by which country ?
  63. Example of investment of derivates ?
  64. Alexander zverav Is associated with ?
  65. 52nd Karolovy vary film festival  held at which country ?
  66. Coins can be issued upto the denomination of ?
  67. Insurance market Firms must be registered with ?
  68. Irani cup associated with which sport?
  69. S. Abdul Rehman passed , was associated in which field?
  70. Payment and settlement system in India Vision 2018 aimed at?
  71. BSE introduced SIP for investment in which sector?
  72. Scientists from instituto DE astrofisica De canaris in canary island have found earth like planet located where?
  73. Nordic investment bank head quarter?
  74. When is the RBI literally finance week celebrated ? 
  75. One more  question was from derivatives.. 
  76. Block chain solution  technology was launched by? 
  77. Risk where borrower will default any kind of debt by fail to make payments is called? 
  78. One question was from Paris climate change Accord, which country to pull out the Accord ?
  79. A non standardized contract between two parties to but or sell and assets At a specified time or Ata price agreed on today’s is called? 



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    $100M to PNB for rooftop solar project? ADB
    sex ratio in 2011 census.
    one question was for a wildlife sanctuary
    related to the best policing system or tech system.
    one related to the instruments in capital market.
    Who publishes Ease of doing business report? World Bank

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