General Awareness Questions asked in SBI PO Mains Exam 2018

General Awareness GA Asked SBI PO Mains Exam 2018

General Awareness Questions GA asked in SBI PO Mains Exam 2018. SBI PO Mains Exam 2018 held on June 04, 2018 across many centres in the country. We are sharing all of the 40 questions asked in the exam. General Awareness GA Asked SBI PO Mains Exam 2018

  1. What is N in  NSFR? – Net (Net Stable Funding Ratio )
  2. Where is Amangarh Tiger Reserve situated?- Uttar Pradesh
  3. Where is Numaligarh Plant situated? – Assam
  4. What is H in  HDI? – Human (Human Development Index)
  5. Who is the first CFO of RBI? – Sudha Balakrishnan
  6. Anjolie Ela Menon was recently conferred with Kalidas Samman from which state government? – Madhya Pradesh
  7. Who won Kabaddi league held in Dubai in 2018?- India
  8. Union budget corpus for Operation Greens? Rs.10,000 crore
  9. Which is not a function of Payments Bank? Cant accept current account deposit
  10. Asteroid day? – 30th June
  11. Small Finance Banks – what % of ANBC to priority sector? – 75%
  12. Who will organise Global Mobility Summit? NITI Aayog
  13. Project shashakt? mounting of NPA
  14. Change of price of petrol and diesel? daily basis
  15. Which bank bought out the balance stake in Swadhaar Finserve Pvt Ltd? RBL Limited
  16. RBI recently allowed which bank to open its branches in India? Bank of china
  17. Paramparagat krishi yojna for? – organic farming
  18. Temasek to pick up 4.8% in? AU small finnace bank
  19. YONO App by which bank? – SBI
  20. Jayant ganpat nandkarni passed away recently. He was?-  Navy admiral
  21. Footballer Andrés Iniesta announced retirement. He is from?- Spain
  22. Rs 350 coin to mark birth anniversary of? – Guru gobind singh
  23. Mechanised tractors— ?
  24. Bedinkhalam Festival?- Meghalaya
  25. National digital communication policy aims to attract? $100 billion
  26. INDRA Exercise between? India and Russia
  27. India’s first e-waste plant to come at? Bengaluru
  28. According to recent notification, RRBs to maintain the minimum prescribed CRAR of? 9%
  29. E in TIES?Exports (Trade Infrastructure for Export Scheme)
  30. Head of committee to revise the base year for National Accounts or Gross Domestic Production (GDP) calculation? – R H dholakia
  31. Which country has emerged as the top export destination for India? USA
  32. Service “social pay” by which bank?- ICICI
  33. South Asia economic focus report released by ?World Bank
  34. According to the World Investment Report, 2018 by the UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), global foreign direct investment to India decreased to? 40 billion dollars
  35. For setting up of a dedicated micro irrigation fund (MIF) under the National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (Nabard)? 5000 crore
  36. Govt identifies ____ RRBs for IPOs this year? 4
  37. RBI’s new 50 note motif? Hampi
  38. Bharat QR code by? NPCI
  39. IBC norms extended by? 90 days
  40. As per May 2018 data, number of subscribers in Atal pension yojna stands at? 1.10 crore

Descriptive Topics asked in SBI PO Mains Exam 2018

(i) Letter to manager of your firm to subscribe to scholarly journals and magazines for employee to be updated
(ii) Had to transfer funds to a friend in need through UPI. But came to know that particular bank doesn’t allow payment through UPI. You are disappointed. Write letter to manager of bank related to adv of upi services
(iii) Letter to the concerned authority expressing your concern over usage of harmful pesticides in fruits and vegetables.

(i) Small number of quality research paper as compared to schools and colleges. What actions can they take to increase it?
(ii) Related to environment changes and damages done due to that
(iii) Bitcoin. It’s disadvantage?


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