General Awareness Questions Asked in IPPB Main Exam 2016-17

General Awareness Questions Asked in India Post Payments Bank Main Exam 2016-17. IPPB PO Scale I Officer Main Exam 2016 held on January 29, 2017 over many centres in the country. Here we are sharing some of the GA section questions asked in the exam. General Awareness Questions Asked in IPPB Main Exam 2016-17. 

  1. The voting right of any shareholder is in Payment bank is capped at 10%, which can be raised to -____ – 26%
  2. Statements related to PMJDY. Which one not true.
  3. Liability of future event is called? contingent liability
  4. International Kite festival? Gujarat
  5. Cristiano Ronaldo? Football
  6. Which of the following is Money Market Instrument?
  7. RBI Issues banking license as per which act? Banking regulation Act 1949
  8. Vansda National Park? Gujarat
  9. 2018 Asian Games? Indonesia
  10. Which of the following point is not True about MUDRA?
  11. Bade Fateh Ali Khan? Vocalist
  12. RBI does not envisage payment banks to _____? “virtual” banks or branch less banks.
  13. 13. Head of the committee to make arbitration efficient? B N Srikrishna
  14. Banking is defined in? Banking Regulation Act 1949
  15. Amman is the Capital of? Jordan
  16. Question related to Consortium Banking
  17. 3 march celebrated as?  World Wildlife Day
  18. 13th National Ice Skating Competition? Gurgaon
  19. Islamic Military Alliance to Fight Terrorism (IMAFT) headquarter? Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  20. Paid up capital of payment bank? Rs 100 Crore
  21. What does E stands for in EMI?  Equated (Equated Monthly Installment)
  22. Which of the following can’t be done by a Payment Bank?
  23. Interest Subvention Provided for building houses upto Rs 9 lakh?  4%
  24. What does U stands for in USSD? Unstructured
  25. Government stake in IPPB? 100%
  26. Payment banks can offer deposit upto Rs 1 lakh in Saving accounts and ____ ? Current Account
  27. Author of the book titled Death Under The Deodars?  Ruskin Bond
  28. Padhar dance? Gujarat
  29. Outlay of Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchai Yojana (PMKSY)? Rs 50,000 crore
  30. Definition of Repo rate
  31. Which of the following institution has surrendered its Payment Bank license?
  32. Question related to Cash To Deposit
  33. Maharana Pratap Sagar Dam? Himachal Pradesh
  34. Question related to short term loan
  35. The promoters of the payments bank should hold at least ___% of its paid-up equity capital for the first five years? 40%
  36. Question related to Assets.
  37. Gandhi Stadium or Burlton Park or B.S.Bedi Stadium? Jalandhar, Punjab
  38. Abdul Halim Jaffer Khan who passed away recently was? Indian sitar player


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