General Awareness Questions asked in Syndicate Bank PO 2017 Exam

General Awareness Questions asked in Syndicate Bank PO 2017 Exam Syndicate Bank Manipal PO Exam 2017 held on February 26, 2017 across many centres in the country. We are sharing some of the questions asked in the two shifts of the exam. .

  1. Filmfare award for best-supporting actress 2017? Shabana Azmi for ‘Neerja’
  2. Name the cricket captain, who has reached 1000 runs fastest in ODI? Virat Kohli
  3. Jujutsu is martial of which country? Brazil
  4. Money allocated to MUDRA under budget? Rs 2.44 lakh crore
  5. Uri power plant of J & K on which river? Jhelum River
  6. Lakshya Sen is associated with which game? Badminton
  7. PhonePE released by? Flipkart
  8. Author of Mahavir Singh Phogat Auto Biography? Sourabh Duggal
  9. Riverfront Dancesport Festival in? Amaravati, Andhra Pradesh
  10. Green Park Stadium is a floodlit multi-purpose stadium located in?Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh
  11. In MSF, M stands for? Marginal
  12. Punjab & Sindh bank HQ? New Delhi
  13. IAEA HQ? Vienna, Austria
  14. Gandhi Stadium or Burlton Park or B.S.Bedi Stadium? Jalandhar, Punjab
  15. Vijay Bhatkar CEO of? Nalanda university
  16. Bob Dylan Nobel prize in? literature
  17. Antonio Guterres? PM of Portugal
  18. Nathpa Jakhri Dam? Himachal Pradesh
  19. An unsuitable boy? Biography of Karan Johar
  20. Manas wildlife sanctuary? Assam
  21. Ujjivan Bank HQ? Banglore, Karnataka
  22. 22 March? World Water Day
  23. Instagram & Whatsapp are subsidiaries of? Facebook
  24. Vijaywada on banks of which river? Krishna river
  25. Smart cities by USA? Ajmer, Allahabad and Vishakapatnam
  26. 560 Euro to unemployed citizens? Finland
  27. Payment Regulatory Board Chairman? Governor of RBI
  28. IPPB can accept deposits upto? 100000
  29. Haj quota increased to? 1,70,520
  30. Securities market regulated by? SEBI
  31. Chitwan National Park? Kathmandu, Nepal
  32. Surajkund craft mela? Haryana
  33. Gaurav Goyal, the district collector of Ajmer, has been awarded ‘Scroll of Honor? for promoting cashless transactions
  34. Cancer day theme? We can I can.
  35. Accidental Insurance Scheme? Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana
  36. Saxo Bank HQ? Denmark
  37. imobile app? ICICI bank
  38. Mohammad Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan is crown prince of? Abu Dhabi
  39. Securities in electronic form? Dematerialization
  40. Which country chairs group of 77 to represent 134 countries? Ecuador
  41. SIP investment scheme? Mutual Funds
  42. Thai Pongal? Tamil Nadu
  43. Kalayaripattu? Kerala
  44. Rupesh shah? Billiards
  45. New Holland? Australia.
  46. Amount for national highways? 64000 crore
  47. Industrial growth of this year? 5.2 %
  48. March 24? World Tuberculosis Day
  49. International Fund for Agricultural Development? Rome
  50. TIES? Trade Infrastructure for Exports Scheme
  51. Lime app? Axis Bank
  52. CDSL is promoted by? Bombay Stock Exchange Limited (BSE)
  53. Sunder Lal Patwa got Padma award for? Public Affairs Former
  54. Union minister E Ahamed passes away related to which Ministry? Minister of State for External Affairs
  55. BRICS Summit 2017 venue? China
  56. Sourabh Verma related to? Badminton
  57. Bank has tied-up with the IPPB? PNB
  58. Nobel prize in Economics 2016? Oliver Hart and Bengt Holmstrom
  59. Headquarter of syndicate bank? Manipal, Karnataka
  60. Linkedin, Nokia is purchased by? Microsoft
  61. Hemis National Park? J & K
  62. Counter-terrorism meeting 2016? Jaipur, Rajasthan
  63. Women cricketer in SC governance body of BCCI? Diana Edulji
  64. Amount allocated for MGNREGA in Union budget 2017-18? Rs.48,000 crore
  65. Valley of Flowers National Park? Uttarakhand

Other Questions:

Number Series – 

  1. 6,4,6,16,72,,_____
  2. 38,41,47,65,137
  3. 15,8,9,15,32,_____
  4. 7,357,682,958,1153,_____
  5. 100,52,28,16,_____,7
  6. 318,316,306,276,208,_____

Puzzle – 

P,q,r,s,t,u,v,w are eight peoples like different fruits namely cherry, cucumber,grapes, guava,mango,orange,apple and banana
Additional information is here
1-P live on any floor below 4 but not on 1
2-There are three man between R and Q
3-Two people between apple and Q
Apple lie above Q
4-There are no people between S and who likes mango.
5-There are three people between W and T. W lie above T .
6-There are more than four people between U and R
7- there are more than three people who likes grapes and guava
8-only one person between P and those who likes Mango
9-the one who likes banana sits immediately below the one who likes grapes.
10- the one who likes cherry is above P
11-three people between mango and cherry.
12- Q doesn’t likes cherry ,grapes , mango
13- Cucumber lie below orange

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