IBPS Clerk Prelims Exam Analysis: 2 December 2017 (1st Shift)

Hello Aspirants
The first shift of  IBPS Clerk Prelims 2017 Exam on December 2, 2017 is over. The overall exam was moderate. There were 3 sections as Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning, and English. Lets see IBPS Clerk Prelims Exam Analysis.


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The topics in different sections are as under:

Quantitative Aptitude:

There was only 1 DI. It was tabular. The topics asked were:

Topic No of Questions
Approximations/Simplifications  15
Number Series 5
Data Interpretation  5
Miscellaneous topics like Partnership, profit/loss, CI/SI, Time and Work, Ages, Mixture and Alligation, Etc 10

Click here for Memory Based Questions


The section had 3 puzzles. One was a circular arrangement, where all the people were facing inside and currency notes they had was given as an additional parameter. One was a linear arrangement, where 8 people were sitting in a single row, some facing north and some facing south. One was a floor based puzzle with no additional parameter.

The topics asked were:

Topic No of Questions
Syllogism  3
Puzzles and Arrangements (3 sets)=15
Inequality  3
Direction Sense 3
Alphanumeric Series 4
Number Series (3 digit numbers were given, and based on them were questions) 3
Miscellaneous (order-ranking, coding/decoding) 4


The section was moderate. There were no Synonyms/Antonyms from passage. The topics asked were:

Topic  No of Questions
Reading Comprehension 5
Error Spotting (to find which part does not contain error) 8
Phrase Replacement 12
Fill in the blanks (Single blank, but answers two) 5

All the best for results



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25 Thoughts to “IBPS Clerk Prelims Exam Analysis: 2 December 2017 (1st Shift)”

  1. Always smile

    english ka mam kya padhe

    1. Your grammar knowledge will work
      And if fillers are vocab based, then vocab too. Nothing is new, just the presentation of questions

      1. Always smile

        Okkk..mam..grammer nd vocab only

  2. S.S.B

    provide some question of english

  3. ൠ?๔€??ⓛⓨ ⓐⓢ??ùL? ✌?

    todays question clerk frm 1st shift
    If the compound interest accrued on an amount of Rs. 12,500 in 2 yr is Rs. 15,625, what is the rate of interest per cent per annum?
    (a) 60
    (b) 45
    (c) 50
    (d) 40

    1. karthik

      thanks, how about clerk?

      1. ൠ?๔€??ⓛⓨ ⓐⓢ??ùL? ✌?

        heard that easy…mine on 9th..:)

  4. ൠ?๔€??ⓛⓨ ⓐⓢ??ùL? ✌?

    1 more
    Sum of 4 consecutive even numbers is 81 more than the sum of 3 consecutive odd numbers, sum of least even and odd number is 59.find the difference between large even and large odd numbers?

      1. ൠ?๔€??ⓛⓨ ⓐⓢ??ùL? ✌?

        conc.even no..=>2a ,2a+2,2a+4,2a+6
        conc odd no =>2a,2a+1,2a+3
        even total =8a+12
        odd total =6a+9
        now 8a+12 =81+6a+9
        =>2a=102 =>a =51
        so even no =102,104,106,108
        so odd no =103,105,107
        so E(l)-O(l) =108 -107 =1

        1. karthik

          odd total 6a + 9 wrong

          1. ൠ?๔€??ⓛⓨ ⓐⓢ??ùL? ✌?


      2. ൠ?๔€??ⓛⓨ ⓐⓢ??ùL? ✌?

        conc.even no =2a,2a+2,2a+4,2a+6 =8a+12
        conc odd no =2b+1,2b+3,+2b+5 =6b+9
        now frm 1st cond
        8a+12 =81+6b+9
        =>8a-6b =78——————–(1)
        frm 2nd cond
        2a+2b+1 =59
        =>a+b =29———————–(2)
        from here a =18 and b =11
        even no,36,38,40 ,42
        odd no =23,25,27
        so E(L)-O(L) =42-27 =15


    ma’am, Miscellaneous was 10 & Simplifications was 15..

    1. OK. Thankyou
      Done with exam ?

      1. MERAKI

        no mam..tomorrow is mine, but a friend told..

      2. siddy93

        share the pattern of English


    quant misleanous questions asked in first shift..
    1–Ratio of speed of boat down stream and speed of stream is 9:1, speed of current is 3 km per hr, find distance travelled upstream in 5 hours.
    2–Sum of 4 consecutive even nos are greater than three consecutive odd nos by 81. If sum of lost odd and even number is 59, then find the sum of largest odd and even number.

    3–Sum of Money invested in two schemes, in scheme A, X principle with 8 % per annum and in scheme B with X+1400 principle for two years and difference is 189, then find value of X?

    4–Average age of A and B, 2 years ago was 26. If age of A 5 years hence is 40 yrs, and B is 5 year younger to C, then find difference between age of A and C?

    5–Average of X, Y, Z is 24, X:Y = 2:3, X+Y = 60, then find X-Y=?
    6–Costprice of two articles is same, trade man got profit of 40% on first article, selling price of second article is 25% less than first article,
    then find over all profit percent.

    7–Length of rectangle is 80% of diagonal of square of area 1225, then find area of rectangle if it’s perimeter is 94√2.
    8–Annualsalary of Arun is 7.68 lac. If he spends 12000 on his childrens, 1/13th of rest in food, 8000 in mutual funds, then find the monthly saving he is left with.

    9–A can do a work in 24 days, B is 20% more efficient than A, if C can do the work in 10 more days than B, find days taken by A and C together to complete the work.10–The ratio of Milk to water is 5:4, if two litres of water is added, ratio becomes 10:9, then find new amount of water in the mixture.

    1. ? Lovely (star) ???

      ty sisi 🙂

  7. kautilya_victory

    ma’m good attempt kitne honge?

  8. Ashok

    admin please upload Memory Based Question Paper… English new pattern also..

  9. ? Lovely (star) ???

    thanks mam 🙂

  10. kautilya_victory

    maths reasoning me kuch nya nhi tha…english will definately impact on overall cutoff..

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