IBPS PO Mains Exam Analysis- 26 November 2017

IBPS PO Mains Exam Analysis 26 November 2017

Hello Aspirants
IBPS PO Mains 2017 Exam was held on November 26, 2017. The syllabus of IBPS PO was same as SBI PO this time. So it was expected that the level is gong to be high. There were 4 sections as Data Interpretation and Analysis, Reasoning and Computer Aptitude, English Language and General Awareness. And then the descriptive part. So lets see the IBPS PO Mains Exam Analysis 26 November 2017

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The topics in different sections are as under:

Data Analysis and Interpretation:

3 Data interpretation sets were there based on chapters. One was based on profit/loss, One on percentage. One caselet was also there. Unlike in SBI PO, Number Series (odd one out) were also asked. Algebra and Geometry Questions were also there. Miscellaneous Questions were word problems like probability, ages, etc.

The topics asked were:

Topic No of Questions
Data Interpretation   3 sets (5 questions each)=15
Inequality (New pattern) 5
Data Sufficiency  5
Number Series (Odd One Out) 5
Miscellaneous  5

Reasoning and Computer Aptitude:

Like SBI PO Mains 2017, no question from Computer Aptitude section was asked. Some Puzzles were easy and some hard. In 1 puzzle, information was given in a box type figure.
Next – 7 people are sitting in a line – west to east – some facing north, other south – they like different colors.
Next – Circular arrangement (More than 10 people are sitting in a circle. info was given – had to find how many people are sitting in the circle)
Next – 6 people in 2 rows. They are facing either north or south. Question was how many people are facing north.
Next – In a class some students are there, they like different subjects. Conditions were like – 6 people like Physics, 3 geo, > 3 and < 6 – Civics, etc.

The topics asked were:

Topic No of Questions
Puzzles and Arrangements  15
Machine Input Output   5
Data Sufficiency  4
Direction Sense 4
Blood Relation      4
Critical Reasoning 10
Miscellaneous  3

English Language:

So, now English Language Section is known for changing patterns. And same happened in IBPS PO Mains on 26th November 2017. Reading skills, vocab and grammar were required to answer the questions. Also patience was needed to read questions and answer appropriately. reading Comprehension, Fillers, Error, Sentence Correction, Cloze Test were the old pattern topics but the questions were little modified. Detailed Analysis is given below.

The topics asked were:

Topic  No of Questions
Reading Comprehension  2 sets (5 questions each) = 10
Error Finding (sentences were given with bold and unbold parts. The bold ones were given to be true, we had to find error in unbold ones) 3
Fill in the blanks (2 blanks in each sentence)   3
Cloze test (options with 2 words were given. Both the words had to fit the blank) 7
Sentence Connector (4-5 sentences were given and two connectors were given – while, and – had to chose from options which 2 sentences can be connected using them) 2
Vocabulary (4 words were given in each Q – had to choose a pair from options which either means same or opposite) 4
Sentence Correction (A sentence was given – had to rewrite it into grammatical correct statement) 3
5 sentences were given, we had to choose 1 sentence among them which signified main idea of those statements  3
A sentence with jumbled words was given. We had to arrange the words into meaningful sentence. 2
5 sentences were given. Questions were:
I) which sentence from options can replace sentence 2
II) which sentence from options can replace sentence 2 and 3
III) which sentence from options can follow sentence 5

General Awareness:

Current Affairs Questions were based on banking and Economic Awareness. Unlike SBI PO this year, static GK questions were more in number. Questions from Budget 2017 were also there, abbreviations were also asked. Static Banking Awareness was little different.

Click here for all Questions Asked in General Awareness Section

Descriptive Paper: 

This time words limit for both Letter and Essays was 150 words. The computer shows the number of words you have typed. You can edit the Letters and essays if typed something wrong but cannot do anything else like bold, italic, font change etc.

1. Write a letter to credit card company of your bank stating loss of your card and to issue a new one in your name.
2. Write a letter to friend who is in a dilemma to leave his current job and start his own company giving advice and your point of view.
3. Write a letter to HR manager as a team leader about underperformance of some of your team members on taking measures to address the same.

1. Have gadgets decreased intellectual capabilities of the people
2. Negative effects of cashless economy
3. Measures to improve education system of your country at par with international standards

All the best for results



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