Share your IBPS RRB Assistant Prelims Exam Experience (24 September 2017)

The IBPS RRB Assistant Prelim exam has started. It will be held all over India on 16th, 17th, 23th and 24th September 2017.

Do share your exam experience with us. Share the type of questions asked. It will help the aspirants who are going to write the exam in next shifts.

Kindly share

  • Any questions you remember,
  • The difficulty level of exam,
  • Difficulty level of both sections:  Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning.


Click here for Quant Questions asked today

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28 Thoughts to “Share your IBPS RRB Assistant Prelims Exam Experience (24 September 2017)”

  1. jaga

    91 70 5 35 23
    220 108 52 24 10
    408 405 396 369 288
    7 8 16 43 107

          1. Alfonso

            All the best jeetu 🙂

          2. ครђ

            All the best bro 🙂

          3. akshita singhal

            Kinna ki?

          4. Ambiiii

            75 dear ….aapne ????

          5. akshita singhal

            65…dekho sab sahi ho…ibps bs i have..last attempt..last chance

          6. Ambiiii

            All the best dear 🙂

  2. jaga

    The present age of X is 2/5th of the age of Y 4 years ago.If the age of X after 8 years is equal to age of Y after 6 years find the age of X after 9 years?

    1. jaga

      Isme X ka age after 8 yr kitna hoga?

      1. X ki present = 2/5 (y-4)
        X+8 = y+6

  3. jaga

    The number of illiterate males and females are in ratio 7:3..number of literate males and females are 600 and 400 respectively. if the total number of males is 600 more than females find the total males and females?

  4. jaga

    [9/24, 11:42 AM] ‪‬: What is 40 percent of seventh-fourth of a number if the number is equal to the sum of 264 and square of 14 ?
    [9/24, 11:44 AM] ‪A chemical solution contains 30% water and 70% Alkali. What quantity of water should be added to 6 litres of solution so that the water content became 40% in litre
    [9/24, 11:45 AM] ‪Todays first shift miscellaneous.
    A rectangle whose diagonal is 4√10. And it’s breadth is 3times its length. then find out the perimeter of triangle.

  5. Ravi Upadhyay

    1st shift attempted 78… math me 2 ka answr ni nikla

    1. Ambiiii

      kitnni jgah same comment kiya sir 😀

      1. Ravi Upadhyay

        hehehehehe jb tk result ni aaa jata salaaa… bdi muskil se attempt huye

        1. Ambiiii

          all da best sir :)) wish u luck 🙂

          1. Ravi Upadhyay

            hehehehehe thnxx.. i m nt sir….is br kismt kam kr jaye yrr lag jaye bss sala tang aa gye

    2. jatin singh

      i also 78 math me 2 ka

      1. Ravi Upadhyay

        khn se… i m also a big fan of srk

        1. jatin singh

          yr ap bina

  6. Ravi Upadhyay

    mam hindi quiz yr ab to….

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