English Questions for IBPS RRB exams — Set 99

Directions (1-5) Fill in the blanks with suitable options .

  1. We _________ adoption of the goods and services tax, the biggest tax reform since Independence, to create a ______common market.
    A) commend , seamless
    B) condemn , uninterrupted
    C) suggest, seamed
    D) accept , perfect
    E) understand, stable
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      Option A
    commend – praise
    seamless – smooth
  2. Multiple rates are not inherently_______to GST but make administration a little_______.
    A) affable, tough.
    B) unfavourable, smooth
    C) adverse, injurious
    D) inimical , complicated
    E) unfriendly , rude
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      Option D
    inimical – adverse/ unfriendly

  3. Astronomers have already _______many of some dangerously large objects ________ in Earth’s backyard.
    A) mentioned , rotating
    B) catalogued, lurking
    C) explained, apparent
    D) named , visible
    E) None of these.
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      Option B
    lurk – hide

  4. The midnight session in Parliament which marked India’s _______to Goods and Services Tax (GST) was _________of a similar occasion on the eve of India’s Independence.
    A)  progress, oblivious
    B)  conversion, explanatory
    C) transition ,reminiscent
    D) transformation , representative
    E) None of these.
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      Option C
    reminiscent – suggestive
  5. A burst of entrepreneurial energy down ______promises to transform the ________of renewable power.
    A) for , future  
    B) under ,fortunes
    C) over , fortune
    D) into , fate
    E) None of these.
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      Option C
    over , fortunes

Directions (6-10):In the given questions out of the four alternatives, choose the one which best expresses the meaning of the given word.

  1. Exact
    A) True
    B) Pattern
    C) Elusive
    E) None of these
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      Option A
    exact – true
  2. Indignant
    A) Bend
    C)  Gratified
    D)  Angry
    E)  None of these
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      Option D
    Indignant – angry
  3. Caustic
    B) Mild
    C) Cavil
    D) Clue
    E) None of these
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      Option A
    caustic – harsh
  4. Cavity
    A) Cave
    B) Hollow
    C) Class
    D) Origin
    E)  None of these
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      Option B
    cavity – hole/ hollow
  5. Discretion
    A) rashness
    B) careless
    C) carefulness
    D) disgrace
    E)  None of these
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      Option C
    discretion – wisdom/carefulness


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