IBPS RRB Officer Scale-1 2017 Interview Experience – 2

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Below is the IBPS RRB PO (Officer Scale 1) 2017 Interview Experience.

Venue: Punjab

I was in 2nd shift and the time was 1 PM, we reached there by 12 noon and were asked to come in around 12:30 PM. There were 3 panel and 25 candidates were in each panel . The document verification started and around 1 pm candidates were asked to go for interview according to serial number .

My number was 20 , my turn for document verification came and the person checking it was in doubt whether to accept my certificates or not due to my graduation being in distance mode. He asked some senior there but his reply was we cannot do anything. 

He started reading the rules from IBPS booklet but looked confused. He asked me the reason for it, so I just said sir , I had some personal issues at that time, he checked all documents and then one mam came, she was the head of documents verification, he asked her about my degree, she also started checking it, I told them that I have previously given other interview too and there was not any problem about it at that time, I told them the reason of doing graduation through distance-mode, then she said good . and verified the degree.

Interview: I was little worried after DV and everyone coming outside of interview hall was either disappointed or frightened .It was around 4pm by now . My turn came and I went inside smiling 🙂

There were 4 males and one mam , they were all above 50 . The chairman asked me to sit down after greetings and asked me my name , city and education , when my degree got completed , I said 2016 sir , He was speaking in hindi so I also replied in hindi . He asked that whether doing any job , I said , Full time preparation only sir .

Then he asked , banking puchen or commerce ,
Me: (smiling) : Banking is okay sir , Then they started laughing , said sab log banking hi krenge

Sir1 : : What is Mobile banking?
Me: I said , Today is the era of digital banking sir so we can do transactions through mobile anytime anywhere , that is mobile banking ,,

He said there is one more mobile banking , I said I only know about this sir , He said like taking vans into villages, like that something is there, then I said yes sir , That is going into the areas where there is no penetration of banks, providing banking facilities there like Banking correspondents also do , that is the main theme of this type of banking.

He said: What are Banking Correspondents?
Me: Sir , basically they are the persons appointed to go into the far flung areas where there are no banks, and people don’t have access to even basic banking facilities like where are brick and mortar buildings. They go there and open bank accounts for people and tell them all about banking and its facilities. 

He (once again) : There is one term related to it, called Financial something . Do you know ??
Me: Yes sir, its financial inclusion, in this also providing basic bank facilities to those people who do not have access to banks in their areas. The aim is to include rural and the poor people of country , where there is not much financial literacy yet , we have to reach those people . He said ok.

Then one sir was sitting to chairman’s left (Sir 2). He asked : There is one term called consumer surplus . It is in NEWS also now-a-days, tell about it. ( and they included economy too indirectly :p )
Me: This I have read in my 12th but completely forgot about it , so after 15-20 sec , I said sorry Sir , I am not able to recall it right now . Then they all started laughing . Then chairman said , tell her about it, else she will have to know about it outside :p

I said : sure sir , aap bta dijiye .. then he explained me very nicely . He said, there is one bottle lying in front of me, its price is 10 rs but I am thirsty and It has high utility for me so I can even give 50 rupees for it in this time , So the difference 40 rupees is consumer surplus . I said yes sir thankyou . Then mam said , now she will never forget this term :p

I said , definitely mam , I ll not forget it . kbhi kbhi yaad nhi rehtii terms at the moment , bhool jate hain 😀 ( they all smiled)

Then (Sir 2) again : What is Balance of payment ?
Me: We do trade with other countries sir , so the difference in the value of import and export is Balance of payments .

Then (Sir3) : There are basic activities in banking like deposits and giving loans, where are loans kept in balance sheet? ( accounts bhi puch liya :p )
Me: sir it is bank’s BS or a corporate’s ? He said , bank’s balance sheet
Me: Sir , the ones which are deposits, that is the liability for bank . He said which deposits . I said , the ones which are public deposit sir ,, banks will have to repay those some day so It is a liabilty for bank and loans are the assets because banks will get the repayment also some day. So it will come in assets side of balance sheet .He said well done

Chairman: want to go for elections ??
Me: No sir  . He said : Go for it ,, I said no sir 😛
He said they will support me, lad lena , I said thank you so much sir 🙂

Then (Sir2) ; Deflation ?
Me : ( I was confused about the term) but said inflation is the gradual increase in prices but deflation is diminishing increase . he looked confused too ;p but let it go .

Sir2 again ; There are Contra entries in  balance sheet, what are those ?
Me: sir they are in cash book .. He said no in balance sheet . I said. No sir I know about cash book only , I have never heard about it before .

Then they said thankyou but Sir1 asked one more question . debt to equity ratio.
Me: . debt is to repaid by corporates like debentures , bonds etc , and equity is the share capital so there ratio is the debt equity ratio. He asked how much it should be?.. I said .. I will not do any guess sir, I really don’t know it . 🙂 He said its fine

Then the chairman said , Thank You , It was very nice , you did really well , now you can go , all the best for results .

I stood up and was going , then he called me back and said come here and gave me toffees :p ,, said : moonh meetha krke jaaiye , or election lad lena ,, hum jaroor vote denge aapko ,, (Have sweets, and go for elections, we will support you)

I said thank you very much sir , Have a nice day :))) and came out :))


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