English: Idioms and Phrases Set 22

Important Idioms and Phrases useful for various exams like Banking, SSC CGL 2017, CPO, CHSL, RRB NTPC, High Court and other exams.

  1. Fight shy of
    A) to be belligerent
    B) to be voracious
    C) to attempt to create ruckus
    D) to attempt to avoid a thing or person
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    Option D

  2. Forty winks
    A) to wink at someone continuously
    B) to be successful in a plan
    C) a nap
    D) to plan something secretly
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    Option C

  3. French leave
    A) a long leave
    B) a leave without permission
    C) a leave for three days
    D) to be dismissed from service
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    Option B

  4. Fringe benefit
    A) an additional benefit apart from the salary
    B) to benefit from nepotism
    C) to benefit out of public funds
    D) to benefit at the cost of others
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    Option A

  5. Get down to
    A) to get punished
    B) to get on one’s knees
    C) to attend to people in need
    D) to attend to work seriously
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    Option D

  6. Get into a soup
    A) to burn oneself unknowingly
    B) messed up
    C) get into trouble
    D) get into quarrel
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    Option C

  7. Give a piece of mind
    A) to relax
    B) to meditate
    C) to be angry
    D) to scold
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    Option D

  8. Go to dogs
    A) to lighten
    B) to be faithful
    C) to deteriorate
    D) to get demoted
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    Option C

  9. Grass widow
    A) woman who is separated from her husband
    B) woman whose husband is no more
    C) woman who killed her own husband
    D) woman whose husband left her for another woman
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    Option A

  10. Hammer and sickle
    A) a symbolic representation of communalism in general
    B) a symbolic representation of liberty in general
    C) a symbolic representation of sovereignty in general
    D) a symbolic representation of communism in general
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    Option D

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