Banking Awareness Set 75 (Important Abbreviations)

Important Banking Abbreviations for Upcoming exams

This set contains important Banking Abbreviations for upcoming banking and insurance exams like SBI PO, IBPS PO, RRB PO, NICL, IBPS Clerk. In recent exams the number of questions asked has increased. So be prepared with these some uncommon expected abbreviations. Important Banking abbreviations full form bank related terms SBI PO 

  1. What does E stands for in ECCS with respect to cheque clearing?
    A) Enabled
    B) Express
    C) Established
    D) Encrypted 
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    Option B
    : Express Cheque Clearing System (ECCS)
  2. RRBs should maintain a LTV ratio of 75% on the outstanding amount of loan including the interest on an ongoing basis, failing which the loan will be treated as a NPA. What does L stands for in LTV.
    A) Liquidity
    B) Liability
    C) Loan
    D) Lien
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    Option C
    : Loan to Value
  3. FRA and IRS are such instruments which can provide effective hedge against interest rate risks. What does F stands for in FRA?
    A) Futures
    B) Forward
    C) Functionality
    D) Free
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    Option B
    : FRA- Forward Rate Agreement
  4. FRA and IRS are such instruments which can provide effective hedge against interest rate risks. What does S stands for in IRS?
    A) Settlement
    B) Short
    C) Swap
    D) Skip
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    Option C
    : IRS- Interest Rate Swap
  5. An IBU can become a PCM of the exchange in the IFSC for clearing and settlements in any derivatives segments. What does P stands for in PCM?
    A) Permanent
    B) Primary
    C) Public
    D) Professional
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    Option D
    : Professional Clearing Member
  6. The securities offered for substitution by the market participants shall be of similar market value based on the latest prices published by the FIMMDA. What does D stands for in FIMMDA?
    A) Derivatives
    B) Dividend
    C) Differential
    D) Dynamic
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    Option A
    : Fixed Income Money Market and Derivatives Association of India
  7. Name of Annual Information Return (AIR) has now been changed to SFT. What does s stands for in SFT?
    A) Savings
    B) Systematic
    C) Statement
    D) Settled
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    Option C
    : SFT- Statement of Financial Transaction
  8. What does R stands for in QR Code?
    A) Review
    B) Response
    C) Random
    D) Retrieval
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    Option B
    : Quick Response Code
  9. What does P stands for in IAP with respect to UPI?
    A) Processing
    B) Payment
    C) Progress
    D) Primary
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    Option B
    : In-App Payments (IAP). This term is also used with android apps
  10. What does B stands for in APBS?
    A) Biometric
    B) Basic
    C) Bundled
    D) Bridge
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    Option D
    : Aadhaar Payment Bridge (APB) System


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Some More Abbreviations

  1. INFINET– Indian Financial Network
  2. FLC– Financial Literacy Centres
  3. FFMC – Full Fledged Money Changer
  4. LLP – Limited Liability Partnerships
  5. SDL– State Development Loans
  6. IBU– IFSC Banking Unit
  7. REIT – Real Estate Investment Trusts   
  8. InvIT – Infrastructure Investment Trust
  9. CDM- Cash Deposit machine
  10. BNAM – Bunch Note Acceptor Machines
  11. VPA– Virtual Private Address(used in UPI)


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