Editorials English Vocabulary Words Set 43

English Vocabulary for various Exams: SBI PO, NIACL, NICL, Bank of Baroda, IBPS PO. We are providing vocabulary words from The Articles of Newspapers like The Hindu, The Economist, Indian Express, etc. which are important for the upcoming exams. Add some more words to your English vocabulary words list.

Some of words have been taken from article: Justice Karnan’s outrageous defiance

  1. Mockery – teasing and contemptuous language

    • Synonyms: ridicule, derision, sneering, contempt, scorn, scoffing, sarcasm
    • Antonyms: honesty, openness, flattery, praise, respect
    • Usage: Her unusual fashion sense makes her a topic of mockery at school.
  2. Erroneous – wrong; incorrect.

    • Synonyms: inaccurate, imprecise, invalid, untrue, fallacious, askew
    • Antonyms: accurate, correct, genuine
    • Usage: Employers sometimes make erroneous assumptions
  3. Denigrate – to assault someone’s character or reputation

    • Synonyms: besmirch, defame, impugn, slander, asperse, disparage, calumniate
    • Antonyms: approve, commend, compliment
    • Usage: You should not denigrate other people unless you want individuals to attack your reputation in retaliation
  4. Recalcitrant – stubborn, uncooperative attitude.

    • Synonyms: fractious, obstinate, rebellious, wayward, contumacious, defiant
    • Antonyms: agreeable, compliant, manageable
    • Usage: Over time, the hopeless soldiers became recalcitrant and refused to follow orders.
  5. Invective – insulting, abusive, or highly critical language.

    • Synonyms: denunciation, diatribe, epithet, blasphemy, castigation, berating
    • Antonyms: compliment, exculpation, flattery
    • Usage: The newspaper’s invective of the novel really made the author angry.
  6. Volley – utter or discharge in quick succession.

    • Synonyms: burst, crossfire, battery, bombardment, cannonade, enfilade
    • Usage: The dog was volleying joyful barks
  7. Affront – An action or remark that causes outrage or offence.

    • Synonyms: indignity, provocation, aspersion, abuse, brickbat
    • Antonyms: respect, happiness
    • Usage: He took his son’s desertion as a personal affront
  8. Onus – something that is one’s duty or responsibility.

    • Synonyms: burden, liability, obligation, culpability, mantle, encumbrance
    • Antonyms: advantage, benefit
    • Usage: It is the onus of the applicant to completely fill out the application materials.
  9. Gratuitous – done without good reason; uncalled for.

    • Synonyms: spontaneous, chargeless, complimentary, voluntary
    • Antonyms: costly, deserved, expensive
    • Usage: He’s always looking for gratuitous attention from his classmates by pulling all sorts of reckless stunts.
  10. Holler – give a loud shout or cry.

    • Synonyms: bawl, shriek, scream, whoop, thunder, bellow, vociferate
    • Antonyms: whisper
    • Usage: The audience responded with whoops and hollers.

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