Banking Awareness Set 77 (Important Abbreviations)

Important Banking Abbreviations for Upcoming exams

This set contains important Banking Abbreviations for upcoming banking and insurance exams like SBI PO, IBPS PO, RRB PO, NICL, IBPS Clerk. In recent exams the number of questions asked has increased. So be prepared with these some uncommon expected abbreviations. Important Expected Banking Abbreviation Questions SBI PO, IBPS PO, RRB PO and other competitive exams.

  1. What does G stands for in WGWD with respect to willful defaulters?
    A) Gain
    B) General
    C) Group
    D) Garnishee
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    Option C
  2. The Standing Liquidity Facilities provided to banks under ECR and to Primary Dealers (PDs) from the Reserve Bank would be available at the revised repo rate. What does C stands for in ECR?
    A) Cheque
    B) Credit
    C) Customs
    D) Capital
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    Option B
    : Export Credit Refinance
  3. Eligible residents can enter into FCY-INR swaps to hedge exchange rate and/or interest rate risk exposure arising out of long-term foreign currency borrowing. What does F stands for in FCY?
    A) Financial
    B) Formal
    C) Foreign
    D) Fucntional
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    Option C
    : Foreign Currency (FCY) – INR Swaps
  4. What does D stands for in NCD?
    A) Derivatives
    B) Debentures
    C) Declaration
    D) Decline
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    Option B
    : Non-Convertible Debentures
  5. What does A stands for in ANBC?
    A) Account
    B) Active
    C) Advance
    D) Adjusted
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    : Adjusted Net Bank Credit (ANBC)
  6. Banks can regularise payments exceeding the prescribed limit under RDA provided that they are satisfied with the bonafide of the transaction. What does R stands for in RDA?
    A) Regulation
    B) Rupee
    C) Revenue
    D) Response
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    Option B
    : Rupee Drawing Arrangements
  7. What does CVV stands for?
    A) Card Value Verified
    B) Card verification Valid
    C) Card Valid Value
    D) Card Verification Value
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    Option D
    : Card Verification Value
    Card Verification Value Code (CVVC); card security code (CSC); Card Verification Data (CVD)
  8. The Reserve Bank of India said it will implement the LEI system for all participants in the over-the-counter markets for rupee interest rate derivatives. What does E stands for in LEI?
    A) Entry
    B) Enterprise
    C) Entity
    D) Easy
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    Option C
    : Legal Entity Identifier; It is a 20 digit code
  9. What does M stands for in PPI-MTS?
    A) Money
    B) Monetary
    C) Managerial
    D) Mass
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    Option D
    : Prepaid Payment Instrument- Mass Transit Systems
  10. What does M stands for in EMV Chips?
    A) MaestroCard
    B) MasterCard
    C) Money
    D) Monetary
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    Option B
    : EMV- Europay, MasterCard, and Visa

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Some More Abbreviations

  1. SLBC– State Level Bankers’ Committee
  2. StCB– State Cooperative Bank
  3. DCCO – date of commencement of commercial operations
  4. PMLA – Prevention of Money Laundering Act
  5. STH– Star Trading House; PTH– Premier Trading House
  6. SREP – Supervisory Review and Evaluation Process (Related to Basel norms)
  7. LFAR– Long Form Audit Report
  8. CVVC – Card Verification Value Code
  9. CSC – Card security code
  10. CVD – Card Verification Data
  11. FLA– Foreign Liabilities and Assets
  12. NPCI– National Payments Corporation of India
  13. BHIM – Bharat Interface for Money
  14. UPI – Unified Payments Interface
  15. VPA– Virtual Payment Address
  16. IMPS – Immediate Payment Service
  17. NACH– National Automated Clearing House
  18. UMRN – Unique Mandate Reference Number
  19. AEPS– Aadhaar Enabled Payment System
  20. APBS– Aadhaar Payment Bridge System
  21. IIN– Institution Identification Number
  22. AEBA– Aadhaar Enabled Bank Accounts
  23. UIDAI– Unique Identification Authority of India
  24. RuPay card– Formed of two words- Rupee and Payment
  25. BBPS – Bharat Bill Payment System
  26. BBPCU – Bharat Bill Payment Central Unit
  27. BBPOU– Bharat Bill Payment Operating Unit


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