English: Idioms and Phrases Set 2

Important Idioms and Phrases useful for various exams like Banking, SSC CGL, CPO, CHSL, High Court and other exams. Important Idioms SSC CGL 2017 Exam.
Though the topic Idioms and Phrases is asked in SSC and related exams, but it is important for other exams as well as a part of general English

  1. To speak one’s mind
    A) to be frank and honest
    B) to think aloud
    C) to talk about one’s ideas
    D) to express ones thoughts
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    Option A

  2. To make a mountain of a molehill
    A) to make advantage of small things
    B) to give great importance to little things
    C) to get into trouble
    D) to see things with prejudiced mind
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    Option B

  3. Hand in glove
    A) in close relationship
    B) non cooperative
    C) critical
    D) on bad terms
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    Option A

  4. To add fuel to the fire
    A) to make matters bright
    B) to cause additional anger
    C) to bring matters to a conclusion
    D) to start a revolt
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    Option B

  5. Wear and Tear
    A) a brand name
    B) damage
    C) lot of sorrow
    D) a warning
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    Option B

  6. Gift of the gab
    A) being lucky
    B) getting something free
    C) talent for speaking
    D) great skill
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    Option C

  7. Run down
    A) fight with
    B) follow
    C) make a mention of
    D) criticise
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    Option D

  8. To make both ends meet
    A) to lead a lavish life
    B) to live within one’s income
    C) to live a miserly life
    D) to lead an active life
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    Option B

  9. Pore over
    A) go through
    B) go down
    C) go off
    D) go out
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    Option A

  10. Cross swords
    A) fight physically
    B) cross the road on meeting
    C) took different routes
    D) disagreed
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    Option D

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    mam, ye NIACL me b aenge ??

    1. Swati

      No they are not directly asked in banking and related exams
      But are useful in general like in RCs

      1. SBI_COMING

        ok mam

  2. Ittu Si Barbie (。♥‿♥。)


      1. Ittu Si Barbie (。♥‿♥。)

        Wanna start Shubhra.. Can u guide for the same.?

        1. Yes sure.
          Swati will guide. Wait for some time. U can ask her questions regarding the same

          1. Ittu Si Barbie (。♥‿♥。)

            Yes sure 🙂

        2. Swati

          Hi. Do you want to appear in 2017 cgl or want to start preparing for next year?

          1. Ittu Si Barbie (。♥‿♥。)

            I want to prepare for the same.. I do have an idea about the xam pattern swati…could u plzz help in this.?

          2. Swati

            Okay. First, to get a complete idea about the exam, and type of questions asked in it, you go through all shift papers of cgl 2016 and find out your weak areas. The number of questions have been reduced but the pattern more or less remains the same. All you need to do is practice the same pattern of questions. You can buy any previous years papers book of SSC and practice. We will also keep providing questions from English and GK section to help you prepare for the upcoming exam.

          3. Swati

            Also, you need to manage time. This is important to note that 2016 cgl provided 75 minutes to complete 100 questions. This time it will be 60 minutes. So prepare and practice accordingly

          4. Ittu Si Barbie (。♥‿♥。)

            Yes sure.. I talk to u swati in the eve. On some post.. If u don’t mind..

          5. Swati

            Yes sure u can

          6. Swati

            Sure. Drop in any queries that you have

          7. Ittu Si Barbie (。♥‿♥。)

            Surely i will come to AZ in the eve 🙂

            Tk cr swati

  3. sachin shukla Banker of 2017

    only 5/10

    1. Swati

      Keep practicing here. You will reach a good score soon 🙂

  4. jaga

    good aftrnoon new mam 🙂

    1. Hehe. G noon from her side

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