Insurance Awareness Questions Set 05 (NICL)

The following questions have been framed about National Insurance Company Ltd. (NICL) which are important for upcoming NICL Administrative Officers Main Exam. Also useful for other exams. Important Insurance Awareness Questions NICL

  1. In which year was National Insurance Company Ltd. incorporated?
    A) 1808
    B) 1906
    C) 1945
    D) 1918
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    Option B
    : 5th December, 1906
  2. Where is the headquarters of National Insurance Company Ltd. located?
    A) New Delhi
    B) Mumbai
    C) Kolkata
    D) Hyderabad
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    Option C
  3. In which year was National Insurance Company Ltd. nationalized?
    A) 1984
    B) 1974
    C) 1973
    D) 1999
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    Option C

  4. National Insurance Company Ltd. has branches in which other country?
    A) Myanmar
    B) Bhutan
    C) Nepal
    D) Bangladesh
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    Option C
  5. What percent of shares of National Insurance Company Ltd. is held by Government of India?
    A) 80%
    B) 60%
    C) 51%
    D) 100%
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    Option D
    : wholly owned by Govt of India.
  6. National Insurance Company Ltd. is a type of?
    A) Life Insurance Company
    B) General Insurance Company
    C) Re-insurance Company
    D) All of these
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    Option B
    : Life insurance company is one which provides insurance for death. General Insurance company is one which deals in all other types of insurance other than death like vehicle insurance, House Insurance etc. It is also called non-life insurance.,
  7. The National Insurance Company Ltd.. was a subsidiary of which of the following company?
    A) General Insurance Corporation of India (GIC)
    B) Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC)
    C) The Oriental Insurance Company
    D) United India Insurance Company
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    Option A
  8. What is the paid- up capital of National Insurance Company Ltd?
    A) Rs 50 crore
    B) Rs 100 crore
    C) Rs 200 crore
    D) Rs 500 crore
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    Option B
  9. What is the CRISIL rating for New India Assurance Co Ltd ?
    A) A
    B) BBB
    C) AA
    D) AAA
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    Option D
  10. Who is the present CMD of National Insurance Company Limited (NICL)?
    A) M Vasantha Krishna
    B) Bhumika Verma
    C) Ravi Krishan Takkar
    D) K. Sanath Kumar
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    Option D


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