Insurance Awareness PDF for upcoming NICL AO 2017 Exam

Hello Aspirants
With seeing the trend in Insurance Exams i.e. increase in number of questions from Insurance Awareness in General Awareness Section, we have prepared an Insurance Awareness PDF Capsule for upcoming Exams. It also covers Insurance related Current Affairs for NICL AO 2017 Exam.

We hope it will help in upcoming NICL and other insurance related exams. Click on the link below to download the PDF Capsule.


Click here to Download Insurance Awareness PDF Capsule Β for upcoming Exams





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32 Thoughts to “Insurance Awareness PDF for upcoming NICL AO 2017 Exam”

  1. Trisha

    great work, thanks

    1. Hie, how was the exam?

      1. Trisha

        It was moderate. Computer eas
        y. Eng similar to sbi po. Close test was easy. Syn ant of passage were easy. In reasoning normal syllog came. 2 pzls were doable. Rest miscellaneous were doable. In quants approximation, wrong one out in series, 3DI, 5 DS. GA i found lil tough. Basically on CA & insurance

        1. Ok.
          Share number series n GA if remember

          1. Trisha

            North east summit, first underwater metro, mgnrega budget, economic survey industrial growth, pension regulated by?, insurance ques.
            Kampala capital of?
            TIES I stands for
            FSDC S stands for

          2. Trisha

            Series cant recall

  2. Kishan Shaw

    thnks very helpful

    1. Hie, how was the exam?.

  3. RiStY Ritesh

    Maam in niacl assistant there was question on Exide life insurance HQ ?
    so plz if possible give list of such insurance companies HQ ..
    This PDF will be very helpful…
    Thanks AZ πŸ™‚

    1. Ok
      Will give in quiz format

      1. AMAZON

        thankyou Mam@Shubhra_AspirantsZone:disqus

        1. Hie, how was the exam?

          1. AMAZON

            @Shubhra_AspirantsZone:disqus Mam it was good , but could have been better
            Total attempt 152.
            English : 5 error based question , which were of moderate level .
            5 theme based question
            fill in the blank, two blanks , one same word is supposed to fill (level: moderate)
            One Paragraph : 4 or 5 questions not remember actual no 3 or 4 synonyms and opposite quite easy , words were like intelligent , rising something opp mitigate.
            one close test.

            Quant : (I hate this subject) but still level was moderate for me too

            5 Approximation
            5 wrong no found in series
            probabilty question
            and miscelleaneous

            Ga moderate overall

            Reasoning : puzzle ek row wala north 3 members
            or baaki south 7 members the total (easy level)

            ek puzzle thoda sa tricky lekin ho gya tha dusri baar m bna mera
            8 people , 4 classes
            even odd classes (3, 6, 9, 10) each has different colour.
            week puzzle (damn easy)
            and ek relation wala tha simple maa daddy brother in law , 3 marks isse the
            or 2 or 3 logical reasoning , time nhi mil paya muje.

            Level was lenghty
            3 topics , 30 min m
            I only remember topics what i did ,
            1)so first was , property insurance or home insurance.Its benefits.
            2)Precise: sole propriotership and Limitted liability company
            3) para that ek company kse construct krte h usme double taxation kab leta h and all
            5 questions were there, moderate level
            So i ended up doing all section , but i think quality writing wasn’t there. Bus aise hi likh diya
            Could have done better.

            Mam jha aaj exam tha wha server bhut bekaar tha exam 10 :30 se start hua sbka
            aur computer bachoo ka sbko ruk rha tha
            and bad thing , timer b chal ra kbi but lekin question next nhi hore the
            bhut bekar tha server

          2. Ok.
            Share any GA questions if u remember
            Computer too

          3. AMAZON

            @@Shubhra_AspirantsZone:disqus one was from , endowment policy , MGNREGA amount, Actuary, Broker,
            Dudhwa NP

          4. Trisha

            Same centre ion sarita vihar

          5. AMAZON

            How was your exam , and how many attempts?

          6. Trisha

            Don no how was it.. Rslt ane pe pata lagega..

          7. AMAZON

            @@Ttrisha:disqus true dear. result kab tak aayega any clue?

    2. Hie, how was the exam?.

      1. RiStY Ritesh

        Maam ..
        It was moderate ..
        Thanks for insurance PDF..
        English was moderate-tough
        Ga Easy – moderate
        10-12 ques from insurance..
        Quant- little calculative but moderate
        Reasoning- easy- moderate..

        1. Ok.
          Share any GA questions if remember

          1. RiStY Ritesh

            1)India first insurance share of which banks..
            2)One question mutual fund
            5)%literacy men something
            6)Combined insurance package policy
            7)Marcelo named PM of which country
            8)Agent of insurance
            9) claim adjuster
            10)Double insurance
            11)1st underground metro tunnel in which state

          2. RiStY Ritesh


          3. RiStY Ritesh

            20 June — Refugee day
            World largest petrochemical in which state

          4. AMAZON

            @@RistyRitesh:disqus How many attempts?

          5. RiStY Ritesh

            145 approx

      2. RiStY Ritesh

        Desc riptive was lengthy and every topic was insurance..
        Need much speed to complete decriptive

  4. Sangita

    Mam @@Shubhra_AspirantsZone:disqus is this pdf enough for insurance awareness?

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