Job Duties and Career Growth OF SSC CPO

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What Are The Job Duties and Career Growth OF SSC CPO?

SSC CPO does not need any introduction since it is regarded as a highly stylish job at the forefront. Whether it is about job duties or career growth, both are just outstanding. Aspirants who want to get settled in their career always do prefer to go with the ideal job opportunity indeed. CPO exams are quite popular among them because of their handsome salary. 

To get selected, you need to match the SSC CPO cut-off. Therefore, you need to pay extra attention to your preparation first. When it comes to a job, aspirants always want to know about the job duties and career growth to make the right decision.  The job profile of SSC CPO is also quite interesting indeed. Here, we are going to explain in a detailed manner so that all your confusion will go away. 

SSC CPO SI Job Duties – 

SI means sub-inspector and it is called one of the highly powerful posts when it comes to the police department indeed. Being an SSC CPO SI, you will be responsible to make sure that law and order are being maintained in the city. Sub-inspector is regarded being one of the highly reputed positions. If you get selected on this, you are going to have a bright and successful future indeed. You will also be responsible to control the ratio of criminal cases so that individuals could feel safe and secured. 

  • You will be responsible to find out the individual or vehicle so that case could be solved. 
  • CPO SI will also be responsible to register an FIR case. They will be adding all the needed details so that case could be solved easily. 
  • CPO SI also goes with all needed aspects to make sure that the case will be solved. They go with special laws too which are parliament sanctioned so that results could be sold and needed one to get justice. 
  • They are also responsible to go with a force so that required law and order could be maintained in the city. We all know how it is necessary to maintain law and order so that individuals living in the city could have a peaceful life.  

Therefore, it could be said that how this job profile is important to let everything go smoothly. If you have always wanted to serve like this then you may go ahead with this job profile indeed. 

Career Growth Of A SSC CPO– 

Talking about career growth, there is no dearth of job candidates indeed. All you need to do is perform in a better way. Do you want to know about the career growth of SSC CPO, we are going to mention here in a detailed manner – 

  • What About The Growth Perspective Being In CAPF –  

Here, it needs to mention that promotion criteria are quite the same as it is done in BSF. You will be needed to go ahead with a department oriented examination and you need to clear them to get promoted. Talking about the excellent part of becoming a SI in CAPF is that you will truly feel proud being on this job post. 

We all know that it is regarded as one of the ideal paramilitary forces all across the world. It is a sort of field-oriented government job. You will not be earning money but respect too while serving for this job indeed. Saying it would not be wrong that it is regarded as being a quite reputed and prestigious job at the forefront. Once you are hired, you are supposed to be hired anywhere all around the country.  

  • What About The Career Growth In Delhi Police – 

Have you been wondering regarding the career growth in Delhi Police? In this section, we are going to emphasize it. Promotion in Delhi Police is done based on career-oriented performance or record. Your work and performance will be checked before getting promoted. SI is promoted to the inspector rank, which probably could take 15-18 years of service. And it will take 12-15 years to get promoted by the rank of ACP. 

Hope this content helped you to understand all important factors about the SSC CPO job profile and more. If you keep performing well then nothing can stop you to get promoted to the next level.  The record of accomplishment will truly make you stand out among others at the forefront. 

In The Last – 

This job will be bringing a lot of pride to you indeed. If you truly want to get selected, you need to put in the best efforts to get the best results. Do prepare your time-table so that any of the topics will not be missed.  



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